Sprained ankle?

Was going to shoot a ball with my left foot, came too close to the ground and twisted my ankle so the inside hurts. I can't shoot a ball and i can't bend my foot in a certain position. I did this two months ago, but is it something that i can do now to make it heal faster or can i just wait? Is heat good?


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  • If you go to the Physioroom website they have some good advice on there.

    I'm assuming the initial swelling and pain has gone down but it just twinges now- is that right? If its still swollen and hurts too much to put any pressure on, keep it rested and don't try to push it until your finding walking is fine to do. If you find at the end of each day it hurts or even after each run (if you are running) RICE is a good idea (rest ice compression elevation) do not apply pressure whilest you sleep it will not help you sleep you rest your foot as normal, you don't even need to elevate it (if you do elevate your food whilst resting: ankle above hips and even chest if it helps = elevated) no more then an hour at a time IME or your food goes numb and that helps nothing.

    The issue with the ankle is that its not close to the chest and torso. When it comes to blood flow its not high on the hit list for the body and as a result the repair takes longer. So! You have to help it by increasing the blood flow. Keep the foot moving and ankle working. Its important to keep the flexibility also as when the ankle heals, instead of the flexible ligament, a scar tissue will form. The scar tissue is ridged and can result in forming too harshly and pulling on the calf muscles thus causing a knock on injury. Things like balancing on a wobble board or bosu ball, spelling out the letters of the alphabet with your big toe (keep your calf/knee still) or ever increasing/decreasing circles can all help with this. Know when enough is enoug: like any exercise its the rest where the growth and repair happen not when your exercising. Sleep well at night, keep your nutrition sound and massage the area around the pain spot to help with the blood flow.

    Ibuprofen helps with the swelling, ice helps with the swelling and sleep help with the swelling, same goes with the pain.

    It is fairly normal for a sprained ankle to take 6 weeks to 6 months to heal if its a grade 2 sprain (grade 1= mild, no or very little swelling and ligament is pulled out of sorts, grade 2 = modertate, a tear of the ligament and has some swelling, means your limping for a few days. grade 3= sevear/complete tear and can mean your on crutches, a complete tear of the ligaments and can require surgery to help fix the tear.)

    I'd go to your GP if it doesn't seem to be improving and also wear an ankle wrap day to day but 2 months is probably not too bad, may take a while longer.

  • Thankyou very very much!
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