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  • Well a beautiful lunchtime run today, 10miles at easy pace watching & hearing the Jays in the trees over head
  • Followed by mince pies, Hestons once with the pine scented sugar, this was not so good
  • Another Clubmate of Choisty's....................

    Piers is 100% right about Lee's sense of direction and the "Test Way" episode is the classic of his navigational blunders.

    All the best with your training Lee, I will have to look at new ways to make you suffer on Thursday nights.

  • Congratulations Choisty. Good luck for the weeks ahead
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Well done Choisty. Really pleased to see a really fast runner in the SSX this year. I'll be peaking through the curtains, following you as a dirty lurker!

    Best of luck image
  • Lee, it was a pleasure to met you yesterday . Well done and think we are both going to enjoy the next few months.
  • Thank you guys what a weekend, so much has happened but overall I am still almost speechless. Saturday started with an early start an on an Icey train journey up I managed to write my Christmas cards. On arrival I met Emma and Alice and had a most welcome coffee before we got into the serious business of hunting trainers. After a 3D footscan and gait analysis and loads of chat I chose the fabulous exel33 they are so smooth and fast I am going to enjoy those! We the got to choose kit and I was like a kit I a sweet shop. All kitted out we then had loads of piccies taken including in the middle of regent street!

    To top things off we were given the fantastic garmin 610 which I hope to play with soon. Then it was off to BUPA very hungry.

    We were tested for body fat mine is slightly less the usual, muscle slightly more the usual, core strength about average, flexibility way above average. Unfortunately I couldn't complete the tests as my heart had an irregularity which could be a blockage or a sign of increased athletic performance, I will find out next week! I was advised to take it easy until then.

    So I decided to race this morning, which was wonderful through the frost, and even better I won individually and we won as a team! Then home quick shower and I got to watch my kids in their gymnastics Christmas show, they were fantastic.

    Then home, the ironing and tidying up ready for a visit from relatives, now it is time for a rest!
  • Choisty wrote (see)
    Unfortunately I couldn't complete the tests as my heart had an irregularity which could be a blockage or a sign of increased athletic performance, I will find out next week! I was advised to take it easy until then. So I decided to race this morning, which was wonderful through the frost, and even better I won individually and we won as a team!

    Typical runner, told he may have a heart condition (and we all know it is the docs being ultra-cautious) and to take it easy so he races image

    We need more details than that, what race, what distance, what performance?

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    I was more worried about the Ironing. Can be a stressful and tiring business, that. image

    Nice win BTW
  • It was a mob match for the club I run for versus the local cycling club (they use xc as winter training) the course is a loop up onto the downs, along the harrow way and then back down for the only bit of tarmac back to the club house it is about 3.5miles of frozen mud (well this year, last two years it was snow), I finished in 19:46 around 1sec ahead of my training partner (my money was on a win for him this year).

    It is a fabualous day, the cyclist cycle over wearing santa costumes, before kettign kitted out to run, we then race, prize giving and raffle before they redress as santa and cycle off for their christmas dinner and we go off for ours, knowing we have done enough to deserve it!

    I hate ironing

  • well done on the race....i would quit the ironing if I was you....I'm sure its not good for you.
    looking forward to following a speedy runner even though its way outside my abilities
    good luck
  • 3.5 miles of x-country in 19:46 is a bit tasty, well done!
  • Thank you, well I am continueing to follow the doctors take it easy advice and went for a 10mile tempo run today, 1 mile warm-up, the 8 miles at 5:45 pace followed by 1 miles warm down, all completed in 60:34, so very close to a sub 60 in training now that would be a first.  Not entirely sure this is what they had in mind still all seems well, apart from the fact I am starving!
  • That really doesn't sound like taking it easy to me!
  • Well everything is now OK after 2 baps and loads of fruit
  • Lovey to meet you on Saturday Lee - what a mad day it was!

    If only ironing counted as training - I'd be a champ in my own right I reckon!image

    Youfat was less than normal - mine was huge... I'm hoping some of it was due to being dehydrated. Wht a lardy I am image. Need to build up muscle mass - but no way I can squeeze an additional session in - I'm already trying to put an extra run in once a week as it is! Well done on your running.

    How far were you able to reach on the stretch test - the chap had his clipboard on the top and had to quickly move it as I progressed further than expected. Even though I am a fatty my VO2 max was ok (apparently - haven't really got a clue).

  • I managed a stretch of 40cm which got a wow. That was better than the errr about the heart! I can't wait to go back and get the vo2 max done that was to be the highlight of my day, I also wanted a proper lactate threshold test but isn't included apparently, as it requires them to take blood.

    What's your PB for a shirt or trousers, mine is 6mins and 4mins respectively, that is adults kids don't count !
  • Impressive to see a runner who has "above average" flexibility. We all seem to made of rigid plastic in my experience. I assume that was an average "normal" rather than an average runner that you were bendier than? Must be all that hardcore ironing

    Hope the little heart issue proves to be a storm in a teacup. Doesn't sound like it's holding you back however!

    Interesting that you're doing quite tough sessions like 10 including 8@5.45 in your pre mara schedule. I wonder if the early weeks of the schedule proper will have you winding back initially??
  • I managed 32 so you are officially the bendiest of our team!image Can you do the splits though? I was really chuffed with 32 until my mum said - "did they notice your knuckles scraping on the floor" - charming!

    I think I understand the VO2 max thingy - my lung capacity wasn't brill though - about 85% of predictedimage

    6 mins for a shirt is very impressive. Mr C is rather picky about his shirts and offers tips! Last time he did that I pointed out that I would iron them when he was still wearing them! My ironing basket looks like the equivalent to about a 16 or 17 miler (this takes me a very long time). I shall work out my average pace per shirt and let you know!image

  • Ironing? What's that? Oh wait, I remember. It's that thing I do once a year before I go on holiday. I own very few things that actually require ironing!
  • Impressive 10 mile run there Lee. When do find out about the heart issue?
    I think I came out at “average” for the stretching?

    I think I wind my wife up when I do the ironing as I apparently take too long!

  • That is a strategy my hubby uses too KR!
  • EmmaC wrote (see)
    That is a strategy my hubby uses too KR!
    Us men, what are we like!
  • This is going to be interesting when someone runs around 60 minutes for 10 miles when supposed to be taking it easy!  Hope to get the first part of the adapted suggested schedule up on Thursday - will have to take into account Lee's current fitness as no point losing fitness in the early weeks but suggest not too many days like today until given the all clear.
  • ps well done on the win
  • Cheers Steve, I was better today I went out with a mate for 6.5 miles in 55mins when it was great to catch up and have a chat, the countryside was gorgeous too. Just had the docs on the phone and I will be heading back to London for an echo cardiogram just to check things out, as I am BUPA covered it should be done soon. I am really poor at taking it easy as I enjoy running fast.

    I not that picky about how the ironing looks at the end as long as it is flatish!

    Regarding stretchyness it was versus the populous to give you an idea I can put flat hands on the ground when I touch my toes!
  • Very impressed - you secretly been doing yoga Lee?image
  • You is one seriously bendy dude - embarrassed to admit I struggle to get my fingertips on the ground leaning forward.
  • I'm just luck, no yoga or pilates, but I do stretch after every run especially my hamstrings.  However my daughter tells me that I'm not bendy at all...but she is a gymnast!
  • Also I now have an appointment to see a cardiologist to have an echo cardiogram, which should what the cause of the inverted t-wave is, so am I ill or an now
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