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  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Sam - I've seen you mention that you are not using the 4:30 or 4:00 schedules, but the 4:15 one instead. I've looked, but haven't been able to find that schedule (not helped by the lousy RW search function).

    Please could you post a link to the full schedule as I'm interested in seeing what the differences are?
  • Hi Tenjiso

    I will have to find out from RW HQ if the schedule is online - I suspect it was one from the magazine that SteveMarathonCoach wrote and I've fiddled with. I will also find out if I can post a link to it. I'm not very technical I'm afraid image

    Just off to do some barefoot coaching now...

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Thanks Sam.
  • Interesting reading Emma, I think I have always run my long runs due to feeling abit guilty being out on a Sunday when I should be spending time with my family who are very important to me. 26th wedding anniversary this week, we are all off out for a meal tonight. I find it best to get up at stupid oclock on a Sunday or Saturday if there is something going on with the family so I get it done before breakfast almost. It means you are tired at the end of the day but I do get abit grumpy so have to balance it with getting enough will be fine but dont expect you will be perfect none of us are!!image

    life would be dull without human errror........

    Happy Friday......

  • MWW -  I do feel guilty a lot of the time when I'm out running and when we have to get childcare I feel like a bad Mum! Hoever, the more I run, the fitter I get and I am more positive with the boys. In the summer when my hubby doesn't play footie on a Sunday he brings them to watch races and they really enjoy themselves. Sometimes they even make banners ... so sweet! I also think that modeling a healthy lifestyle is good for them as they will grow up thinking exercise is normal and hopefully be more healthy!

    Jenny and Donna -  We all sound like we have had similar experiences in the VLM! I found the second time I ran it much harder in a way than the forst time - I think I had expected myself to do so much better. My training, thanks to Sam, is very different this time. I like the structure and so far have found the shorter runs that have pace challenging but really enjoyable - I feel that every session is really worthwhile rather than the 'junk' miles that I used to throw in last year. Are you juggling family and work commitments too? I will have been running 3 years nearly when I get to Paris so am quite chuffed that will be comleting my third marathon! 40 is the new 30 isn't it? image

    Thanks Toby!

    Fran -  Thank you lovely! I wrote about you in my application! How I had met up with you at VLM last year and how you were lovely trying to keep me calm! Hope you and your family are well. How are the little ones? Reuben was Joseph in the nativity this year - so sweet!image

    mcs - Have a great meal tonight!

  • MCS, Emma - yes it's interesting, this 'pace guilt' thing. Back in the day (!) before Garmins etc, we didn't know if we were 'on pace' or not. We did long runs, tempo runs etc all on feel. Perhaps applying the science yields better results but try not to become a slave to the pace. And remember, the pace guidelines are for flat, even runs on a nice solid terrain so you have to account for hills, obstacles and softer surfaces. Don't try to maintain the pace on these by working harder. Most of my long run miles yesterday were at about 8.40-9.10 but there was a 10.40 in there when I had to go up a big, grassy hill image

  • Sam -  Really enjoyed session last night (especially as the marathoners from my club were doing 5m @ 10k pace - yukkaroo!). I did 8:16, 8:00, 8:10 for my 3 x 1m and really steady 1m warm up and 1 m cool down. Went to gym this morning and did 30 mins on the cross trainer and strength and stretches. I did the 5m easy run on Monday instead of this morning. So far milage is 17 with a 12 slow tomorrow! Really looking forward to is especially as I'm getting my hair done in the afternoon - I can actually read a magazine in peace!

  • Kevster - how and when do you get your LSR done? I can't do Sundays as hubby plays footie!image
  • Hi Emma

    are you doing these mile reps on the track? If so, I recommend looking at your 400m splits on the way round, so you can adjust pace as necessary. The middle one is rather quick! Looking for consistency. Each 400m lap should be around 2 mins 5 seconds.

    Was about to post next week's schedule but after all the week 4 juggling I've lost track of where we are so need to go back through posts to remind myself image Back soon. Oooh, actually it's lunch time isn't it. Anyone else like to time their lunch to listen to The Archers? Oh. Just me, then image

  • Serious matters - My food diary for Thursday!

    Breakfast -  grapes, apple, low fat strawberry yog and nut and fruit sprinkles

    Lunch -  2 x rye bread toasted with thin peanut butter, two slices of malt loaf

    Snack - banana and 1 slice of malt loaf

    Track session

    Dinner - Large Jacket potato (bit of butter I'm afraid), tuna, grated cheese on potato and a jumbo salad.

    Snack -  10 crisps - ooops!

     Several cups of tea but no sugar!!!!!


    Breakfast -  grapes, apple, low fat yog and nut and fruit sprinkles

    Lunch -  Chicken and veg soup (unfortunately from a tin as I didn't have time/will to make it), 2 x rye bread toasted (thin clover), 2 x malt loaf.

    I also had a coffee - with no sugar!

  • SamMurphyRuns wrote (see)

    Hi Emma

    are you doing these mile reps on the track? If so, I recommend looking at your 400m splits on the way round, so you can adjust pace as necessary. The middle one is rather quick! Looking for consistency. Each 400m lap should be around 2 mins 5 seconds.

    Was about to post next week's schedule but after all the week 4 juggling I've lost track of where we are so need to go back through posts to remind myself image Back soon. Oooh, actually it's lunch time isn't it. Anyone else like to time their lunch to listen to The Archers? Oh. Just me, then image

     I know - I found myself shooting off and had to reign it in. I think its the effect of being on track. Next week will be doing session outside ( 5 x 1000m) I believe so will try to be more consistent.

    I think next week was same as planned but LSR on the Saturday as opposed to a 10k race and cut out the 3 mile recovery to hit about 30 miles overall!?

  • Hi again. Not sure we have quite resolved week 4 juggling yet. This is what I proposed, suggesting you did the 7M on Thursday in the morning instead of evening. You could swap Monday and Thursday around. Also, not sure if the long run with your group is Sat or Sun, but whichever way, the other day is a rest day image

    Week Four w/c 16/1/12 approx 30M

    Mon 1M jog, then 5 x 1000m at 10K speed (or 5:10), with 200m (or 90-second) jog recoveries, then 1M jog

    Tue 4M steady + strength trainingWed RestThu 7M (first 4 miles easy, last 3 miles at marathon pace)Fri Rest + strength trainingSat 3M easy Sun 12-14 miles easy with club
  • Sam looks good - I'll have to see how I get on as the run on thursday all needs to be done before 6.00am! Will do the run on Saturday - but will get all the sessions done I promise!image

    I'm feeling a bit fitter (may be speaking too soon and will now go down with a terrible cold) - could my running have improved after only 3 weeks? Seems a little too quick for a change like this surely?

    When I am crosstraining on a Friday I am usually on a cross trainer - I only do about 1/2 hour - should I be looking for my heart rate to be at a particular level? ie fat burning vs cardio?

  • Your physiological fitness won't have changed discernibly in 3 weeks BUT your neuromuscular fitness - your nerve to muscle communications - can change very quickly, and this can help you run more efficiently and economically (using less oxygen) so in a roundabout way, the answer is yes!

    Re. cross training - keep your effort level easy. Don't get too caught up in what the machine says is 'fatburning' or cardio, it's all very arbitary. This should be like a substitute easy/recovery run so just keep it not too demanding. Have a great weekend!

    I'll check in when I can but am off to Scotland tomorrow after my Saturday group session for a few days. Might go and spy of Rosie to check she's not sneaking in extra runs image

  • Have a great weekend and definately try and spy on Rosie!

    I'm a much more obedient mentee!image

    It's going to be very cold tomorrow - thermal gloves and a headband I think. I will even wear long sleeves!

  • Good luck with the long weekend runs. EmmaC last week I got up early to fit run in. I tried to sneak out but 1 year old heard me and started shouting then dog got very upset she wasn't coming and barked like mad. Not exactly to plan! Better luck this week!
  • Good luck with the sneaking out Kevster!
  • Hello all

    Emma - I hope your run went/goes well!

    Kevster - great sneaking, hope it went better today!

    I did 12.5 miles this morning, very slow, 2:20 but pleased to have done it!

  • MWW - that is pretty much as per target - well done you!

    I managed a sunny, frosty, undualting slow 12 miles this morning.Picked up the pace for last couple of miles as it was downhill!image. Legs tired but felt strong! Hoorah!

  • Emma - well done, was cold out there this morning!
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Good going all.

    Just to keep up the theme, I also did 12 miles today image Steady 11:06 miles on the treadmill, and pleased to complete the entire run under my recovery heart rate.

    I practised a bit of race-day strategy by taking a gel at six miles, followed by the water, then had around 200ml Lucozade sport at nine miles. This mimics the position of the water/energy drink stations at the MK marathon.
  • Well done on your undulating 12 miles Emma - nice & frosty wasn't it. Am I right in thinking you are donig some runs very early in the morning and finishing at 6.00am?? I can't function that time of day!
  • Hi Emma

    I think you are doing great! Not just with that last food diary (yesterday) but with the motivation to get out running with young children. I often have to run at the crack of dawn or often on little sleep due to my three pre-schoolers!  but knowing others do it makes me get out there when I start talking myself out of it! so keep up the good work.

    Regarding nuts - only have small portions even a few a day as good for you (almonds, brazils, walnuts, unsalted cashews etc) but are high in calories and limit yourself to small portions and you still get the benefit, Agree stay away from fruit that you know casues you probelms (some may be worst than others) and also dried fruit.

    Just imagine rats or maggots crawling over those biscuits! image

  • I did have a naughty dinner last night - steak burgers, homemade chips, stuffed mushrooms and salad! But I had been so good all day and knew I was running 12 miles in the morning!
    Saturday- I had to avoid fruit before I ran so had small bowl of special k and 2 slices of toasted rye bread with peanut butter(thin) and coffee- no sugar!
    Lunch - choked grapes and apple with low fat yog and fruit and nut sprinkles and 3 slices of malt loaf( wad end of packet)
    Snak- low fat biscuits - garibaldis
    Dinner- roast chicken and veg (only 3 mini potatoes) low fat strawberry yog.

    Think things have been much better on the food front!
  • Sorry about typos - using my iPod!

    Thanks for the support and advice Ruth! I prefer my tea and coffee with no sugar...amazing!

    Looking forward to hearing how everyone's long run goes tomorrow- hoping to sneak to the gum for some cross training and syregthwork while boys are at a party. Should be marking books though really!
  • Hey Emma, great long run yesterday. There's something quite nice about not doing it on Sundays isn't there... you wake up on Sunday mornings and think 'yep, done that!' as you imagine all the other runners dragging themselves out of bed image Sorry Sunday runners!

    I echo Ruth in saying you are doing really well with all of it - and well done for ditching the sugar in tea and coffee. Enjoy today's rest day. Hope you're feeling recovered enough tomorrow for the 1000m reps. Do consider swapping stuff round if you're not rather than muscling through if you're knackered! image

    Did  a challenging session with my Saturday group yesterday - 5 x 3 mins continuous hills (where you run up and down at threshold pace continuously - ie. no recovery on the downhill) with 60-sec recoveries on a frosty grassy hill. And then we jumped on the train in our running gear, with the dog, to get up to London and then on the train to Edinburgh! Hectic! No run for me today - done 4 days in a row including my long run, although it's a beautiful day up here and my husband Jeff has gone off to do his long run.  I'm on holiday!

  • Thanks for the encouragement Sam - and yes I feel slightly smug on a Saturday afternoon knowing that my hard work for the weekend is done! I've stuck to the no sugar on cereal and in tea and coffee so far! I've also kept off wheat based bread and my tummy was fine yesterday - this is probably why I felt so positive at the end of it. Running with stomach cramps is not fun! Hopefully next week will be as good!

    That hill session sounds tough - I am rubbish at hills. Well actually I can run down them pretty fast but, I'm poor going up them. On a course like Tunbridge Wells I use the downhill sections to get ahead to make up for the uphill sections. I also planned that I would walk a section last year and managed a pb by 10 mins!

    I think I may rejig the sessions a little - see how I feel tomorrow. But often Monday is a hard day (at work) so might do the 6 or 7 miler instead? This afternoon I had thought abbout doing a little crosstraining and strength work - but I'm feeling quite tired today (thanks for that Reuben!) so I might actually do the school work that I brought home instead!

    Enjoy your holiday and the luxury of not having to run - lovely! I'm cooking the boys lunch and having a Jacket potato and salad (with tuna and cheese though) for lunch, which is still much better than I had previously been!image

  • Well done Tenjiso - and on a treddy too! I think that shows real determination - I am rubbbish on treadmils as they offer the option to simply stop running and get off, which I usually do. When I'm out in the countryside I have no choice but to run to get home - I have no will power really!

    How did you find the fueling strategy - could you feeling it making a difference? How about the drink? I've never used them but Sam uses them and not gels.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Thanks Emmma. I am probably in the minority, but I really like treadmill training. I can't cheat my speed once it has been set. Admittedly the LSR is the hardest, but I just zone-out and listen to marathon talk podcasts.

    I can't say that taking gels or drinking isotonic drink makes any difference to my performance. My heart rate reading continues to increase at a steady rate during the runs regardless of the fuel. However, my motivation for taking them is to avoid hitting the wall at 18-20 miles in the race. I'm only taking them during training to make sure they don't adversely affect me. Training is the time to experiment.

    Only three weeks to Watford image
  • Tenjiso - I really think that taking carbs on board during a long race/training run makes a difference and there is a lot of research to back it up. There's quite a lot of talk about something called the 'train low, race high' strategy at the moment which refers to training without taking carbs on board, to force your body to burn fat, but then using carbs come race day to maximise performance. Quite an interesting idea but I haven't yet experimented with it in my long runs. What I have done over the last couple of months though is to reduce my use of sports drinks and only use them for long runs (100 mins plus) instead of relying on them more widely.
    Ruth will correct me if I'm wrong, but I would have thought 200ml of sports drink wasn't really enough to have much impact on blood glucose. It's reckoned you need 30-60g of carbs per hour and you'd need 500ml to provide 30g. Apols if I've got this slightly wrong - am away from home so can't check my files. Think I'm right though!image

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