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    Hey all!

    Ladies - check out or for dogfriendly accommodation.  We've booked several through both and always found the descriptions really accurate and the owners very welcoming.

    Hope you had a good shopping trip girls - when do we get to hear about/see all your goodies?

    I've decided I'm going to spend the 26.2 voucher we got on a pair of Excel33's after Christmas - am liking the idea of them for longer distances since I'm already 8 months into going minimal but not fancying more than 90 minnutes in the 6mm's I already run in!

    Richard it was a joy - have just posted in the TVXC thread too - we came looking for you - hope to see you at Tadley instead.  In case the rest of you were wondering - here's what we looked like (hee hee) though you can't really see our wings in this one! image
  • just entered Watford Half on 5th Feb so that's my early 2012 sorted - 2 XC races in Jan, Watford half 5th Feb, Reading half 1st April, Marathon at end April/early May (MK or MoNorth).  good to see some of you at these events. 
  • Ooooh naughty naughty - missing the last xc! image

    My next race is Clivedon on 2 Jan so no boozy new year for me - thank goodness - I'm not abig drinker at the best of times but this month has been a bit loony! I bet you'll beat me at Tadley - I think you were just being gentlemanly today!image

  • SB - sorry for missing you at the end, had to leave to meet the better half - should have more time to chat at Tadley.  By the way, Tadley has a great sting in the tail in the last mile !!
  • Running in the morning from great Longstone to Bakewell if you are up early lj?? Hope you enjoyed the Maynard try White lion in great Longstone for great food.

    M...eldy wrote (see)
    Your opportunity to be part of the RW Forum Six

    You have One Post / One Pitch to tell us :

    Who you are
    What you have done
    Why you want this
    Recent 10k, half marathon, marathon (iff applicable) times
    Time you would like to complete a marathon in

    You will have

    A commitment to the forum
    A marathon place between April and end July in 2012
    A sense of humour

    Head your post MY PITCH so we can pick them out easily enough ....

    Get pitching!!!   Pictures of puppies optional
  • Hey Oscarr - no worries - thanks for the warning - am looking forward to it already! I hear it's a wet and gloopy course so may have to tape my shoes on LOL

    mcs - oooh sounds nice - bet that was pretty in the snow?  Ours has all gone again boooo

  • Pants to waiting and then not getting in as it's full!  That's me entered for Fleet ½ on 25th March.  It'll be my friend's first ever ½ and it's her birthday weekend to boot!  We'll be at the finish with a glass of something sparkling! image
  • Happy 2012 all! 

    The New Year has started pretty well for me - my polar fit test result is up 4 points since I decided to take a 12 week rest from intervals so now I know - 9 months of intervals a year are quite enough!  And I survived the Cliveden Cross Country  on Monday (it involves 6.2 miles over4 2 laps of gorgeous National Trust land with 172 stairs to climb each lap). Woohoo

    How are you guys all doing? image

  • Just looked on - Cliveden has a rating of 3.5 - compared to my last 10k which had a 0.2 (the higher the rating - the harder the course.  Most are less than 2). Feeling a bit hardcore now even if I was only half way up the field - ahhhhhh bliss image
  • Sounds like you've tired yourself out for Tadley on Sunday then !! 

    A tip for Tadley - arrive a little earlier cos there's a 10 to 15 min walk to the start (and back again at the end of course) but great sarnies and cakes after.

  • Hey oscarr - thank you for the warning!  My legs are feeling surprisingly ok today but a wise owl once told me that you have to let yourself absorb the fitness after a race so I'm snuggled up in my study half-working- half-watching three blokes next door, dissecting the tree that fell down this morning! I'm due to start intervals on Tuesdays again after next weekend - should be interesting!  

    Am looking forward to Sunday's picnic already!

    You feeling fit and raring to go?

  • SB - feeling OK - had an easy last 2 weeks with plenty of runs but all at a gentle pace and no exercises just to have a recovery period before the early year hard work starts - 6 mile easy run yesterday plus exercises (core, upper leg and knee strengthening) and today was a 7 mile hill run at a steady pace - tomorrow is hill reps (10),  thursday 4 mile gentle + exercises, friday tempo run then rest till Sunday.  Next 4 weeks for me is all about leg and core strength plus a mileage base which is why I like the XC events as well.  Then the Watford half on 5th Feb.  The strength thing is one of the aspects I think I need to improve on for the last 5 miles of the marathon.  My target marathon is now the Mar of the North in Sunderland on May 6th.

    Look forward to chatting on Sunday.  Will hubby be taking the chequered flag again?

  • Road season is coming up quick again eh! Good on you for doing all the strength stuff - I've never been very dedicated to it though I know it helps when I do some.  Still I'll keep doing bits after my Tuesday sesh (if I'm still able after my intervals) as that's my treadmill day!

    Sunday - likewise - he's hoping to run (if he can get back from his course) so we'll see.... Water wings at the ready! image

  • Hi SB!

    Just thought I'd pop my head back into this thread! image Did you catch the Bootcamp video on the last RW email? The video crew seemed to like our group! 

  • Hi RRR - hurray - nice to see you here.  image

    Didn't they just - maybe we were having the most fun! LOL

    How are you?  How's your running going?  Any races/events coming  up?

  • Hi SB,

    Yes I'm back! All good this way apart from dramatic overeating at Christmas! Seem to have developed a bit of a mince pie addiction .... image

    Running has stalled somewhat - stupid ITB band problems. I'm stretching religiously, foam roller is on its way courtesy of ebay and more physio booked in so hopefully will be up and running (pun DEFINITELY intended) as soon as possible. Especially as have Reading half, Tough Mudder, Sports Relief and Liverpool already booked in for the next year!

    How are things going your way? How's the running going with your dog?

  • Oh no RRR - hope you're back in action. Know what you mean about the over-eating though - need to do a few extra miles myself!

    Rascal's in season just now so she's confined to the garden for a few weeks.  We're going to try for a litter of puppies from her in the summer and then have her spayed!  Then she'll be able to run all year round.  She does love it so much!  As soon as I say "shall we run" she grins and sets off!

    I've not entered anything beyond March yet (Fleet half) as we're due to move so am playing it by ear.  Have decided upon the Robin Hood marathon as my marathon for this year and now waiting for entries to open so that I can commit myself to it - I've even chosen the schedule I'm gonna follow ( a run britain one).

    My new mission is to do a different autumn marathon every year until I've done them all! Will be nice to make a bit of a holiday of each one as we'll have to travel around a bit! I think I've got a nice periodised race calendar now worked out so that I run all distances: 5k, 10k, 10 mile, half, full and xc in different months so am going to give that a go and hopefully that'll be my formula for the next 10 years or so LOL

    Let me know how you get on with your foam roller - I keep thinking of getting one myself... image

  • SB - I got a foam roller last year (about £20 online) when I needed to get rid of some knots in my ITB - it's great and can be used for all leg muscles and your back as well - tend to use it when I know an area needs some stretching and you can alter the pressure by how you use it
  • Hey oscarr - they look really helpful - do you use it regularly or just when you feel you need it?

  • SB - try to use it after my strength exercise sessions (2 or 3 per week) to help an overall stretch plus more on any areas I feel need it.  See you sunday.
  • SB - Oh bless! Rascal sounds adorable!

    Have heard good things about the Robin Hood marathon - read a good review of it recently too. What a fab idea too - to do every autumn marathon ... you don't do things by halves do you? image

    Foam roller has arrievd and already ITB feeling much better (I lost faith in using my plastic rolling pin - recommended by physio(!!)  - when I squashed it).

     Oscarr - when you had ITB problems did you find they cleared up fairly quickly after regular use of this? I'm getting so frustrated about not being able to do my usual speed and mileage. 

  • Hey RRR - she can be (but she's also named very appropriately! LOL).  I do like to have a plan!  It takes the pressure off too as there's always next year.  I like the idea of doing more than one a year but I'm terrified of overdoing it and getting injured so I probably tend to undertrain these days! As long as I'm running I've decided it doesn't really matter whether I get a PB or not - though they're more likely than not if I persevere!

    Hope the foam roller does the trick - think I'm going to get one and I saw a dvd to teach me what to do with it too!  Hang in there - heal quick! image

  • RRR  -  my ITB problem was fixed by a combination of 2 sessions with a physio at our club night massaging it (beware - it's painful !!!) and a handful of roller sessions after a short warmup run or row.  Plus, I worked on strengthening my quads and glutes with exercises as recommended by the physio.  Best thing is to go and see a physio to get the specific advice for you own injury situation.
  • sooooo, who's opted for their free 1/2 place yet? Any chance of an ASICs consolation meet?

    BTW - treated myself to some bargain tights and running jacket (or maybe two!) today. Tights were ASICs and they are FAB - shame we didn't get any of those in our goody bag!!  ;)

  • Hey LJ

    ooooh goodies - good for you! I've shredded my voucher as it's proven unusable because of the sales - but hey never mind - I'm loving the top and rucksack they gave us - both have been perfect in use so far!

    Rascal sends Reg (I thinkimage) a big lick.  She's been in season for the last 3 weeks so we've had to confine her to the garden!  She's such a flirt it's so funny to watch but we've managed to keep her out of mischief!

    I've already entered Fleet (if I'd waited for the freebie I'd have missed out as it was full before they got round to  us) so that's where I'll be.  Where did you opt for?  I think mcs has gone for the Cheshire one - Wilmslow? And there's a few heading for Reading....

  • Watford and Reading halfs for me
  • Hi LadeyJadey
    Are you interested in the first ever Worcester marathon? It's being held on the same day as Paris (15 April). Not quite the city of love, but just down the M5 for you.
  • Anyone doing the Droitwich Spa half on March 4th?  Just entered it.
  • Nope! Crikey - you've got a busy spring lined up mister oscarr! We're still waiting to hear about our move so  I don't know whether to enter things down here or up there! Och well - April and May are 5k months for me this year so lots of parkruns for me!

    See you Sunday! image

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