ASICS 26.2 Consolation Thinking



  • Entered Droitwich cos we had to cancel our holiday in Feb - I had planned to get ahead of the spring marathon schedule a bit before going so training is geared to the Watford Half on 5th Feb at mo - now have Droitwich 4 weeks later then Reading 4 weeks after that then Mar of North 5 weeks after that - gives lots of recovery periods and time to boost the mileage in between half races.  If I ever think i'm getting fatigued I will pull back.  Not going to overdo it
  • Oh no - boo! That's a shame. Hope you get to reschedule soon...

    I suppose at least if you're feeling a bit weary you could use the events as group training runs. Apparently it's not illegal to take part without absolutely beasting yourself!  I'm going to try that concept later in the summer! If I keep saying it I will actually do it one day! I've only ever run one half that didn't see my inching up the stairs like a crab - I wasn't even that bad after a full one.

    The sub 4 runbritain schedule gets you to do 3 halves + 2 x 10kms within 10 weeks! That's definitely a challenge in my world. Still - game on!

    Ben keeps going on about only 'racing' 2 halves a year - he doesn't seem to grasp that his version and mine of 'racing' are very, very different!.image Better not show him the above schedule LOL

  • Thanks SB - the RW Ultimate Schedules include a 10K then 2 halfs in the build up so my 3 halfs is not bad - like you I have never entered a race as a training run but may do this year by entering a 20 miler (when my plan requires it) and disciplining myself to go slow; i think i can do this this year cos i am so much more focussed on the correct pacing of all training runs so as not to blow up in the marathon

    Got the flu now so Sunday XC in doubt but should make it

  • I keep seeing 20 milers and thinking exactly the same - they seem perfect don't they?  I'm still waiting for entries to open for the Robin Hood so that I can commit and then work backwards to see what's on and when. 

    Am trying really hard to be patient - am getting tempted to enter something else instead just so that I know that I'm doing one - no chickening out after that!!

    Hope you feel better very, very soon! image

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