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  • Sam - does it include avoiding groin strain?

    On that subject, thanks again for your advice. I ran a 10km hill session today, which I don't think I would have recovered enough to tackle had I been left to my own devices. I'm truly back in the game now.
  • Sam. Enjoy this weekend and good luck at the VLM talk
  • Track session tonight - stats as follows... 10 x 400m

    Pace (min per mile)    Time for 400m     HR

    08:06               2:06              145

    07:37               01:57             158

    08:13              02:08             151

    07:41              01:57               158

    07:38                01:58             154

    07:21                01:54             157

    07:25                01:55             157

    07:32                 01:57            154

    07:14                 01:52            158

    06:57                  01:47            163

    Average HR - Work 153

    Average HR - Recovery136

    Average Pace = 08:06

    Average recovery time = 1:48

    Felt very tired before I started but really pleased with the session overall! image

  • SamMurphyRuns wrote (see)

    Hello everyone

    Hope you are having good training weeks thus far. For the training day this Saturday, we'll be doing a long run but with progressive pacing - so after a warm-up, we'll be aiming for 60 secs below marathon pace  for an hour and then 30 secs below marathon pace for 40 mins - with a final 20 mins at marathon pace. It's quite a challenging session but so effective at mimicking race conditions by making you pull marathon pace out the bag when your legs are tired.

    For sub 3.30 runners your paces would be:

    15 mins - very easy (9.30ish is fine)
    60 mins - 9 min miling
    40 mins - 8.30 min miling
    20 mins - 8 min miling.

    If you give it a go, really make sure you recover properly afterwards. So refuel, rehydrate, stretch out (I am a fan of compression tights post-run) and ice or cold water on any sore bits. And a rest or v easy day the next day. And also bear in mind, you could try the same run but scale down the duration by, say, 10 mins on each segment. Enjoyimage

    Wow - what pace will I be aiming for!image
  • I couldn't resist looking at the 10-day weather forecast. Rain/Snow predicted for Watford next Sunday.
  • Nooooooo! So unfair!image
  • Hi Emma

    Are you fully recovered from your cold now? I hope so, given that you did your track session!

    Your pace guidelines for tomorrow are as follows:

    60 mins: Long run pace first half: min per mile slower than MP - Emma 10.45
    40 mins: Long run pace second half: 30 secs slower than MP – Emma 10.15
    Last 20 mins: MP Emma 9.45  

     (approx mileage 13.5)

    Now, please note that word 'guideline' above! We won't be punishing you if you don't achieve them - in fact what I'm more concerned about is that you don't exceed them rather than whether or not you achieve them. It's a real lesson in pace control.  You coming up tonight? Think I'll be seeing you later! image

  • Emma - this looks a great session for you - mind you, if a pack of Beagles come up behind you then you'll be joining Choisty on 6 min per mile !!  image
  • Good eating! Next week think will focus on healthy fats in your weekly diet,these are important in endurance training, small amounts at regular intervals. Writing message on phone so short and sweet. Think I will be seeing you tonight in Birmingham!
  • Worked all day so had to have a snicker bar, good or bad fats, both I reckon need to run about four miles to use up those cals mind you I must have shifted a hundred cartons today, four desks and several chairs and tables.............anyway enjoyed it!!  Hope all went well today any news on how the run went then Emma, any dog?? 
  • Hope you had a good day Emma.  I thought of you when 2 farm dogs came barking at me.
  • Hi Emma - good to meet up again today in Brum and glad to se the training & advice from Sam is paying off, hope the journey back was okay. I think you need to cut your luffly hair for the next photo shoot so it doesn't get in the way of sponsors logos! image Good luck for Watford!
  • Hi Emma

    I have been following your posts with interest over the last few weeks. It sounds as though things are going well and I hope you enjoyed your training day in Birmingham image.

    As someone who works in education, I can empathise with your situation as I struggle to get into a regular routine when often needing to make changes for evening teaching etc. image . I do admire colleagues (and people with similar challenges in other professions) who seem to fit in a huge amount of work, sport, family and social stuff! I think planning ahead must be the key thing ... and lots of motivation!

    Well done on your progress so far. Good luck for this week's training - hope it's a great one image.

  • A nice early morning frosty eight and a half mile run at seven am. Hope your run went well yesterday?
  • So so fed up - Have spent 2 hours trying to get my Garmin to connect to my laptop. Uninstalled and reinstalled Ant whatzit about a dozen times. It won't pair with my device!

    In a desperate attempt to get it to work I reinstated factory settings and now have lost all my training so far.

    Help please - do not know what to do and feel like crying! This lap top is rubbish!

  • Oh no Em - don't panic - I'm sure someone'll come along who knows what to do.  Sorry it's not me but  if it worked before IT WILL work again.  Go and have a nice cup of tea (and a sneaky biscuit - i won't tell) and forget about it until the morning. 

    Big breath in and relax ...


  • Good advice from sleepy bear. Warm drink and bed then try again with a clear mind tomorrow. If you are trying to do it wirelessly how about trying with the USB adapter thingy?

    I'm sure there will be a techy person on here who can help.

    Big hug xxx
  • Thanks SB - I was all working fine and then last weekend stopped. Someone at work has changed something on the network and lots of things have gone wrong.

    I've ininstalled and reinstalled and it won't pair - and now I've lost all my data. Not the end of the world but I am fed up of having a laptop that doesn't work! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Right - I suppose I'm still able to post on RW so that at least one thing.

    Had sucha great day yesterday and now all stressy and down. No milk for a cuppa either!image

  • Thanks Rachel - I'm trying to get the adapter thingy to work. First time work like a dream and have had no problems since. Just after the lastest 'patch' at school there have been loads of problems. This is just one of them!

    PMA! Thanks everyone!

  • Hey Emma

    Great to catch up yesterday... though I feel we never quite got to the end of our conversation!
    Acceleration strides? I think we were just about to discuss and you/me got grabbed for a video snippet or something. So these appear this week and are basically just a simple way of getting a little bit of faster running into an easy run. Craig has been doing them since the off because his programme contained less in the way of formal speedwork and I wanted to introduce it sooner. Each accel stride, you start off with 8 strides at a comfortable pace, then another 8 at a sligthly faster pace, ditto another 8 and a final 8 at a pretty good clip - it shouldn't be all out sprinting but pretty quick - and always with a focus on staying relaxed and good form. Do 4 of these, walking back to start point (or equivalent in time) between each for recovery.

    Anyway - how are you feeling after the long run and how do you feel you paced it? I'm glad yo and Craig were able to run together - negating any dog fears and giving Craig the rare experience of running with others!

    Looking ahead to next week (week 6) then. I've reduced Tuesday's hill session in terms of reps, and Thursday's speed session to 2 x 2k, because of Sunday's half marathon. Want you to be reasonably fresh on approaching the race (without cutting out so much that it puts too much delay on your training....) So a sort of little and often approach with regards to faster/harder work. The aim for Sunday is to run 9 min miling, which I think you can do. The idea is to race it, rather than try to stick to a specific pace, and see where we are by the end. It's not a test though, it's a progress monitoring exercise!image And the good news is.... next week is a recovery week with no long run!! Hang on in there!

    Week Six w/c 30/1/12 approx 32MMon 4M slow + strength trainingTue 5M easy including 6 x 90 seconds up hill, jog back. Wed RestThu 1M jog, then 2 x 2000m at 10K pace with 400m (or 2-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jogFri Rest + strength trainingSat 2M easy plus 4 x acceleration strides Sun Watford Half Marathon plus w-up and cooldown 16M
  • Oh dear Em, the technological disaster thing image Just thought I'd throw my tuppence worth in. I have never ever once sync'd my Garmin to my computer. OK I'm a luddite, BUT you can still review your lap times, average page etc etc on the watch itself. That's all I feel I really need from it - instant and post-run/race feedback which I digest and then discard.

    Having said that, now I have my spanking new 610 I am a bit more motivated to try the whole computer thing.

    4 miles slow tomorrow. Enjoy. No need to record splits on a recovery run like this, so another 24 hours for someone to rescue you and sort out the hitch!

  • Cracking run on Saturday Emma, you were looking especially strong at the end as your were striding round the track, it looked like the faster pace suited you. 

    If the data is still on your Garmin you havn't lost it totally, it can be reinstalled after you pair devices again, the best way is to uninstal and start again from scratch (remebering the right time to plug in the ANT.  It is worth backing-up the data on a USB stick (I've got spares if you need one) just in case.

     I hope this helps

  • Thank you Lee! It did feel a bit more comfortable running at a faster pace - lets hope that bodes well for Paris! (and the Watford 1/2 this weekend!). It was so nice to have a chance to run with you faster guys - inspiring to see you flying around the track!

    I've uninstalled ANT software and then reinstalled but it gets to the page where it says to plug in ANT usb and then it just doesn't detect it and stops at that page... what should I do now?

  • I've spoken to the lovely chap at Garmin and still no joy!

    Anyway I shall report on Saturday...

    Horrendous drive up (over 5 hours) as there was a 12 mile tailback on the M40. I arrived at the hotel at exactly the sam time as Sam, Neil from RW and Pierre our photographer/film crew.

    Dinner at ASK courtesy of Stacey from Asics - I was a bit of a greedy guzzler as I have the risotto, whilst everyone else was very good with fish or salad! oops! Especially as Ruth sat next to me after I had ordered ... actually Ruth is incredibly supportive and I have some homework for this week.image

    So Saturday off to breakfast - next time I will take some rye bread to be toasted but went for the Special K and white toast option as was worried about too much fibre before a run!image

    We met up at the University at 9:30  - Craig, Lee and Colin had travelled up that morning as they live slightly nearer and it was so lovely to see them again.

    Lee is so excited about running and his energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Colin is really kind, supportive and just a jolly nice chap, Rosie is gorgeous (and we get to dicuss having thighs not as slim as we would like) and I had the pleasure of Craigs company on the long run - which made the time just fly. At the end of the session when I was running around the track I felt a real sense of well being - priviledged to be spending time with the other runners and the team supporting us as they are just so nice. The positivity even lasted through the second trafic jam on the M40 on my return journey!

    We had a few photoshoots and interviews - which were damned cold and my hair got in the way of the brand a bit. Poor Neil was trying to keep us to a schedule but it was like hurding cats! We have doody tops with our names printed on them - luckily mine just fit! I shall be modeling it at Watford half next weekend. Give me a cheer if you are there - aiming for a sub 2 - will be a pb if I manage it! Hope I can find the RW 2:00 hour pace maker!

    So all in all a great day - chance to meet with Sam and Ruth, spend some time on the road with Craig and it was also pretty inspiring watching Rosie, Lee and Colin streak past me on the track laping me several time but always shouting encouragment which really spurred me on. I'm feeling excited about the next one - hope its a bit warmer!

    Homework from Ruth - oily fish x1, avocado x 1 and nuts (not too many) to add good fats to my diet! Need to do my online shopping tonight - agfter parents evening and my homework from Sam 4 miles recovery!image I need 36 hours in each day 24 isn't enough!

    Hope you all have a good day!

  • Choisty wrote (see)

    Cracking run on Saturday Emma, you were looking especially strong at the end as your were striding round the track, it looked like the faster pace suited you. 

    Thank you for all the support and encouragement on the day - it really makes a difference!image
  • Thank you jogs - glad you've been following - hope its useful!

    Birmingham was great - apart from traffic!

    This week is going to eb hectic - parents eve tonight, a training runa dn I need to do Tesco's order by 10:45pm. Oh and I have 3 observations this week! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Have a great week - let us know how you get on!

  • knight rider wrote (see)
    Hi Emma - good to meet up again today in Brum and glad to se the training & advice from Sam is paying off, hope the journey back was okay. I think you need to cut your luffly hair for the next photo shoot so it doesn't get in the way of sponsors logos! image Good luck for Watford!

    Lovely to see you again too - feel like we are forming a real gang now! Your support on the run was very much appreciated as well as the humour during the photo shoot.

    But I'm not chopping of my locks!image

  • Lovely to see you this weekend. Hope the drive home wasn't too horrific. Sorry Ruth and I were making such a speedy escape at the end. I'm useless on long train journeys and that was the last one that took four hours rather than 5! We made it by 90 seconds I think.. See you soon image

  • Emma - looking forward to seeing you at Watford on Sunday - weather forecast looks like a very, very cold day so will have to gear up sensibly - my race number is 871 and i will probably have a white long sleeved top on with a red singlet over the top of it - will try and PM you with my mobile number

    Anyone else at Watford on Sunday ? Coffee after ?

  • Wish I was oscarr but I've already done 4 races this month so I think I'd better get some more long runs in first.  I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it though.  Now if you could just run with a jaffa cake dangling just about nose height in front of Emma - the easy peasy way to a PB for herimage.

    What time are you going for - you seem to be running well just now - planning to be nippy-quick?

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