Post run groin discomfort and nose bleed

i am three weeks into training for a marathon and my groin has started to hurt, nothing really painful, just discomfort at the very top and seemingly going inside towards pubic area. i'd say i've had it about a week and feel it after a long run or speed work. I've not run at all today (was supposed to do 7 miles) to rest the area but i can feel the discomfort. I might sound like a jerk here, but how do i diagnose it and rule out serious injury or hernias. 

On another health topic, i did have a nose bleed on my 7 mike fast run yesterday as i was trying to keep my pace up. I don't have high blood pressure, but i didn't have my HRM on so i don't know what my heart was up to at the time. Is this common? 


  • Plook wrote (see)

     I might sound like a jerk here, but how do i diagnose it and rule out serious injury or hernias. 

    Err  You don't, Try asking a Doctor or nurse rather than a bunch of assorted internet geeks

  • Pain sounds like Hip flexor or abductor, either of which would need treatment from a decent physio.

    Keep running long or fast and you will do more dmaage, (particularly speed sessions) eg: labrum tear, quads etc.

    Stop or reduce your training and go see a fizzy.

  • Oh no, it's the speed i need to work on too.

     Fizzy rather than doctor? I guess i can only get to a fizzy after first seeing my doctor (UK).

  • All your GP will do is give you nsaids and tell you to stop running.

    Good private fizz. Ask local running club for recommend.
  • Been reading around it and i think it's the adductor muscles as pain goes just above pubic bone. i think rest, anti-infammatories and later exercises will sort it. At least it's not a hernia. I think it's from trying to get faster too soon and going out in cold temperatures without any stretching.
  • Hi Plook, I have something similar to this too. Have seen a Physio and have lots of massage to do in the area. Also have some strengthening exercises. So far massages, stretching and keeping it warm is getting me through (did Stockport 10 last weekend - with few effects). Def go see a Physio. Let me know how you get on

  • That's quite comforting to read. How long have you had it and do you think the massaging and stretching has helped? I am pretty certain i brought this on by trying to keep to a Garmin schedule i'm probably not quite fit enough to do. The watch keeps telling me to speed up, but even with pulling my groin i'm still too slow.
  • Now for the non-comforting read. I've had it a while (a few months) - I tried resting for a few weeks and it just came back. Think it is an issue with building up strength around it, or possibly engaging different muscles. The massaging definitely helps and means it no longer stops me running (or pull up during runs). It is getting better but seems a slow process. I'm slowly building up distance. Need to go back to Physio to give update on progress

  • Don't assume your GP will just say "stop running".

    A few years ago I went to mine, thus:
    "I have a hip problem and I have cut down on the running and I have been to a physio several times and I did the exercises and stretches and it got a bit better but the progress has levelled off and there's still a problem...." (only less coherent)

    GP: [rummages in drawer] "I can refer you here" => local sports medicine clinic

  • Of course a year later I joined the local running club and guess who I saw there.... !
  • Oh no. Well, i've rested two days now and i think i'll rest another and then alter my training schedule, go slower and also warm up before my runs. i recognise where i have made neophyte errors such as on speed runs i'm out the door and up the steep hill towards the woods trying to get to a pace where the watch will stop telling me to speed up. I'm doing that on a totally cold body, madness.
  • Plook - I thought I had ITBS earlier this due, diagnosed over the internet and a similar forum to this one. Saw a physio who told me, no not ITBS but a tight quad. I really would suggest going to see a fizz rather than relying on a self-diagnosis.
  • Thanks for the fizz advice. I'll try and find one in Sheffield.
  • How are you getting on? Did you find a physio?
  • I found flu and have only been better 4 days, so doing my first run in two weeks yesterday the groin pain seems to be gone. I did warm up before running though. Now i have about 11 weeks to get ready for a marathon. i was at 14 mile distance before the flu, so it feels like back to square one, but i'll see tomorrow after a 8 mile route.
  • Good news on the groin and good luck for the next 11 weeks
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