Talkback: ASICS Target 26.2 Team: Colin

Introducing the second member of our ASICS Target 26.2 team - Colin (aka knight rider)

PB Hunter Colin will be mentored by Steve Smythe on this thread (starting December 26).

He’ll be posting his training progress and be receiving physio and nutrition advice from the ASICS PRO Team live on this thread so make sure you bookmark this thread to find out how he gets on.

You can read more about Colin's running background and goals by clicking on the article link at the top of the thread.

Good luck Colin!



  • Good on you, KR! Good luck chasing that PB. image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Get in!  Well done KR.  imageimageimageimageimageimage
  • Justice prevails! As a previous winner of this competition at this ability level I hope you get as much out of this as I did and I look forward to reading all about your training.
    Very jealous of you getting Steve as a mentor as well.
    All the best
  • Yay! Well done KR. Look forward to following your progress.
  • Well done KR.  Didn't get to meet you at Birmingham but nevertheless I wish you lots of luck and success.  Enjoy imageimageimage
  • Colin,

    Congrats and if endurance and a "never give up" attitude are required for a PB will cruise it !

    Look forward to hearing the good news post Paris image


    Graham K

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Chuffed to bits for you KR, hope you enjoy the training and smash the sub 3:15.  As I voted for you and exerted considerable influence all I ask is that you model my latest range of men's toenail varnish & ankle bracelets. image

    Good to see you have Steve, he is a fine coach and taskmaster - he used to slap my wrist for traing too hard!

  • Glad you got in afetr last year.looking forward to following
  • Well done KR. Looking forward to following your progress. Hope you get your target time.
  • Congratulations knight rider! Look forward to following your progress towards your speedy PB image
  • Well done KR - always thought you would get through from our group. Hope you enjoy the whole process - will be keeping an eye on your threads.

    CONGRATS!! image

  • Well done KR!! image Looking forward to following this..
  • Well done - See you on Saturday!

    It will be nice to meet someone I've been chatting to on the forums in real life!image

  • congrats Colin - enjoy the journey and smash that PB !!
  • Just a brief post to start with as busy at work at the moment!

    Thanks for all the posts and well wishes so far. There were some very good canidates (Graham, LadeyJadey & Simon - didn't hear much fom Emma) in this particluar category and I'm sure anyone of us would have made a good candidate as the enthusiasm was very evident from all the postings going on.

    Over the moon to have got through to this stage and can't wait to get going with the schedule. I've got a lot of respect for Steve and know from last years' competiton he surpased himself in giving advice not only to the candidates, but also to us normal forum folk. Having followed the RW schudule in my first marathon I made some tweaks of my own on subsequent marathons, but to no avail. SoI'm hoping with the guidance of Steve and the Asics team I can get things back on course.

    Ultimately, I am going for a sub 3.15 time as I think my other PB's in shorter distances certainly indicate that this is possible. However, it's early days yet and I will go with the advice that I am given and see what kind of pace is suggested nearer the time. I think pacing statergy is a key feature in my race preparation as I think I  may have gone too quick too early in previous marathons.

    I like to ask questions and I'm hoping to get to the bottom of the nutrition side of things as well, not only in the taper days before the marathon, but also, in general day to day training.

    So hopefully this will be an interesting thread with a bit of serious running talk mixed up with a bit of humour & bantor.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Well done on winning stage 1 KR. Now you just need to run those 26.2miles quicker than before image

    Good luck. Will be enjoying following your progress.
  • KN do you mean Nicole? I wasn't in your group - would love to have been that good!

    Looking forward to Saturday!

  • Nice one KR - I look forward to following this thread image
  • Haha! Yes perhaps he meant me.

    Congrats to you Colin, you will absolutely smash your target, especially with Steve behind you! Looking forward to following your training image 

  • Congratulations KR. image
  • Well slap my thigh and hoist my mainsail. Great stuff indeed. I think you'll smash it with the dedication you've proved you've got plus the guidance from "above". Enjoy it.

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Well done KR - and good luck with getting a marathon time that you deserve.

    It should be funimage

  • Hi Nicole, thanks for the post, I think I got my names mixed up!

    A bit of a background picture:
    Age: 42
    Resident: Leicester
    Status: Married
    Children: 2 boys (7 & 4)
    Pets: None
    Driving Licence: Clean
    Music: House music - heavy metal
    Food: Chinese
    Film: Pulp Fiction
    Marathons: 3.22.10 (2010) Qty = 3
    Half: 1.25.26 (2009) & 1.25.50 (2011). Qty = not counting but probably 20
    10 miles: 1.06.26  (2009) & 1.06.49 (2011)
    7 miles: 45.16 (2011)
    10k: 38.38 (2011)
    6 miles: 37.35 (2011)
    5 miles: 30.35 (2009)
    5k: 18.38 (2011)

  • Knight Rider.
    Congratulations on getting through the selection and we will all watch with interest as you go through your training and onto Paris, it will be so interesting for me as I am also entered into Paris and am looking for a 3:15 time as well, but coming through a different schedule programme to yourself,  so that will be fun to watch.
    Your short distance times are very quick indeed,  so as long as all the other bits drop into place and you are well and healthy then I think RW have chosen wisely with having you on-board, and I would put a few ponds on you at this stage to do well come race day.

    again best wishes and good luck.

  • Congrats KR, should be fun Saturday, this is going to be loads of fun.

    O I'm going to blatantly steal your profile idea above

  • Brilliant! Well done, Knight rider image
  • Congratulations, good luck!

  • Congratulations KR, I will be avidly following your forum looking to pick up lots of handy tips! Does Retford Half feature in the training plan again? I've entered as it's still my Half PB course.
  • Well done KR. For those of us left with VLM, what does the calendar look like? Who gets to go first and by how long, so who will be in taper madness when the others are still knocking of the last LSR?
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