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  • Recovery drink without doubt all that nutrition!
    Easy run yesterday was very easy went out with a colleague and ran slow but it was good to have a chat.
  • Long run yesterday and it was fabulous to run long again. A friend had agreed to run with me (he is a 2:50 marathon runner) as he had a 16 miler to do. We started out chatting away the. Looked down at the watch at the end of the first mile 6:33 a bit quick, next mile same thing, hmmmm must slow down, 6:18 now that was silly. We pretty much carried on like that for 10 miles, at this point James pushed on progressively getting quicker, as his plan required, while I was running 6:20 to 6:45 pace for the next 9 miles on my own, thoroughly enjoying the process of putting one foot in front of the other. The run finished with stats of 19.01 miles in 2:02:28 at a pace of 6:26. A little quick, but it felt so good even on this undulating course on a windy day.

    How was everyone else's long run?
  • My long run was nothing like that - apart from the wind! Ha ha

    Sounds amazing - some days you can just fly (or plod slightly fast in my case) and some days you have to dig deep for a slower or shorter run.

    Well done - you must feel amazing.

    Looking farward to seeing you hurtle past me next Saturdayimage.

    The session I'm most looking forward to this week is my track session - 400m repeats - love reps of faster short runs. Admittedly my 400m pace is slower than your recovery but it feels pretty fast to me!image

  • Emma your right and it is days like yesterday that makes the hard days easier. Good luck with the reps, we all put in the same effort I just do it for less time! I am looking forward to meeting up again next week, although the long run should be interesting
  • Sounds like you are building up some good fitness Choisty if you can knock out those paces chatting away to your mate - what sort of weekly mileage are you up to at the moment?
  • KR this week has been 68 as I taking today off to have have fun with the family although 70 would of been nice. How's your training going? Looks like we are running long next Saturday together which will be fun.
  • Thank you Lee! - Think it will be interesting on Saturdayimage. You'll probably end up running to Cannock in the same time as I pootle along the canal road!
  • Just finished adding the Kingsclere 5 to the events section, July 8th. When it hits I will post the link here. The work is about to start, but organising a race is very rewarding.
  • Great run today Choisty - like KR - you have had a great month's training and you are exactly where you need to be fitness wise.
  • Hi Lee

    Thanks for posting food diary. I would suggest you add some more colour! The vitamins  (and minerals) we get from our fruit and vegetables  helps  turn the food we eat into energy and you are lacking a variety of colour from these( I am not sure you eat any vegetables?). Ideally I would suggest you have 2-3 different coloured vegetables in your evening meal or with a side salad. This may make you focus on how you put the rest of your evening meal together but try not to underestimate vegetables in what they can provide. Also suggest you add a small glass of fruit juice or add some dried fruit to cereal.

    Are you eating white bread or brown?If white, your fibre may be low.

    I would also suggest you organised snacks more consistantly as I get the feeling you eat mid-morning if  you have a run but otherwise you may eat or you may not.

    Your snacks could be a  mix of: fruit/fruit salad, yoghurts pots or drinks, current buns/crumpets/mini pancakes with jam or honey, banana/honey sandwich, flapjack (but not everyday & for those that are concerned about body weight  be careful with flapjacks, some can be  very high in calories), granola type bars, fruit breads or handful of museli with some yogurt and dried fruit. Suggest you snack every morning when marathon training; portion size will be individal. I  think you can eat little until lunch then need to eat a lot later as you have not eaten consistantly over the day. For example you may eat very little from say 7am-1pm then  over the next 6 hours you can eat a lot  etc

    You could also have a handful of unsalted nuts as a snack (brazil, almonds, cashews, walnuts etc)  however if you have a run planned in the following couple of hours suggest you choose the more  carb based suggestions above (as nuts have no carbs and would take a while to digest due to fat and protein content). All these snacks can be used as mid-afternoon options as well. Just aim to have  a variety &  think through what you need to bring to work.

     More variety will improve the nutrients you provide your body and although this may take effort it is all good for longer term health as well as for an athlete in training.

    I would like you to post what you eat in the few hours before your runs (and also post the mileage and description of run so it is easier for me to see what this relates to at a quick glance) as I think this may help you think through what you are eating before your runs as a high fat sandwich is not idea. I will see you this Saturday,  not sure if I will get back on to post before then. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

  • Choisty wrote (see)
    KR this week has been 68 as I taking today off to have have fun with the family although 70 would of been nice. How's your training going? Looks like we are running long next Saturday together which will be fun.
    Good mileage Chosity - never got to that kind of weekly mileage, but got to about 60 one week last year in the lead up to Chester. Not sure what pace you will be running on Saturday, but would guess it would be a bit quicker than me! I think your slow easy pace is probably my MP! image
  • KR, I think I'm scheduled to start at 7min/miles for the first hour, what is yours?

    I am so tired today, no sleep, organising, running and presenting at our annual sales meeting and running 14.7miles yesterday across two runs.  Roll on Sunday, when I will sleep for hours!

  • Steve - I'd be interested in your advice/approach/thoughts to training when tiredness is a clear factor. I remember reading in RW a few months back about how the kenyans etc train and how important it is to their training to listen to their bodies and how they don't think twice about skipping a day's training and resting.

    With everything else that Choisty seems to have going on, would skipping a day's training really be that detrimental? Do the benefits outweigh the cons?

  • there are definitely some days - especially ones which are deemed recovery days or just days where the emphasis is more on just getting in miles (other than long steady run day) than running specific paces where the gain from running so tired is minimal and the risk of injury/illness. one day off isn't a crime and usually the next run will be better so you get one missed session and one better one instead of two tired poor ones and an accumulation of fatigue 

  • Still running does provide sanity at a time when it seems sparse elsewhere!
  • Hey Choisty, just read your thread after not doing so for a few weeks.  Sounds as though you are exactly where Steve wants you to be right now fitness wise so you must be pleased.  Enjoy Saturday.
  • Cheers Oscarr, I am really happy with my fitness, I feel loads stronger, at the loss of a spot of sharpness.

    It has been a hell of a day today, my daughter had a nightmare last night so no sleep, then a 12 hour day prepping for our european sales meeting, then at 8:30 out for hill reps.

    I couldn't remember the exact session so ran this hill session : 6 x 2min at 5:55 pace, 6 x 1min at 5:10 pace, 6 x 30sec at 5:08 pace on the steepest part of the hill all with jog down recovery, the session ended up being 9.5miles in total.

    I didn't want to go out but my wife convinced me, she is such a help.
  • A great session Choisty in the circumstances  - good endurance and speed at the end - the speed is there and will come out further once you ease down 

  • Well done for getting out there- see you Saturday.

  • Choisty,

    With all the fibre you've been told to eat it's no wonder the wife is kicking you out of the house to go running.

  • Still can't get over how fast you are Lee. Good to me up today in Birmingham. Just knew when I heard footsteps & heavy breathing behind me on the towpath it was you and not some crazy balaclavered stalker! You seem to be in a different league and I was trying to work out how fast you must have been running to do 20 miles today as I only managed 17! What was your average pace for the different parts of the run? Good luck for Wokingham - I think you'll do well (no pressure image).
  • Great run today Lee -  finishing with a comfortable sub 6 mile!
  • Cheers guys, i am now back after work madness. A brief update on training
    Weds 8 miles in 54mins felt OK sorrels about the work days ahead
    Thu at 5 in the morning in the wind and rain I went put to do 16 x 400m in sub-80s at southwark track, that was closed and no way in but next door Surrey quays Mecca to consumerism was fully lit and functioning, so I ran round Greenland dock making all 16 in 80 or better, but it was too much of a struggle and I should go much much better thn that for the level of effort
    Fri 4 miles one less than plan but good to get out
    Sat 800 m warm up followed by a mile jog, then 20 mins at 7:20 pace average just very inconsistent, then 40 mins at 7s relatively consistent with Steves help, then 40 mins at 6:25 followed by 20 as follows 5:55 5:46 5:42 on the track with 400m sprint finish after the last lap, a really good session.

    The advice yesterday was out of this world I now have a better fuelling strategy and some new stretches, an idea how to run slowly forefoot and of course brilliant training advice and Steve is sythesing the plan out of my race commitments

    Life should be simpler now so I can train better and post more!
  • Will watch for you streaking off at Wokingham Lee image
  • USB don't worry I'll be wearing clothes!
  • Will you wear your new t-shirt?
  • I hope to have a similar vest as I find t shirts too restrictive for racing, but I should be obvious either way
  • Lee, great to see you again fella.

    I just couldn't beleve how fast you are... image 

    Good work yesterday and hope this month goes really well for you mate. 

  • Cheers Craig, you are looking so much faster and your stride looks more efficient too, good signs for Paris.  Did you take a day off yesterday, I certainly did!
  • Thanks Lee. Really appriciate that. Your gonna blitz it.

    Totally had a day off. Strange not to be running on a Sunday but Lucy had also given my leg a good goon over, so quite sore yesterday too... First sports massage...
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