Talkback: Antarctic Ice Marathon 2011

Absolutely in awe, an amazing achievement well done everyone!!!


  • Wow - looks totally and utterly amazing!
  • Congrats to everyone who took part, what a great achievement. An even bigger well done to Yvonne Brown who completed it for a great cause.  All your friends from 'the job' are I'm sure willing to support your efforts. I for one, am.
  • Well done - looks INCREDIBLE, almost €10000 to enter it next year, which I wan't to be snidy about but purely because i'm incredibly jealous!  maybe one day!
  • Hello,

    Is it possible for some information with regards to Brand/Make of the footwear used by any of the runners in the Ice Marathon (Antartic) or even any snow/ice race.

    I hope to do this run and would like to get my footwear right.


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