Gentlemen's problem...



  • Awww, did you knit that yourself, JB/S?
  • What a pic!
  • Slugsta Claus wrote (see)
    did you knit that yourself?
    This was my best chat up lines ever when I was a student, and it worked. Girl in question didn't have a hand knitted willy warmer, but instead a knitted top on. It was in a night club and it was an indie night.
  • Joking aside, you need a pair of windproof boxers. Just like these.


  • Thanks for all the great and, frankly, hilarious responses!

    Went with double-underwear option yesterday and was warm enough. May have to invest in one of those wonderful looking woollen jobs though! Buggered if I'm paying 400NOK for a pair of wind-proof boxers!

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