Budapest Marathon 2012

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One of my New Year's resolutions is to run a Marathon in 2012! I have never done a Marathon before, so I wanted my first Marathon to be something special. I am from Hungary so I thought I would return to my roots to realise this dream!

I have just signed myself up...*gulp* The organisers' website has plenty of information and entries are now open for those who want to try something different - this seems to be one of the less widely advertised events here in the UK for some reason so I thought I would mention it in this forum!

I miss Budapest a lot - It is a beautiful city with a lot of places worth seeing during the race so I can't wait to be back!


  • There's a group of us planning on doing this next year.  We did Amsterdam this year and have decided on Budapest for next year's group outing image
  • Budapest is well worth a visit as all the women are really hot. But I guess that wouldn't be a good reason for you Times
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    Well, that's a real compliment about us, Hungarian ladies!

    I have just noticed the banner at the top of the Runners' World website advertising the Budapest full and half marathon next year! image I thought these events would not get much publicity in England...

  • I just signed up for the Budapest Marathon 2012 as well... can't wait to visit Hungary for my first marathon!  Looks like it should be a great event.

  • how much was it to enter?
  • Not sure if anyone is keeping much of an eye on this thread, but I've just signed up this morning.  Flights and accomodation all booked and now aiming for a sub 3:10!

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    jerseydaniel - have you got a confirmation email from the organisers when you signed up for this? I signed up ages ago, the money for the entry was deducted from my bank account almost right away, but I have not heard anything from the organisers at all, so I am getting slightly concerned... Hungarianas are not well known for their good organising skills, I am afraid! (In am a Hungarian image )

  • Timi - no, haven't got any confirmation e-mail, but have a confirmation that I printed off when I registered, and that also seems to give me my number (4681). I also just checked and I can log in to the registration website and you can print the confirmation again ( The marathon has good reports, so don't think you need to be worried about the organisation.

    My other half is from Transylvania, but from Hungarian ancestry, so will be using her as my interpreter for the weekend!

    How is your training going? I'm into week 4 and did a 19 mile run at the weekend, but I had maintained a base since my last marathon in March, and had been running at least 13 miles each weekend...

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    I have checked their website tonight and have been able to find my bib number which means my registration had definitely been successful. Phew. Much ado about nothing image

    As far as my training is concerned, I am preparing for the Wycombe half at the moment and looking to do at least 2 other half marathon races before October in order to maintain my "base". I would like to start following a structured plan after the Wycombe half is out of the way, i.e. work on building up distance for this marathon. My aim is to finish strong hopefully around the 4 hour mark. 

  • I'm really looking forward to this marathon, I get there on the Friday and leave on the Tuesday night, so will get a chance to see some of the city as well.

    If it was me, I wouldn't try to fit in too many half marathons before Budapest, as if this is your first marathon, I think you are better off building up your mileage, and it's guaranteed to be a PB, whatever time you run! image  What sort of time do you think you'll do in the Wycombe half? 

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    I will combine this with a visit to my family who live near Budapest. I really miss Budapest so probably during the run I will entertain myself with recalling my memories when I used to live there.

    Yes, I know what you mean about not overdoing training by entering too many half marathons beforehand. Finding a good balance is important!

    Hmm, as for the Wycombe half, I would be happy with anything under 2 hours - my PB was at Reading which I did in March in 1:49, but Wycombe is hillier plus I missed a few weeks of training due to getting married and going on honeymoon so I am setting my expectations for timing quite low! My main goal is to enjoy it without worryiong too much about the time it takes to complete the race image

  • i have visited budapest before and loved the country , well budapest at least was amazing place , as for running i did my first marathon this year at 49 years in 3 :48:45 very proud of that , and i got 2 weeks off in oct and guess what landed in middle of that time , yes the budapest marathon so i doing that as well , all signed up and paid for plus 10 days to see budapest again image 

     i caught the last day of 55 euro entry which was £ 44 think it went up 10 euro now , confo email arrived very quick

     so see some you in 7 weeks or so , i be wearing a red black pompey shirt

    ps - how do you click on the race to say you are doing it on this site so we can see how many of us are going over

  • I did the Half with Running Crazy a few years ago, and loved it.

    Would love to go back one day and try the full.

  • It just looked too good a race and city to miss. I'm in, flight and accommodation booked, and raring to go.

  • well how is your training going everyone ? , i managed to break my mile per week last week by doing 50 but this week just done an 18 mile run to notch up 58 miles with a day spare so pretty happy with that , we got rain and winds on south coast for a day or 2 so might just let me legs rest !!!!!!!!!!

     anyhow been to budapest before and cant wait to go again but first time doing their marathon and after got 6 days to relax and enjoy

  • Had my final long run last weekend, which was also my highest weekly mileage of 46 miles.

    Been away on business course this week, so only managed one midweek run and then got out for 16 miles yesterday, but into my taper now, so not too much of a problem...

    Will be aiming for a sub 3.10 again, so hopefully I've improved my stamina and won't fade in the last few miles this time.

    Two weeks to go!

  • its my 2nd marathon , my first was this april the brighton one and very proud of my time of 3 :48:45 but as im 49 very happy similar time in budapest i hope

    how long people going for , i arrive friday leave following friday , so buidapest will see a lot of my portsmouth f c shirt image

  • Sub 4 hours is great at any age, especially achieving it in your first marathon!

    I'm arriving on the Friday on the Easyjet flight and then go back on the Tuesday evening, so get a few days to see the city...

  • i doing easy jet on that friday also but we live near gatwick but actually going from luton airport this time

  • well 10 day weather forecast says it going to be 22 deg on the day which is 72 deg and sunny , the days before are same also so looking good for very decent days running image

  • i'm not the biggest fan of hot weather and my times definitely suffer in the heat....

    hopefully it will start off a little cooler, as having watched the youtube video of the course, it doesn't look like there will be much shade....

  • oh dont worry , we start half 9 so be nice then and that the top temp which prob be 1 or 2 ish  but thats not really that warm and there plenty drink and sponge stations , better than wind or rain

  • So what was the verdict? Speaking personally, I thought it was an excellent event. Organisation was good, plenty to drink and friendly encouraging spectators. I've only just discovered that "Hurrá" means "Hooray". I'm glad I thanked the 2000 or so people who said it to me around the course. Goody bags were good too. As for the medal, whoever said that size isn't everything?

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    I did this one, too. It was the best thing I have ever done. Amazing weather, support and atmosphere. I am from Hungary and I lve here in the UK so running around in the best bits of Budapest made me feel quite homesick. I did the race with my friend, I think without her I could not have done so well. 

  • only my second marathon after brighton in april and did same time bar 8 seconds quicker this time , 3 hours 48 mins 37 seconds ,

     but weather was so perfect for running , organisation was for abroad excellent , brighton marathon was superbly organised , and the run was brilliant down andrassi along the danube across the bridges , support along the run was as said not massively supported but was good , drinks etc was superb as enough of them and wonderful people holding drinks out superb job , only fault wish they had small bottles instead of them thin white cups but would love to do again . medal t shirt and goody bag very good , cheers budapest lovely 8 days spent and nice to see westbury runners lordshill runners and another portsmouth fan living in budapest image

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