Coastal Half-Marathon, Portsmouth

Thinking of doing this half marathon,

Has anyone done it before and would recommend it? I am not a fast runner!


  •   I am thinking of it to ,i have not done a long run for age's and this sound's like fun. I am not sure if there is a time cut off but i really would not worry about that , well maybe if you cant swim !!.

  • There will be loads of people of different abilities I am sure. Shame the link is broken for the results for 2011 on their website.
    Bet it'll be a great event - definitely one I am considering.
  • I'm doing this!

    Haven't done it before, but I did the 10K and I thought that that was well organised. Hoping it's not going to be too muddy.

    Not many places left, 884 people registered and the limit is 1000.

  • I went to watch it last year, and as far as i can tell it was well organised

    now the bad news, is that last year the weather was atrocious, it never stopped raining, but i have to say as a spectator ( my bf ran this race ) the wind on the sea front ( and if he posts he would probably say the same ) was abit of a killer to say the least, so be warned, that the weather conditions may be extreme as even if it is a nice day, it is still VERY breezy on the sea front

    There was a very good atmosphere though to the day and despite the weather lots of support out there, so hope you all enjoy it, i was considering doing it myself but i've not put the mileage in to do HM this early on, i'm doing silverstone in March, but best of luck to all those running it

  • Did this last year, weather was horrendous, but was a good tough run with people off different abilities
  • i'm doing it and i'm a true tortoise image
  • There's a scan of the last half of the results -

    Slowest time last year was 3:17:44 so I wouldn't worry too much about coming last.

  • This year is my second time. Last year was the worst weather I've ever ran in!The terrain was challenging ranging from mud, small rocks and slippery footpaths, all good fun tho!

  • I'll be there, too. It's my first time and I'm really slow, so I'm hoping there's no cut off point either. It's getting close now, I'm getting excited!
  • I'm doing is next weekend. It will be my first half marathon, so I have no idea what to expect. Just testing the water before my first marathon in April. See you all at the start.
  • Good luck to everyone for Sunday. I'll be there. I always train/run solo so it really carries me at a race event to be in a crowd! Try to blank out the glum weather reports and enjoy the scenery. I've not done this route before and the only negative feedback I've read is on a lack of marshals in previous years. So I hope this has been addressed as I don't fancy a detour when I've only really trained up for half marathon distance!!
  • Gutted have to pull out got some virus, good luck eveyone
  • Looks like it's going to be just above freezing on Sunday, but no rain and not too windy.

    Currently trying to work out what to wear. Worried I'll be too cold in shorts and too warm in trousers...

  • Got any old trousers you can put on top of shorts then throw them away when you get too warm?

  • I'm going for leggings (for the first time ever!) as I don't want my legs to freeze. All runners I know that do use/have used leggings swear by them in cold weather. Or leggings under light/runner shorts (for extra insulation).
  • I went with shorts in the end, as there wasn't any wind. Was a bit cold at the start but soon warmed up.

    Managed to knock 22s of my PB image. Hope you all had a good race too.

  • It was my first half marathon and managed it in 1:50:03. It was a 5k, 10k and 21k PB for me, so very happy with the day. Thanks to all the spectators who cheered us along, much appreciated!
  • Congratulations on PBs guys! I had lots of fun yesterday, and while I was slow, I finished image. A big thank you to the organisers and spectators who cheered us on! Only issue I had was that I too late to buy a t-shirt, but nevermind.
  • Hi All,

    That was my first half marathon (I've done two marathons) and I got almost the exact same time as Katie (two posts above!). My time was 1:50:15 ! I don't know what rates as a good half marathon time but I was pretty pleased with that (as I'd been dreading the weather!). I liked that course and since the last marathon I did was so hilly, this felt so much easier (not just because it was half the distance!). I thought it was all well organised in general. I ran by myself and would like to have chatted with people at the end but was craving home (and a bath!). Well done all.
  • Same here... I couldn't wait to get home and have a hot shower, but well done to everyone. The pictures from the day are now available at if you want to see them. Needless to say I had my eyes closed as the picture was taken of me at the finish line. I'll be better prepared next time...
  • Well done everybody. My PB by almost 3mins and if that wasn't enough I also decided to run another 4 miles to get back home image Any notice the official results keeps changing, yesterday it showed i ran 1:29:09 @ 39th and today 1:31:36 @36th, my race nr is also diffirent today. And if that wan't enough on the Ian Burnet photo website i saw a guy with the same race nr as me!
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