GPS with LOOOONG battery life

Hi all

I've been planning and buying kit ready for RunTheWall next year, and have worked out that my Garmin 305 isn't going to be much help.... <img title="Very Sad" src="" />
As I am hoping to finish in 20 hours.... and the Garmin battery life is 11, I can foresee a problem. One option would be to buy a PowerMonkey and use that in conjunction with the charging dock at the Refuelling stops - but I think that will refresh the data each time meaning I don't have an overview of the race. The other option is to find a GPS with a long battery life - I don't need anything other than distance, time and average pace...and a battery life of 24 hours minimum - and I really don't want to pay a shedload when I like my 305 for everything else... I've had a look online and can't seem to find anything with more than about 12 hours?

Any ideas anyone?



  • If you take the charging cradle with you, you should be able to plug some sort of battery pack into it to recharge on the go?

  • How long are you expecting to spend at the rest stops? You won't be able to get much extra in to the GPS with a PowerMonkey unless you stop there for an hour.

    Get a couple of GPS units and swap them at rest stops, having someone take charge of charging them for you. When you're done, export the GPX files and edit them together - it's just XML.
  • Two GPS is an option, although there won't be any support crew so there won't be a chance to charge them alternately. The main reason for not wanting to lose data throughout was to keep a check on exact pace/time/distance at the time, not so worried about the data afterwards, more during - so using two won't help on that side of things. Was thinking I could connect the PowerMonkey to the cradle/watch, leave it in my rucksack charging between two rest stops - that would only work though if the watch would still function while being charged?
  • Should do- someone used a similar arrangement to get a Garmin through an Ironman triathlon a few years ago.
  • I don't know if this applies to the 305, but when you recharge the 405 on the run, it doesn't display anything. (It does keep recording though, so you'll get your details later...)
  • I've got a Garmin 101. Don't know whether they still make them. It's a bit bulky but runs off two AAA batteries and lasts about 12-15 hours. I usually change the batteries after 12 hours usually at the 1/2 way checkpoint or thereabouts. No data is lost. It just doesn't record the few seconds when the batteries are out.
  • Maybe a backward step in style but ...

     The Foretrex 101 uses AAA batteries so it easy to carry spares and replace when needed.

     They turn up on Ebay nice and cheap fairly often.

  • The new Garmin 910 is supposed to have a 20 hours battery and be fully waterproof for the swim leg of the tri...due out this week for around £'s on my list of wants.

  • Nope £350 is definitely not a starter LOL!!!

    On another forum someone else suggested this - I think it's the way I'll try (plenty of time to experiment) - can't find exactly the same charger in the UK but I've ordered something similar and i'll see how it goes...

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