A funny thing happened on my run this morning

So there I was, jogging along a frosty country lane mostly frequented by dog walkers on account of the fact that it ends in a footbridge and is largely free of traffic, when I was met by a man in a van, coming towards me. The cheerful agricultural type who was driving stopped his van and asked me how far I'd gone. I shouted cheerily back that I'd only done 2 miles and had 12 more to go. He, by return, asked me if I was cold, because if I was, I could come in his van to warm up. I laughingly declined saying that I was warm enough, and jogged off, thinking how kind these country folk are. The further I ran, though, the more I thought how strange the offer was. Of course, he could've been genuinely concerned for my health. On the other hand, he could have taken a shine to the figure that I cut in my running tights. Thankfully (hopefully) I'll never know.


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    Though I do like a man in lycra myself.

  • Ooooh err mrs - I too was running along a frosty country lane mostly frequented by dog walkers and no one propositioned me - I live in hope image On a serious note though as a girlie if someone had I'd have been terrified and run faster than I ever have in my life!
  • Either 1) A kind individual or 2) a future photo fit on crime watch



  • I'm wondering what an 'agricultural type' is 'cos usually we're in  4x4s or tractors.  Vans aren't much use on farms ....
  • D was in the middle of rather a long drive home when he chose to pull into a transport cafe for a coffe and smoke.

    He took his coffee outside so that he could have his smoke when another car pulled into the transport cafe.

    The driver started chatting to D - asking him what he was doing, D replied that he was just stretching his legs and was proposirtioned by the other chap along the lines of asking him which way he wanted to stretch his legs.


  • As long as a polite refusal is an option.......
  • TP - maybe the vans are just used for agricultural type abductions image
    Too visible in a 4x4 and they can jump off a tractor
  • Possiblt xine ... there is a lot of diversification in farming now, kidnapping is obviously the next step from fishing lakes and holiday cottages. image
  • Just sounds like an ordinary non sinister proposition to me.....

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