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  • Doubt if you are ill judging by the training and racing - you are probably just too fit for what they see as a norm!
  • Steve Marathon Coach wrote (see)
    Doubt if you are ill judging by the training and racing - you are probably just too fit for what they see as a norm!
    I think they are too used to seeing unfit people there and not über fit peeps like yourself Choisty!
    My bet would be affleet.
  • Yip - my bet's on racing snake type creature too!  Am sure you'll be fine but fingers and toes are crossed to be safe!


  • Belated congratulations Choisty. Looking forward to following your progress. Hope you get the all clear as would be a shame to be a non starter!

    I like your idea of stretch goal, perfect goal etc and using training paces from stretch goal.

    My stretch goal would be sub3 but 3.05 may be a more realistic time, so may train to my "stretch" goal. (Main goal to get to VLM in one piece!)
  • Well back from Rome now, no training due to alarm clock issues, lets hope father Christmas sorts those out!

    Thanks for the votes of confidence, I am booked in for Friday so hopefully will be given the all clear, ready for the boxing day kick-off.

    Thanks moof, the three goal approach has served me well and works well in races if you are ahead of your stated goal.
  • I'm deffo betting on fit. Got a fiver on it with PaddyPower image
  • Well I tried a session out as suggested by Steve.  I think Steve must know his stuff as it was uncomfortable but possible. 

    The session went like this 1mile warm-up at 7:30 pace, this enabled me to start just after the first road crossing.  Then 15 minutes at 10k pace or 5:34 for me, the first mile was clocked at 5:35, not bad, then I started to realise the track was going up, I was on pace, but the track was still going up, but I was on pace getting hard now, this was silly the track is only marginally going up but it is a mile of slight climb(about 1% gradient), the second mile was hard but clocked in 5:40, now a quick turn (think oil tanker) and back down the same incline finishing the last part mile in an average of 5:28.  I nearly pushed on to 3 miles, but decided to stick to the plan and stop at 15 mins the average pace was 5:36 so 2 sec above target, must try harder. This was followed by just over 2 miles of warm-down at 7:40 pace, a quick stretch, shower and lunch.

     Thanks Steve, this is going to be fun

  • well done - excellent running. I will put the first month's schedule up early morning.
  • Here is the first month suggestion.

    Lee Schedule

    Week one: 43-48M

    Mon: December 26: Tempo: 6 miles – first 3 miles at marathon pace (6:05-6:15), 2nd 3 miles at half-marathon pace (5:40-5:45) mile jog start and before (8M)

    Tues: December 27: Relaxed: 6 miles in 7 minute-miles with 4 hard uphill bursts

    Wed: December 28: Steady 7 miles at 6:30 pace

    Thurs December 29: 6 miles easy with middle 15 mins at 10km pace

    Fri: December 30: 5M easy

    Sat: December 31: 13 miles at controlled 6:30-7:00 pace

    Sun: January 1: Rest or 5M easy

    Week two: 60-65M

    Mon: January 2: am easy 4M: pm: 8M (6M easy first 2 miles, 5 miles at marathon pace (6:05-6:15), easy 1 mile)

    Tues: January 3: Relaxed: 7 miles in 7 minute-miles

    Wed: January 4: Steady 8 miles at 6:30 pace

    Thurs January 5: am: easy 4M pm: 9M inc 4 x 2km - miles at approx 10km pace (5:20-5:30 miles) with wu/wd with 400m jog (2-3 mins recoveries)

    Fri: January 6: 5M easy

    Sat: January 7: 15 miles at controlled 6:30-7:00 pace

    Sun: January 8: Rest or 5M easy

    Week three: 62M

    Mon: January 9: am easy 4M: pm: 9M (1M easy, 7 miles at marathon pace (6:05-6:15), with middle 1M at 1/2M pace, easy 1 mile)

    Tues: January 10: Relaxed: 7 miles in 7 minute-miles

    Wed: January 11: Steady 9 miles at 6:30 pace

    Thurs January 12:am: easy 4M pm:  9M inc 5 x 1 miles at approx 10km pace (5:20-5:30 miles) with wu/wd with 400m jog (2-3 mins recoveries)

    Fri: January 13: 5M easy

    Sat: January 14: 5M easy

    Sun: January 15: 10M including Stubbington Green 10km – aim for approx 35:00

    Week four: 64-69M

    Mon: January 16: am easy 4M: pm: Relaxed: 7 miles in 7 minute-miles

    Tues: January 17: 1M, 5M of fartlek, 1M

    Wed: January 18: Steady 10 miles at 6:30 pace

    Thurs January 19: am easy 4M & pm: 9M inc 8 x 800m at approx 10km pace (5:20-5:30 miles) with wu/wd with 200m jog (1 mins recoveries)

    Fri: January 20: 5M easy

    Sat: January 21: 18 miles at controlled 6:30-7:00 pace

    Sun: January 22: Rest or 5M easy


  • Choisty - it's amazing how slight inclines seem to grow when you are trying to keep up a decent pace!

    Well done by the way image

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Nice session Choisty

    Blimey Steve. When you say early morning, you really mean early morning!!!

    I am interested to see that you have planned for LSRs to be run @ PMP + 30 - 45 secs. Will this be the consistent pacing plan for the whole campaign, or will any be slower with some PMP efforts etc? Also, what will be the longest LSR distance run? And, what sort of cycle are you working on (3 wks hard, 1 wk easy? etc).
  • Kier, I like the pace Steve suggests, I can control myself at that pace, although I run in a lot of hills so the pace does vary.  I'm hoping the long runs get up to at least 24miles a number of times, I've peaked at 26 before, which is great for building confidence.

     USB, indeed the mearest hint of hill starts to feel the north face of the eiger.  THe route I used for this session is a disused (and meteled) railway line, so it really is easy running, although grip is a bit of an issue with rotting leaves in the wet.

  • Steve, If I miss a session should I try and catch it up by switching out an easy run?
  • Choisty - good luck with the training - I'm afraid this mileage frightens me (going for 4hrs) so if you don't mind I won't be following your thread for training advice.  It looks like you'll be up around Mo Farah's 120 miles per week at peak - my body couldn't take anywhere near that but I reckon yours can and seeing you at BC I think you will relish the prospect.  Go for it mate !!!
  • re missing a session - yes best to miss an easy run but never run two successive days of either hard or long or fast ie if miss Thursday and do the hard speedwork on Friday, don't do the long run on Saturday and do it Sunday, and would be best to miss the speed session than mess up the long run.
  • Cheers Steve.

    Well the echo cardiogram is done and the results are in, lo and behold I am fit! No problem with the heart at all, I will get the DVD at some point and hopefully put some footage up as it looks cool!
  • Woohoo, that is very good to hear, Choisty - even though it was what we expected!
  • Today has been excellent way to finish the running week. First I skidaddled down to Basingstoke Park Run to record a new PB on the course 17:05 to come 4th and 42secs faster than a month ago! I then ran home to complete a total of 16miles in 1:48. The total for the week was 55 miles.

    Now training begins...bring it on!
  • choisty - Glad to here the cardio came back as 'ultra fit runner', and not 'faulty ticker'. I met you breifly at the boot camp, I was in group 2, and we all realised you were going to be fast, when you got your track spikes out for that 5k sess with steve. Like others I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on, even thou your times/pace you seem to be able to do are from another planet.

    Have you ever thought of combining your 2 loves and doing some ironing whilst track running, ala 'extreme ironing'. Then you could post some photos on hereimage.

  • well done on your parkrun 5k and for also doing the run afterwards - Look forward to seeing how your official first day went but if I did what you did I would need a few extra days off 
  • Thanks Steve, I decided to swap today and tomorrow around to better fit with my week, so the first day was completed as a 6ish miler which should of been 7min/mile pace but I ran too hard and it ended up at 6:39 pace still the legs feel great for being out rather than reenacting avatar wars battle sequence with my son.

    So tomorrow I will over to greenham common for the tempo run
  • Great  Parkrun time Lee and good mileage for the week!
  • Sounds like a good run. It's not too important at this stage but will be later when in heavier mileage to ensure you have some easy relaxed days
  • Choisty- do you use the track at greenham or are you running around the base.

    I also hear there is a parkrun starting at greenham in February.
  • I will run around the old runway it is about 3 miles round. I don't think you can get into the track apart from club nights. I like the idea of a park run there, it should be very fast.
  • Lee, hope Christmas was good. Really glad that the cardiogram came back ok! Off to PaddyPower to collect my £2:00...
  • Thanks Craig, well at lunchtime today I did the tempo session I struggled to get the marathon pace a bit today on the roller coaster of a road that I used. I was running about ten seconds too fast. After I turned to come back at half pace I realsed why, the wind was then into my face, so I struggled and had to push hard to keep the pace going, but I made it. I also received a text from a mate as I was spotted running ******* fast!
  • good, strong running again - not a problem going 10 seconds a mile too fast now but important to gradually hone the pacing skills over the coming weeks. Do you check the Garmin sporadically or just at end of run?
  • I check the garmin during the run, the only thing is the 610 gives to a predicted time for the lap not the pace you are running poled from the last 15 secs, I may have to look at the settings. I am glad to have marathon pace running as you say this will help me hone this skill.
    I am trying to work out a route for today's steady run, as it is very hilly and windy here in the dales!
  • I usually prefer having it on average lap pace or average pace overall - the current pace isn't as accurate - if you are say aiming for an average pace of 7 minute miles then it is quite easy to adjust the run to that pace if you are on average overall pace but much harder if it is showing 6:30 on some downhills, 7:30 on uphills or temporarily loses a signal. 
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