Running at Lunch time

Anybody run in their lunch break? I have an hour to escape the office so hit the trail near where I work or if I have to take cheques to the bank the trainers go on and off I go. I am privileged to work in Bakewell in the Peak District so awesome to run in and easy to go out the door and be off road so very safe.

When I worked in Sheffield and Chesterfield it was not so easy and more hazardous.  Getting changed also has its problems with so many ladies in the office....................anyone got any good stories??



  • Lunch break? What is that?
  • You need to take one its good for the health and mind!!!

    I worked in print for 20 plus years and never took one, now I am older and wise and take one, life is too short not to..................

  • Shame - we only get 30 mins for lunch, barely time to eat let alone run.
  • I guess I am lucky working for a European company who are good with their workers, they are putting a new shower in the office and there is only me that cycles and runs in at the moment. 30 mins is abit tough as you say Fiona not enough time to eat........true, I can eat while I work if I need to so some days I can run for 45 mins and then shower and start work again and have a butty when I want at my desk.

    Time for a run be back soon!!!

  • Used to work in Chepstow, and the company had flexitime so I could go out for a run during my lunch breaks, there were a lot of nice routes to run which was a bonus too. There was a shower too in the toilets but if you timed exiting the showers wrong, when someone entered the toilets the double doors did not stop any passer by in the corridor getting a good view.
  • mcs wrote (see)

    .  Getting changed also has its problems with so many ladies in the office....................anyone got any good stories??

    Maybe you should use the gents toilets rather than the office? image 

     If I run at lunchtime it's on the treadmill in the gym here, as running around central London would be rather frustrating, I think.  I couldn't not have a shower afterwards though image

  • My locker room has a very large window so I have loads of posters up on it to!!! The gents is rather small!!!!  Some of the ladies dont like lycra!!!!! Must be me I think.

    Could do with a treadmill in the office for the snowy last year.

    Just done a nice six miler time for some work!!image

  • Luckily they have flexi-time in our office and a couple of showers. A good few cycle in and a few others do a bit of running at lunchtime. I managed to get a good 8 miles in at lunch time today. Happy days.
  • Just started running again and can fit it in during my Lunch break, luckily the offices are close to the River Lee so I can run up and down the tow path, we have a number of runners and cyclists here and we have showers as well.
  • love a lunchtime run 4 times a week, have showers at my offices too which is essential!

    Sounds like you have some ridiculously designed toilets if opening the door at the wrong time exposes you coming out of the shower!

    Almost as bad as my old running club where the men's changing room had a massive window, no curtain, have a light brightening the room up in contrast to the dark outside,  so anyone literally walking past the window would cop a massive eye ful of saggy old man flesh!

  • I run in my lunch hour at least twice a week.  Straight over the road to the gym, quick change and out for 3.5 to 4 miles depending on how spritely I feel.  In Leicester we have a pedestrian route up to a big park which is perfect for a lunchtime jaunt.   Then back, quick shower (luckily no hair to wash) and then back to work.

    Feel invigorated and alive again, although that may also be something to do with copius amounts of coffee image

  • Agree on the coffee Martin, big Nespresso great boss bought the office a machine for xmas a couple of years back and its awesome, miss it at the weekend........I have to restrict myself to a couple a day or I am super hyper!!   Not much hair for me either as suppose men have the advantage when it comes to no hair to wash!!! Takes my no2 daughter three days in the shower when she is washing her hair................I do tend to be starving if I have jogged into work three miles and then run at lunch as well.....image

  • mcs

    I've seen pictures of your work commute on the other thread, and in the nicest possible way you are a jammy sod for being able to run around there during the working day!.....

    I try and run twice a week - and my office is right on the Thames in London, near Westminster Palace, so my routes are either along the River Thames or into the Royal Parks - it's a great way to spend 30-60 minutes, and the only pain in the a**e is dodging tourists...

    We have a communal shower room  (with individual lockable cubicles) , so I regularly bump into female colleagues who have just been for a run. However, no interesting stories unfortunately....

  • I train every lunchtime I'm in the office and we have showers as well which is excellent, wonderful variety of terrain and an understanding boss.  Although there have been shernanigans with the shower, people have moved my clothes and then the shower head went missing...very odd.
  • How's choisty any news?
  • Decent enough showers and free towels mean many people at my office cycle/run to work and plenty pop out at lunch to bag a few miles.

    One of the best perks of the job!
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I run in my lunchtimes, either along river mersey and fletcher moss (work S Manchester), or in the gym depending on condtitions and type of training etc. My work pretty flexible so I sometimes take up to a couple of hours....and I haven't had any "official" complaints yet! Try keep my long runs to sunday morning though.

  • Nervous, no news so far
  • Killing me...........image
  • image is that a hint?

  • phone has bust oh well never mind.............time for a nespresso anybody want one??? Think I might get a large packet of choccie biscuits and eat today!!!image

    Three mile run into work was pleasant but didn't sleep too well cant think why!!! So bit tired this am!!!

  • I don't get lunch breaks either. I tend to work 18hr 2pm - 8am or 6hr shifts. No breaks. I'm lucky, some people here work 3 or 4 days straight through. (we are allowed to eat just not a lunch break). Because I work in group homes with adults with learning difficulties you can't actually do anything without being followed by someone.You have to make sure you bolt the bathroom door properly as well. (A mistake I've made just the once image).

    I run on my way home from work, like this morn I did hill reps but I cycle commute.

  • Blimey Gingerbread that sounds like slave labour working 18 hour shifts!! Thought slavery had been you get to sleep in that time at all if its nights? I cycle in and out or at lunch if I fancy a change or have to get home earlier for stuff. 

    I was on my own in the office getting changed the other day and in came the post lady for a signature, that was interesting having to explain I had run in to work and was turning on my computer while getting changed. She smiled in a bemused way and shot off!!!!! She gives me a wry smile when I see her now!!!

  • I run at Lunchtime most days. I am lucky as we have a gym on site so I can run on a trreadmill if the weathers too bad.

    I went for a run outdoors yesterday in all those wild winds - gym staff thought I was mad but I quite enjoyed it!

    Biggest draw back for me running at Lunchtime is sweating when I get back in the office!!!!

    Anybody got any good tips for cooling down quickly?

  • Rob, best thing is a cold shower works well in summer, either that do hald an hour at your desk then go for the shower
  • Wish i could run at lunch time. only get 30 mins, so just enough time to scoff some food then back to the grind! feel it would be better putting a run in as would pick me up for the afternoon! really flagging today !
  • image Get out there its good to escape the office....
  • Erm, MCS ..... you ARE having a shower after this running, aren't you? 
  • Every time honest MUM!!!! I am very well trained............even have toothbrush, wipes, antiperspirant, towels and an assortment of clothes in the office. I have three lockers!!!imageimageHaving no hair to speak of helps!!!
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