Windproof Ladies Jacket

Hi all,

I am hoping that Santa might be kind enough to bring me a windprrof lightweight running jacket for the winter. At the moment I am wearing an old cycling one but it is not breathable and makes me sweat. A lot...

Can anyone recommend any in particular. I am looking to spend between 50 and 100 quid and would like something that is breathable but warm enough for the winter with a base layer underneath.

Any thoughts?

Cheers! image


  • Montane Featherlight Marathon Jacket

    My personal favourite image

    £50 - £100 is expensive for a windproof jacket.  With a baselayer underneath I've found this to be great for winter - I live in the mountains so winter means snow, wind, horizontal rain/hail and any combination of these!  The thing is, once you cut out the windchill you are not cold.  Any windproof jacket will cut out the wind (obviously!) but I like this one because it's so lightweight, breathes brilliantly (it's made of pertex), and dries very quickly.  Even for the most extreme winter fell runs, combined with a lightweight thermal bselayer, tights, gloves annd a buff I'm always warm enough.  There are other colours available other than the purple shown......! 

  • Wow, this looks great and a brill price. Thanks!! Just out of interest what base do you buy? My husband swears by under armour but i'm open to ideas! Santa might even be able to stretch to this too if the jacket is cheaper image x
  • I love smartwool baselayers - can be pricey but I think "go outdoors" have them on offer at the moment .......... Smartwool

    They have a great warmth to weight ratio, dry quick - though also hold their warmth when wet and don't get smelly after a winters hard running!! They're not the cheapest but I have some that are on their 3rd winter now. 

  • .... the purple one would match the jacket! image 
  • BRILL advice - thanks TL. I'll pop these on my list for Santa image x
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