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  • Looks sensible. I wonder if Rosie will get bored on her days off...... image
  • Hi Sam - with the exception of 2 miles at 7:30 pace all of Rosie's running next week is easy running. Will you keep that sort of structure until February?
  • Rosie - hope you enjoy your first run of the schedule today.
  • Yey! Training plan! I am quite ridiculously excited about this. image

     How was everyone's christmas running? Mine went a bit wrong, and the 24th and 25th, rather than being a blow out of all my bad running habits in preparation for a bit of self control the next few months saw me spending it in A&E. Not quite the LSR xmas day I'd hoped for but did give me two days practice of this No Running Day business. image

     So, to yesterday. Still feeling slightly fragile I pootled out for the scheduled 6 miler. It was lovely, but after my hospital escapades did bring a whole new meaning to the *slow* part of Long Slow Run. Was crazy wind we had going on here yesterday too, a sort of wind-tunnel effect. Having started calmly, at about mile 4 it did all go a bit Animal Rescue for a while as blocking my route was a group of people who'd found an injured pigeon, who, much to their surprise, none of the animal or bird charities were interested in coming out to rescue on boxing day (the list of people they'd rung was nothing if not inventive). Cut to obtaining a box and taking it to the nearest vet for a humane passage to bird heaven, as I couldn't take the collective panic, and felt very sorry for the little thing.

    So the last two miles had to be completed after the short bird-related interlude. By this point I was feeling all enthusiastic so I used them to run to the gym to attempt to have a go at some strength training as per plan. Again though enthusiastic my unusual Christmas left me feeling a bit fragile and I was rather unimpressive. I don't have much (hardly any) experience of strength training, and in the end did a bunch of planks, squats, and that bridge thing we did at training day. That's not really strength training is it? I did feel loads better after though. What do you guys advise for running-specific strength training? My upper body strength is shockingly bad so it needs to start easy! image

    Is anyone else following the schedule? Would love to hear how it's going..

  • Xmas is cancelled in Spoons's house wrote (see)
    Looks sensible. I wonder if Rosie will get bored on her days off...... image

    Possibly the first time 'sensible' and my running have made it into the same post. Woo! I am going to need a new hobby for those days I think! Is other sport ok or do No Running Days mean actual resting?

  • mcs wrote (see)
    I have booked a house near holyrood park for the Edinburgh marathon for may, is that where you are Rosie? All the best for the training schedule come Monday. Running with my brother in the am 40 mins tempo and then seven or eight Sunday slow. Have a good weekend.

    Yes that's my running spot of choice. Hence the terrain for most of my runs being a bit hilly. Have you done Edinburgh before? I'm in for this year (it was my first marathon back in 2008 and have done it every year since). Which side of the park are you staying on? Great choice for the marathon, can walk to the start pretty easily from most places around the park and if you get the train back from the finish (loads quicker than the shuttle bus, most of the locals seem to do it but never many visitors - am happy to give details if anyone wants) it's an easy walk back from Waverley station too.

  • oscarr wrote (see)
    Rosie - hope you enjoy your first run of the schedule today.
    Thanks! image How was your christmas?
  • Simon Santa Claus wrote (see)
    Rosie - A chrimbo morning run sounds good before all the relatives come round to open prezzies later on. I've been listening to marathon talk, and I've just signed up to jantastic, which starts in Jan, as a bit of extra motivation. Minni has set up 'team minni' on the site, so I'm in her team, the more the merrier. I Hope you and Dug have a great Christmas if I don't hear from you before. The collar looks great btw.

    Thanks for jangtastic tip - I'm off to have a look..

    Hope you had a great Christmas

  • We are north west side of the park opposite it. I'll check the address. Let me know the train information useful tip, glad I didn't book the bus trip back. The girls and wife doing the half and son in law and I doing the full. Just off for a run......what do you do between your maras Rosie? Rest and then go again I guess......
  • Hi Rosie. Sounds like an interesting Christmas and Boxing Day... The most interesting thing that happens to me was getting harassed by a half cut tramp who tried chasing down on road on Cristmas Eve...

    Planks, squats and the bridge are very much strength training mate and very good for runners too (so I read). Side planks are good too, if tough. They focus on the internal obliques which support the diaphragm and spine. What about some kneeling push ups? Will get your arms, chest and core. And an inverted row will get your back too. Lay under a table, grab the top and pull yourself up.

    Have a good one.
  • Little five and a half with no two daughter in fifty mins.....really mild up here........she is a strong runner her first half was at Sheffield this last may in two hours and she will be much quicker this year with a years training under her belt. She has thirty years on me.
  • Rosie - as BoDuke says. Or if you're really lazy, just do press ups. They do you core, upper body, arms etc.

    Was your schedule 5 days running, 1 optional and 1 rest? I would do the optional run and do nothing at all on the rest day.
  • Hi Rosie - have I missed something or is it that I just cannot find it, what actually happened that needed you to be in a&e on the 24th and 25th ?
  • Rosie, sounds like you had a very interesting  run yesterday!

    I'm also looking for a 3.30 finish time in London so will be one week behind you. I'm following the P&D plan at the moment, this week it has me running 36miles! I like your plan of 29miles so may changeimage I would like to see the next few weeks on your training plan before I decide.

    I am a member of a gym and I attend a circuit session on a Friday evening which I hope I can continue with, I hope this will be classed as strength training.

    Hope you enjoyed your rest day today!

  • Rosie - Sounds like an interesting festive period. Here's something for you to have a laugh at, the boot camp video:
    enjoy your training.
  • Hi Rosie, hows it going ?

    Not been on here for a few weeks as I had a trip to A&E myself ! I had a big night out which ended with me falling over a garden wall on my way home and dislocating my elbow ! As the consultant at the hospital said to me today " drinking is something you should practice " , too true i said !! The good news is I am allowed to run and will get my sensible head back on for some serious training and let the professionals do the drinking !

    Did 4 and a half tonight and just icing the elbow, all seem OK .

    Take care all.

  • Evening Rosie,

    Has anything been said about mixing in gym based class such as Body Attack and Body Pump. I reckon both are relevant to runners but would be interested in a "professsional" viewpoint.

    Looking at a half marathon training race between now and London ...Alloa would suit in terms of geography but I will be somewhere in the Alps on a ski mountaineering tour !

    Graham K

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    So Rosie, how is the first week going?
  • Hey Rosie, Sounds like it's been an eventful first week. I have no trips to A&E to report but have been in bed with a horrible tummy bug last couple of days. Feeling fragileimage How has the first work been? Let me know how it's going. And if you're happy with the strength exercises and how to do them?

    So what do 'No Running Days' really mean? Well, the programme schedules two rest days but only one is headed Compuslory No Running Day, so the other one is kinda open, should you feel that you want an EASY run that day. As far as other sports are concerned, well, I'd prefer you to stick to something low impact if you feel compelled to do something (ie. horse riding or swimming or cycling rather than circuit training or er, roller derby!

    Gazelle: You asked about circuit training being an alternative to strength training. Absolutely! It's a great way to get some strength training in with an aerobic challenge too. However, it's a bit more demanding than the 4-move workout I've given Rosie, so make sure it doesn't leave you too knackered for a decent run the day after or schedule it before a rest day.

    Xmas is cancelled: You asked whether all Rosie's running will be easy for first four weeks. The first week is a bit of an ease-in, but after that, there are two 'quality' sessions most weeks - a brisk/tempo or race pace run as well as an intervals session.

    Here is Rosie's next week of  training:

    Week Two w/c 2/1/12 (32M)
    Mon Rest (+ strength training)
    Tue 7M of 1M jog, then 3 x 1.5M fast, with 400m (3-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog
    Wed 6M slow
    Thu 4M of 1M jog, then 2M (or approx 15 mins) brisk, then 1M jog (try to do this on flat, even surface)
    Fri Rest (+ strength training) COMPULSORY NO RUN DAY!
    Sat Great Winter Run 5km race (plus warm-up and cool down)
    Sun 11M easy
  • Hi Rosie,

    Congrats on getting selected. How did you end up in A&E image? Hope the first week is going well otherwise.

    I'm training for a half not a marathon at the moment, but would be interested in knowing more about what your strength training routine is. I've been told I need to strenghten my quads.

  • Blimey Rosie, what's with the A&E trip at Xmas? Hope everything is okay.
  • Is Rosie alive and well?
  • Hey Rosie - I hope you are ok!

    I was sick all Christmas day (thought it was result of too much pink fizz on christmas eve) however I've been naseous ever since, exhausted and have a really sore mouth. Great!

    Anyway - my first long run is tomorrow after having two weeks off but a gentle, slow and scenic route awaits and I'm really looking forward to it (wearing my groovy tights that I am so in love with).

    Happy New Year to everyone! x

  • Hi Rosie, just back from a few days away.  Re Christmas - not as exciting as yours sounds but it did involve some family upsets which I won't go into !

    Sam - thanks for the strength training tips on this and Emma's threads (haven't checked into Craig's yet) - the schedule I have set myself includes most of your core and upper leg exercises plus the calf raises which I tend to do as single leg ones with the other foot up under the heel of the raising one and you certainly know if you've done too many over the next few days !!  Got such weak arms that I don't even start to do pressups !!

    Rosie - I think Simon is doing the 5K race with you so have a great time.

  • Wow, quite a week, but not for the reasons I’d hoped. I think it’s now fair to say my Christmas and New Year now hasn’t gone to plan. I had thought that after my brush with hospital over Christmas I was sorted, but began to realise something was still wrong when halfway through day 2 of the training plan on Tuesday I started to feel grateful it was a rest day (not like me at all, it has been said that I have *issues* with hyperactivity!) By the evening I was feeling a bit grim, and puzzled why, despite having the heating on full whack, wearing all of my clothes simultaneously and sitting inside a sleeping bag I still couldn’t stop shaking it finally occurred to me to take my temperature. There followed a call to the out of hours GP, who, when I got there packed me off to A&E (again) for intravenous antibiotics and fluids. 4 days of i/v antibiotics later I’m now much better, and Dug and I are setting up for a quiet new year. As quiet as new year gets when you live near Edinburgh castle's fireworks display anyway! I’m planning to take the couple of days easy ish (fortunately this almost fits with the training plan, as Monday is a rest day anyway) but after that (Tuesday) am ok for straight back to the plan, all being well *crosses fingers*, as so long as the infection keeps away there isn’t a medical reason I can’t run. So, my question is, having just had 4 days enforced bed rest, can you bank rest days? image Do I still need days off the next few weeks? image image Now I'm out of hospital I'll be back on here daily so will keep you updated..

  • mcs – I’ll pm you the train info stuff for Edinburgh, and will ask my friends who have spectated for their top local tips for your family as they’ll have a wait in Musselburgh when they finish the half I guess. I've never quite figured why the half starts before the full, but..  I see from the local paper they are trying to improve the finish after the mess last year anyway, so hopefully…

    Thanks spoons, mcs and Bo Duke for the strength tips. Will try those out.

    Knight rider and Shaggy, long story but got pretty unwell due to an infection which went systemic. Because of this I got a bit toxic so was being sick too, so somehow got hypovolemic quite quickly and couldn’t stand up without passing out (literally - a party trick with excellent youtube potential according to my friend* who was loitering for amusement value)*’friend’ status under reconsideration!

    Gazelle. Yey! I’m doing London too [possibly – I have a GFA place but not even thinking about it as trying to stay focussed on Paris]. How’s the training going? 36 miles seems quite harsh at this stage?

    Simon. OMG I hadn’t seen that..

    Funny Hat. Oh no! And ouch!! I once dislocated a shoulder and that was bad but an elbow? That sounds a lot worse to me. Did they reduce it back to place while you were conscious? Oww.

    Graham, good idea about the classes, I’ll look into that. I’m in for Alloa already so let me know if you’ll be there. Have you done it before?  I haven’t but was looking for one around then and as it’s fairly local thought I should give it a go..

    Minni – it’s good now thanks – though as above for up until now. How’s your training going?

    Sam – really sorry to hear you’ve been unwell too. Hehe to Roller Derby – a few of the nurses at work are really into that and having seen their injuries I’ll be staying well clear! Thanks for the advice. I’m really looking forward to trying out these ‘quality’ sessions as I do enjoy more focus in my running when I’ve tried it. I just don’t seem to have tried it nearly enough!

    Jingle Becs. I’m rubbish at strength training, but the others on here have given me some good advice this week so check out their posts. Which half marathon are you going for?

    Emma C – oh no. As if you didn’t have enough on over xmas without being unwell too I’m guessing. Hope you’re feeling better now. How was the long run?

    Thanks oscarr.

    Happy New Year / Hogmanay to everyone!! image

  • So I did threaten daily visits from now on.. image

    Hmm, so I had considered having today off in a bid to try to be all sensible and avoid any more hospital-related fun and games, [the fun aspect, in reality, being decidedly limited]. But on consideration the long stretch of rest till Tuesday seems to be resulting in me actually doing more in a effort to not do much. Poor Dug has been walked 4 times already today (not that he minds, to be fair), the neighbour's dog has also been walked (neighbour consented - I didn't steal it, well, not much), house is tidy, ironing done, even the car has been washed. It's worse than the procrastination I got up to before my finals.

    The plan says 10M slow today. That's my old daily run (which I love)

     So, my options are:

    a. Keep trying to rest till Tuesday

    b. Do 10M slow

    c. Switch in a lighter session from earlier in week 1 which I missed due to the difficulty of running while attached to a drip stand.

    I'm currently tempted to go mostly for b, and head out for a slow run. A modified b though, I'm thinking super slow not just slow, and doing a lap route so I can head back if I need to, and taking it easy and see how I feel. A GP friend who runs thinks that's not unreasonable*.

    *they actually expressed disquiet at meeting me for coffee later if I haven't been out   image

    What are you guys up to today?   

  • Rosie, option B very slow with the route close too home if you need to head back sounds the best bet, does seem like you are on the mend!

    Hope it goes well.

    I might pop out later for a slow 3 miles, did a 12 miles yesterday at a tad over 9 minute pace.

    Anyway Hapy New Year to you all and the very best in 2012 with your running.

  • Rosie- take it easy- 10 miles might be a bit much after being so ill- if you use a HR monitor, it might help you avoid over doing it while you recover.
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