What are you wearing?

I went for a run at lunchtime in my usual kit (3/4 length tights, short sleeved tshirt) but now think I may be the odd one out as everyone else in the park seemed to be swaddled in multiple layers.

This year will be the first time I train for a marathon through winter, so I suppose I'll have to make a switch to slightly warmer clothes at some point but stupidly I hadn't really considered this before now. The only 'winter' running clothes I have are 1 x long sleeve base layer top (bought for climbing Snowdon) and 1 x shower proof jacket (which I hate because it makes me sweat like a pig).  

Has everyone else switched over to their winter kit? And if so, what does it consist of? image  (I'm wondering what to ask Santa to bring me)  ... do I really need all the stuff touted in the 5 thousand articles about "Winter running kit" in all the magazines?


  • Personally I think many runners are overdressed. Be cold when you step outdoors and glowing nicely when you return. Don't be comfortable at first and melting later.
  • Ronhill Tracksters instead of shorts.

    Longsleeve baselayer under a tech top if it's super cold, 2 x tech top if it's quite cold.

    A buff worn as a beanie, I find thicker hats are too warm.  Another buff worn over face and neck if it's very very cold.

     Ronhill Lite gloves if it's quite cold, thicker mitten type gloves if it's proper cold.

     If it's very windy/cold/rainy a Montane Featherlite Smock. This is the best bit of kit I have. 

    I usually get it about right. I sometimes find myself losing the hat  towards the end of a run but it fits in a pocket easily enough.  

  • Went out at about 9:30am with full length tights, shorts, long sleeve techy, gilet and gloves. It was a bit parky this morning, but was nice and toasty 4.5 miles later
  • I've got to say most of the time I ware my gloves i regret it by about mile 3 and end up carrying them the rest of the way.

    I've never bothered with a hat either as I just get too hot. I use a long sleeve shirt and either full length or 3/4 leggings (I always feel a bit camp calling them leggings) in the dry and substitute the long sleeve for a win/water proof in the rain (cold killers) but i just ware a vest underneath.

  • Thanks guys!
    Karl - I have the same issue with gloves and hat, I tried it a couple of times but quickly became overheated.
    Thomas - the Montane smock, is that like a jacket? (excuse my ignorance!) I've got a cheapo Karrimor jacket but I think I need to upgrade because it just gets super-sweaty after 2-3 miles
  • Gillets are the best invention ever image  I wear one with a long sleeve base top underneath. Mind you I live in London so it's warmer here!
  • Depends on the type of run. I went out today for a slow 11 miles in cold weather with occasional squally and heavy showers. Ron Hill tracksters, cheap Aldi jacket with ordinary technical top underneath, buff hat. Because it was an lsr I opted to keep warm. When I'm doing something a bit faster it's shorts, a gilet over a technical top and a buff on the head.
  • Skinz hi-viz thermal waterproof beanie. Nike Stay Warm l/s zip top Nike Stay Warm Tights. Also old Concurve ( now Gore?) Windstopper gilet. Adidas and Nike fleeces and gloves. A hi-viz rainjacket. I don't wear all this at the same time (!) only when weather is poor. 

    It is suggested that we should dress for 10C degrees warmer than we start our run. Of course always think what to do if things go wrong  in poor weather and you are not warm enough. Anyone carry a folded foil blanket on long runs?

  • Short flappy shorts. Long-sleeve base layer, gloves (or it takes me 20 mins to be able to move my arm enough  to get my top off -bad circulation to hands), and maybe a windproof gilet.
  • I used to run through most of winter in shorts, until it was explained to me that running tights arent for softies - they are because cold calves tear really easily.

    I'd rather be a little sweaty than go through re-hab from torn calf muscles again.

    Lets face it, wearing a pair of tights and being slightly warmer isnt like running in 25 degree heat in Summer.

    On the fells its a different matter - and yes - I do take a survival blanket then!

  • About 2degC this morning.

    On the bike: long sleeve running T under a winter bike jacket. Tri-Shorts with legwarmers and winter gloves. Buff.

    For the run after the bike: long sleeve running T and tri shorts.Buff.

    I hate being cold when I step outside, but by mile 1 I'm toasty. I normally run in a T-shirt and shorts all year. Long sleeve T is very cold. If really really cold then maybe running tights.

  • Another vote for the Montane Featherlite smock - it's just a very thin windproof layer. It's not waterproof, so you don't get too sweaty inside. I wear it if it's sub-zero, or very wet or windy. It's also very easy to carry if you miscalculate and get too hot - small enough to carry in your fist, or just tie it round your waist. For that reason it also makes good pre/post race wear - more elegant than a bin bag, too.

    In more 'normal' winter weather, I wear Ron Hill Tracksters, a long-sleeved tech. top (Aldi's are a bit thicker than many), and very thin gloves. Sometimes a buff on my head, but that rarely stays on past the first couple of miles.

    Anything above 10 degrees and it'll be shorts and t-shirt, though.

  • If I was still able to go out for my lunchtime run, currently injured, I'd only go out in a t-shirt, shorts, thin pair of gloves [if I remembered them] and the usual ankle socks and my running shoes. As it's always winter up in Glasgow and used to the lovely weather here image
  • I hope I don't get runover when I'm running in the winter cos under my leggings are the oldest, holliest pair of pants you can imagine. You know the ones I mean. The ones where you wouldn't were under a pair of trousers but think they are okay for running in. Well you sweat don't you.
  • Everyone's different - some people run hot and others cool.
    I think it's always best to err on the side of warmth - you can always unzip a jacket but you can't put a layer on if it's not with you.
  • I'm running in normal tights and short sleeve t-shirt with a jacket, I like a jacket rather than a gilet as at least you can tie it around your waist if you get too warm! I've had my gloves on a few times but they have always ended up in my pocket so far!!!
  • Thanks everyone!

    Cougie, you make a good point about having the option to take layers off. So far I've been doing there-and-back routes close to home, work or the car with warm clothes within easy reach, but it sounds like a good idea to have something warm with me in case anything goes wrong while I'm out.

    I actually have a couple of foil blankets (got them in a goodie bag at some race or other and never threw them away because they seemed useful) They are folded up to the size of a handy pack of tissues, so I might start taking one of those when we go out for longer runs cross country.  

    I am off to investigate the Montane smock (why do I have a sinking feeling that it is going to be very expensive) and I think I'll ask Santa for a buff - sounds like a good multi purpose bit of kit (hat & scarf in one). I like the idea of a jacket that folds up small enough to carry in my fist, I have tried running with my  jacket tied round my waist and it bugs me no end!

    Kicked-It wrote (see)

    I used to run through most of winter in shorts, until it was explained to me that running tights arent for softies - they are because cold calves tear really easily.

    I'd rather be a little sweaty than go through re-hab from torn calf muscles again.

    This never occurred to me! I used to have a pair of long tights but always ran with the zips at the back of the calves undone because I got too hot ... something to think about! I do not want torn calf muscles image

  • Ahh, actually not too bad on price for the Montane Featherlight smock (I was expecting over £50) ... has anyone tried the Montane Featherlight Marathon Jacket?
  • I've added a very lightweight Karrimor hi-viz jacket and Ronhill hat and gloves. The jacket is proper thin so I added a vest on top of my usual t-shirt. I'd only add any more layers if I was doing a really slow run - like when I strained my calf a fortnight ago.

    Ran my Park Run a couple of weeks ago in just vest and gloves on top.
  • You really should wear some kind of shorts.
  • I'm still running in shorts, a long sleeve shirt with a sleeveless baselayer.
  • See a couple of people have mentioned the Ron Hill Tracksters - they're on offer at a fairly unbelievable 2 for £20 at Sweatshop at the moment. My winter wardrobe sorted out - leggings underneath when it gets as cold as last year...

    Nope, don't work for Sweatshop. Think they must be very overstocked and have no objection to taking advantage!
  • Went out last night, pretty cold had Nike pro long sleeve, with gore run
    Top over it, and karrimor tights. This was a spot on combo. If its really bad ronhill tracksters, helly lifa top, Nike softshell jacket, montane running cap. Seems to do the trick.
  • This morning in the zero degrees and snow on the ground (it is Scotland!):

    Ronhill Tracksters
    Saucony ProGrid Jazz TR shoes
    Nike light running gloves
    Gore running wear hat
    Baselayer (from Lidl)
    Long Sleeved Merino top (Finesterre) - best thing I own.

    Absolutely fine to the end - slightly cold when I left, warm by the time I got back!
  • THANK YOU to everyone who recommended the Montane marathon jacket. I asked for one for Christmas and tried it earlier this week in driving sideways rain and what felt like a Force 11 Gale. Pleased to say I kept warm throughout the session image
  • Glad to hear - it's very good, although I wear my Asics one most, as the Montane has no pockets of any kind...
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