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  • I've been building back up with my long runs over the past few weeks and have found that for some reason I can stretch my fuelling out more than before (I spent a couple of months only doing short runs).  Today I did 15.36 miles and only had half a pack of Shotbloks at 9.25 miles and 4 jelly babies at 13.36.  Felt fine.  In the past it would have been 5 jelly babies at 5, 9 and 13 miles. 

    Emma - I really like this winter weather despite needing to layer up.  First thing yesterday I did 4 miles wearing 3 tops and 2 bottoms plus hat and gloves, today it was only minus 1 instead of minus 4 so I reduced to 2 tops and 1 bottom.  Felt quite warm in the sun but immediately cold in wind/shade so glad I didn't wear less.

    I'm thinking I may do the 1K reps for my Tuesday session as I like those.

  • Well done USB! 15.36 miles - I am suitably impressed as I am only up to 12!

    Didn't do quite as well with the food today but still no sugar still in tea or coffee. More fruit but .. I slipped and had a granola bar (well two actually as they come with 2 in the packet so today goes ...

    Breakfast -  chopped apples and grapes, low fat yog and fruit and nut sprinkle, tea no sugar!

    Lunch -  Jacket potato (small), cheddar on potato, tuna and salad with dressing

    Snacks -  2 bananas & 2 x granola barsimage

    Dinner - Jacket potato (I know two in one day! Small one again, chicken kievs and salad, low fat strawberry yoghurt, cup of Earl grey.

    Hopefully not too horrendous and my five a day with fruit and veg - hoorah!

  • Have you got thermal running tights USB? I find the front of my legs get really cold and then my legs get stiff and sore. When I get changed after the run my legs are purple!image
  • Well done on long runs everyone. Especially on a treadmill. No need for sneaking this week. Ran in the lake district 8.5 miles. Beautiful but hilly. Slightly on edge running down country lanes with no pavements.
    Hope that ths continues because I really enjoyed it!!
  • Porridge. Honey and raisins.....cup of Tea
    Lunch was,
    Beans on toast and houmous on toast. Cup of coffee...
    Eight miles very hilly.
    Two rice cakes and peanut butter.
    Brisket and veg, gravy.
    two coconut macaroons.
    Oooops not much fruit there! shopping Monday.
    Happy new week to all.
  • Been out twice this week to get extra fruit - Ruth will be pleased! Can't get it all from the Tesco delivery as it goes off by half way through the week.

    You did have veg mcs - so not that bad!

    Kevster - sounds lovely (especially if it was sry for once) - where abouts in the lakes?

  • Near Kendal. Around levens hall. Very beautiful indeed. Big change from wind and driving rain!
  • I've been to lakes 10 or 11 times and never been to Kendal - seems daft really. We usually stay in Ambleside - its quite a good base for most of the walks but we might have to stay farther north nearer Keswick if we are to get out climbing some of the more northerly and westerly fells.

    Maybe we should pop to Kendal too - will be back up in the lakes next spring ... that is a secret though (for hubbys 40th birthday surprise  - don't think he reads the forums). I've clibes Sarfell pike 3 times and seen bugger all every time!

    This crisp and cold weather is defeinately preferable to wind and rain that's for sure!

  • Running around the lake district, mmm... beats the views in my garage!

    Sam - thanks for the info on carbs, I've printed it out for reference.
    I'll have to sit down with my maths head on to sort out a race day carb strategy image
  • Emma - over the weekend Ive been wearing my heavier tights which are the Asics ones (they did get a wash in between).  Never got as far as investing in proper winter ones but don't have problems with stiffness although my legs do feel cold in patches and are a bit pink at the end.  I sort of wished I'd worn a buff to cover my mouth/nose yesterday but only found it uncomfortable breathing the cold air for about half a mile so was glad I didn't.  Very glad of my parkrun volunteer top though.
  • 6.46 Ffffffreeezing miles in 65 mins this evening as per plan! I always struggle with my Monday runs... thinks its getting back in to the routine of getting up a bit earlier.

    Food for today:

    Breakfast - grape, apple, yoghurt and fruit and nut sprinkles plus 1 cuppa (still no sugar)

    Snack- banana

    Lunch -  2 slices rye bread toasted with v thin peanut butter, 2 slices of malt loaf and a banana, coffee no sugar!

    Snack - Banana (stolen from my mums house as we have run out)

    Dinner -  Jacket potato (with salt, pepper and clover) plus oven bake invention!, 2 slices of malt loaf and Earl greay tea.

    Veggie Bake Invention-

    I sauteed onion and mushrooms in garlic butter while chopped up aubergine was treated with salt to remove bitterness. Rinsed aubergine then added to pan followed by tin of tomatoes.and season with salt and pepper. Then I mixed in chopped corgette and added it to a baking dish. Grated cheese on the top (fairly liberal amount) then baked it for 1/2 an hour whilst my potato baked at the same time.

    I have to say it was very yummy - and used up all the veggies not used during the week!image I'm hoping Ruth will also think its a health meal (inspite of the chedder crust and butter in the potato)

  • Product review for my final piece of kit!

    According to the spec - Excellent moisture management with moisture wicking properties for comfort and performance,Thermal fabrication for protection from cold weather, 4 way stretch properties in the fabric for more freedom of movement, Anti-bacterial properties, 360 degree reflective stitching for safety,Zip back pocket for storage,Thumbholes at cuffs and a draw cord inside bottom hem for adjustability,Reflective ASICS logo at left chest.

    I'm not sure about all of that but ... it was perfect over a short sleeved base layer for tonight's run. Lovely soft and snuggly. Hand loops to slide over thumbs and gloves and long enough in the body. Also bright colour meant I didn't have to wear a reflective vest. A definate thumbs upimage

  • Morning banana-burglar!

    I take it the above was a jacket of some description then? Or is it a pullover?  image

    I can never decide whether I like thumb loops or not - they're fab if you don't need gloves on but if you do then there's the whole dilemma of gloves under/gloves over. Well at least in my world...

    I had my all matching winter kit on, on Sunday - looked like I'd stepped out of a catalogue instead of my normal mix and match-whatever-I-grab-first self! Am loving this cold snap - I don't get to wear it very often! Not Asics I'm afraid but still lovely nonetheless and fluffy-inside-tights are just genius - no red raw legs for me HURRAH

    First set of intervals for 2012 coming up today - should be interesting! Still I've decided on a new course of action for this year: Slower interval phase (dropped HR by 8 bpm) and slower recovery (getting HR  back down).  I came across a really interesting programme the other day that only gave interval instructions for the fast phases and the recovery was to be as long as it takes until your heart rate drops back to a prescribed level (I think about 65% off the top of my head). 

    Sam - any view on this? Defined recovery time vs variability dictated by HR. Is there any evidence of one being more effective than the other? Sounds like a possible MSc thesis! LOL

  • Definitely some sort of top SB!  I've never tried thumb holes, the sleeves on most of my long tops come down over my hands anyway.  4 way stretch had me wondering though - horizontal, vertical. ..... but what else?

    Emma - you forgot to tell us which colour!

    I'm doing intervals today too and should be out fairly shortly.  Not usual for me but we have a water leak which is currently being addressed so have a day off work.

  • I got one of those tops with the holes in it too Emma (male version obviously). TBH I don't put my thumbs through the holes as I have started using two pairs of gloves to ward off the cold! Veggie bake sounds tasty until you spoilt it by putting cheese on it image. Sounds dead easy to make too! I think I might give that a go this week and maybe put in some cheeky sausages and call it Veggie Surprise!
  • Is that a jacket waterproof you are talking about? My Ron Hill is knackered due to over washing.......may need an online shop!!

    Gloves and hat on up here today freezing cold on the run into work but its getting lighter thankfully as spring nears hope the snow keeps away. 

    Jacket spud gone and I confess to a cadburys cream egg!!!image

  • I think I should have worn double gloves for my intervals despite not going out till mid-morning.  My hands hurt right through the warm-up and into the first rep image
  • Ooopsie - I have a confession to make. Have not run at the pace I was meant to last night! I followed my original spreadsheet from Sam and so ran 6 not 4 last night. The old Schedule said approx 63 mins for the 6 miles which I did exactly - however my 'steady' pace should be 9:30-9:45! My splits were:

    10:06, 10:07, 10:12, 10:05, 10:30, 10:06

    So bit slower than I should have been but ran further - hope this is ok.

    Tonight I intend to do the 7 miler - 4 at easy pace followed by 3 at marathon pace. I was going to wear my HR monitor - what should my HR be in each section?

    USB The top is bright yellow so I didn't have to wear my dayglow vest over the top which is a plus. Well done with the intervals!

    mcs not a jacket but a thermally type top.

    Sleepy - I hate the fact that I have chubby purple legs at the end of a run!image

    KR -  Do you not like cheese? It was all crispy and yummy. Sausages would work - sort of a french style stew then I think. It was yum and there is some left for this evening too! Hoorah!

  • Sam - sorry, the first time I have slipped but not because I was being naughtly just stupid!image

    PS I might get away with it as Sam is holiday shushhhhhh!image

  • Cheese yum my favourite food!
    If you run further I am sure you will be okay! Just this once though!
    Running morning and evening to work this week as oh has car! Doubles....I am sat down most of the day at my desk so no problem for me and mixing my trainers up.
    Hope you managed ok with the seven miler em?
  • I agree mcs - love all cheeses!

    Did the run - was meant to be 4 easy (10-10:30 min miles) and then 3 at marathon pace (9:44 ish). However, I ran with a different running chum who is faster, it was cold so wanted warm up and just got a bit giddy!

    So splits were - 9:45, 9:42, 10:07, 9:47, 9:39, 9:26, 9:55. So not really a discernable change of pace which wasn't ideal.. despite trying to slow down pace at start.

    Average pace 9:46 and average HR was 149 bpm. It shot up for first 5 mins then settled and gradually dropped over the course of the run. I have no idea what this means!?

    Either way - totally useless on my pacing but miles clocked. Shall make sure I am spot on with the 1000m pace session!

  • My Garmin said I'd only used 444 KCal - seems weird for 7 miles - thought it would have been more like 700?!
  • Hi

     Just wanted to say "Hello" I've just started following your thread, I've been reading all the pages for a couple of days now and feel up to "Speed"..

     I'll be running the VLM 2012 & I'm chasing a 4.30 so my plan is similar to yours, so all the advice and your "diary" entries are really helpful.  I ran the VLM 2010 and followed a 4.30 plan but sadly my time was 5.03image

    (I blame it on the Q for the portaloo and that bloody human caterpillar aka Princess Beatrice who I could never quite get past) So fingers crossed for this time.

    Anyway I'm looking forward to the journey image 

  • I blame the queue for the loo for about 10 mins on my mara (though I can increase the length of the q in the retelling if pride requires a faster time!!)

    I don't really feel up to speed, but thought I'd jump back in anyway. Hi everyone
  • A loo in Dublin made it another year before I got my sub 4.30 image
  • Lozza and SOLB - portaloo just before Mudchute second year in (2011) adds a few mins for me. The horrendous cramping for 10 miles also slowed me down!

    I was catching up the caterpilla along the westminster stretch - the crowds were shouting so loud. I thought it was for me and was quite overwhelmed until I realised it was the shckled toffs that were generating the erruptions from the crowd. Quite disheartened after that!

    In 2010 I didn't queue for loo (did a huge wee bhind a white van about mile 9 Deptford area though) yet ran slower than 2011.

    Fingers (and legs?) crossed for 2012!

    I hope Sam can offer you advice and youcan share my trials and tribulations to some benefit... I seem to have branched out in to kit reviews and recepie ideas!

  • Emma, SOLB, Lozzza - great to see more folk coming onto your thread - the variety of topics is what keeps the thread interesting and fun as well as giving useful tips - yesterday on Craig's thread we even talked about the best way to peel a banana !!!!!!!!
  • Ha ha - I am slightly obsessed with bananas as a source of fuel at the moment! I nicked one of Mum and Dad on Monday and two off a colleague yesterday!

    If I come up with any more recepies I shall pass them on - Don't think Rosie will make them though!image Maybe I should bake some yummy goods and send them up to her?image

    Most displeased about only 400 calories for a 7 mile run - surely the Garmin is wrong or is it because my heart rate was low? Going to practice with my Garmin for the speed session later in the week.

    IS anyone else doing the same runs as me as prescibed by Sam?

  • Hi Emma, Sorry about lack of posts yesterday... was still up in Edinburgh and travelling back but laptop battery died and couldn't remember my password to log in on my phone! Grrr

    Everyone, if you've asked me a question in last 48 hours and I haven't answered, please re-post as I've got a bit behind from missing Mon evening/all day Tuesdayimage

    So the sandwich run became 7 miiles at MP, eh? Well, I guess it might have instilled confidence if nothing else image But yes, it is better if you can stick to the prescribed paces.

    We're just planning the training day sessions at the moment - there's a chance that we might do the long run that day, rather than a speedier session. Just trying to work out the logistics of everyone's different paces. Will let you know asap, as we may need to juggle a few things that week.

    I'm not sure how the Garmin calculates calorie expenditure - is it just on mileage, or does it consider pace too? You're right that the average expenditure is about 100 cals per mile on the flat. The formula below offers a more technical way of estimating calorie expenditure 'spent' on running per week. To get a daily figure you divide the answer by seven. This equation is most useful if you're struggling with energy/fatigue and want to see whether you need to up calorie intake.

    Body weight in kg x average weekly distance in km x 1.036 [Ans]/7 (in order to get a daily amount).

    Eg. 60kg x 40km x 1.036 =2486 calories per week (355kcal per day)

  • Hi Sam - the calorie formula makes sense - 80kg body weight for 1 mile gives 132.6 cals - always worked on general guide of 130 per mile for me so it's comforting that the formula gives the same answer.
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