Talkback: ASICS Target 26.2 Team: Emma

Introducing the fifth and final member of our ASICS Target 26.2 team - Emma (aka EmmaC)

Emma will be mentored by Sam Murphy on this thread (starting December 26).

She’ll be posting her training progress and be receiving physio and nutrition advice from the ASICS PRO Team live on this thread so make sure you bookmark this thread to find out how she gets on.

You can read more about Emma's running background and goals by clicking on the article link at the top of the thread.

Good luck Emma!



  • Congrats to you...........well done...................all the best.image Note to self get name on shirt for next time......image
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Brilliant Emma!  Congratulations. image
  • Congratulations Emma- I'm hoping for sub 4.30 at Brighton next year so will follow your thread closely!!!

  • Woohoo - brilliant news!!!  Snowboots and a trip to Paris - my, my LOL! imageimageimage
  • Tremendous ...well done !

    All the best and hopefully you will receive positive energy and support from the forum as well as the coaches image


    Graham K

  • Big well done Emma! image
  • Well done Emma, look forward to meeting you and the others on Saturday.

    Good luck

  • YEEEAAAHH - well done you!! So pleased you got through. Amazing news! Enjoy London and the rest of the journey


  • Well done Emma, I'll be following your thread with interest as I have the same time target image
  • Well done, Emma! Didn't meet you at Birmingham so looking forward to chatting on Saturday. image
  • I'm overwhelmed at all the posts already!

    Bit scared now - I've aimed at 4:30 for the last 2 years at VLM and failed - so hope this will be the year!

    I'll let you know how it all goes on Saturday - having my fitness assessment filmed. Slightly concerned about my jowls and belly wobbling up and down!

    Hope the weather holds off - track training tonight. Last week was a washout - by the 2nd rep we realised we couldn't get any wetter and sploshed around for 4 more reps of 3 minsimage

    Anything you would like to know please ask.

  • many congrats Emma - enjoy the journey as much as the race itself.
  • I'll try to remember that when I running through hail!

    The winter training makes running in the spring so much sweeter doesn't it!

  • WOOOO Emma! Congratulations what an exciting time! Very proud of you xx
  • Thank you Nicole!

    Hope you are still doing Brighton! x

  • Congratulations Emma. image
  • I think you might know this anyway but thought I should add a little background to explain a bit about my life and my running....

    I started running after the birth of my second son as it was the only way I could fit in any excercise at the time. My Mother-in-Law was very ill and hubby was working away from home. During the 9 months of pregnancy I managed to gain nearly 5 stone so really needed to shift some baggage!image

    Got bitten by the bug and loved working steadily up to managing a 10k about 6 months after I started. Then I got a VLM place running for the Hospice who had cared for my Mother-in-law and the realisation of what I had let myself in for became aparent.image

    But .. I trained too hard, didn't listen to advice and got injured. SO I was really unprepared in 2010 and hobbled round in just under 5 hours. Amazingly I got a ballot place for 2011 and prepared much better - should have been on for about 4:30 but crashed and burned at mudchute and qued up for a while at the portaloos! Managed to know 11 mins of previous time even with the pit stop!image

    My life is mental (in a good but very busy way) - but running is the thing that keeps me sane and fit enough to cope with the sleep deprivation caused by having 2 little boys and a teaching job! I also have to fit around my hubbys football matches and training - every year he says he will retire and he is taking longer to get over the knocks... we shall see!

    I love running and am so excited about this amazing opportunity - I hope that you can all benefit from the advice and training that I recieve. With a bit of luck, hard work and great advice I hope I can break my 4:30 target and actually manage to run a marathon faster than I gave birth!

    Happy running everyone!image

  • Congratulations Emma, see you saturday and don't forget your coat
  • I won't - Might even wear comfy snow boots too!image
  • Yay, well done Emma! Don't forget to pop back and talk to us too if you get a moment image
  • Well done Emma! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday image
  • Well done Emma image
  • Yay!!! Well done Emma. Enjoy every moment of it all... and don't forget to wrap up warm!


  • I'm copying Knight Rider here...

    Age: 38 (But have told my children 28)
    Resident: Sussex
    Status: Married
    Children: 2 boys (7 & 4) - Same as Knight rider!
    Pets: None
    Driving Licence: Clean
    Music: Beatles, Police, Jam, Motown - pretty eclectic!

    Food: Risotto or Thai
    Film: Ryans Daughter, Lord of the Rings and so many others that could go in there
    Marathons: 4:47 (2011) Qty = 2
    Half: 2:01.01 (Feb 2011) Qty 4
    10k: 51.33(2011)

    So is 4:30 a sensible target?

  • Thanks Abi - snow boots will be out I think!
  • Well done Emma - good luck with the target!
  • You can go sub 4.30 just do the quicker shorter stuff and a half in 1.55 or less and you will have a good chance but hey just enjoy the ride, the freebies, the supermum status etc...........image
  • Hi Emma

    Looking forward to meeting you properly tomorrow and chatting about your goal and programme.

    Your current PBs certainly put you within the realms of a sub 4.30 finish. In fact, I'd go so far as to say sub 4.15.

    It depends a little on whether squeezing in an additonal session (to your current 3 days per week) is feasible. I'll be interested to know what your training frequency was in your last two marathon build-ups. Not to say it can't be done on 3 days a week, but an extra day gives a little more to play with!

    So see you tomorrow! Cheers, Sam

  • Hi Sam

    Thank you - really looking forward to meeting you tomorrow and I have an idea about how I might be able to sneak in an extra run around my hubby's football!

    4:15 sounds like a crazy time but am happy to target what you think is sensible!image I'll bring my training log from last year with me.

    See you bright and early tomorrow.


  • So how was that Super Saturday then? Just back from day eight in my running streak three and a half muddy cross country. Hope u had a good day.
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