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  • Sounds horrendous! Get plenty of rest and get well soon Emma.
  • Thanks Tenjiso - it's just a cold but I'd forgotten how vile they can be. I am getting worried about missing my training!image
  • Hi Emma, you poor old thing image 

    Definitely skip this week's speed session. In fact, you should skip all sessions - including the race - if you don't feel up to it. Slogging round a half marathon when you're not 100% isn't going to set you up for the next few weeks of serious training. We get so 'fixed' on training - but you have to be flexible about things and adapt according to the circumstances/your body's response.

    Really hope you don't have to do that - as I know you'll be gutted - but there is no 'one' session that is more important in isolation than the bigger picture of training as a whole. Hope that makes senseimage

    If you do start to feel better, you could do something gentle, like a bit of x-training in the gym, on Friday - or you could do your 2 miles easy plus accel strides on Friday and then rest again on Saturday before the race. Play it by ear and focus mostly on getting better.

    Wishing you a speedy recoveryimage

  • Thanks Sam!

    At first I was obsessed with not missing sessions but as I have not made the improvements that I had hoped have realised that getting better is the most important thing. I'm never off work - so realise actually feeling quite grotty!

    At the moment the cold seems (mainly) to be neck up so hoping I don't develop a cough - crossing my fingers and toes.

    Will plan to do a gentle run/cross train tomorrow IF I am feeling healthier, rest Saturday and hopefully be able to run on Sunday. It's one of the asics ones so if I don't do this one would end up having to get to a different event in March! image

    Right cuppa and some toast (rye bread) - I never loose my appetite it would seem.

  • Think I'll join you. Let's get the kettles on image
  • Emma - as Sam has said, the most important thing is get better then ease back into it - there are plenty of races to choose from nowadays so if you can't make Watford i'm sure you can change your schedule to fit somehting else in.  Weather forecast is getting a little better for Sunday with a balmy 5 degrees and mild breeze.
  • Definitely listen to Sam! I was gutted when a suffered a groin strain a couple of weeks ago, but she talked me into missing sessions and then building up very gradually. I have more than made up for lost time thanks to not extending my problem by rushing back into training.

    Oscarr, where are you reading your weather forecast? I like your one better! On it predicts 2 degrees max, with sixty percent chance of snow. You didn't click on Watford, Canada did you? image Admittedly, the forecast changes every time I refresh the web site. Verging on the obsessive now!

  • Just a thought - trying not to get too down but ... if I can't do the Watford half think I could do the Fleet which is on 25th March instead of the Cranleigh 15 as would still be an appropriate length run for that time of year. Also is a flat course so a good chance for a pB - never run a flat 1/2!

    Every cloud!image

  • And then you'd get to meet up with Craig and meeeeeeeeeeeee (ah ok - that could put you off LOL).  Would be fab to see you.

    Really, really hope you feel better soon. You might feel back to normal by tomorrow - you never know ... (fingers and toes crossed)

    Have you had a medicinal jaffa cake yet?

  • That would be lovely sleepy - then you could use the Jaffa cake on a stick incentive!

    Sam - if I am not well by the weekend - should we shift my schedule so that this is my recovery week (as it was in the original plan pre Watford?).

    Trying to find a positive out of this negative.image

  • Tenjiso wrote (see)

    Oscarr, where are you reading your weather forecast?  I like your one better!  On it predicts 2 degrees max, with sixty percent chance of snow.  You didn't click on Watford, Canada did you? image  Admittedly, the forecast changes every time I refresh the web site.  Verging on the obsessive now!

    BBC website - 5 degrees, sunny intervals, 8mph NW wind
  • The BBC gets my vote!
  • EmmaC wrote (see)

    That would be lovely sleepy - then you could use the Jaffa cake on a stick incentive!

    Sam - if I am not well by the weekend - should we shift my schedule so that this is my recovery week (as it was in the original plan pre Watford?).

    Trying to find a positive out of this negative.image

    Hi Emma, yes we'll make this the recovery week if you don't run on Sunday and re-schedule a long run for next weekend instead of giving you the weekend off!
  • Super - that's a pretty good incentive to get well by the weekend!

    Paracetamol and fluid.

  • Emma - really hope for you to recover but just in case you want a race the weekend after here are some from the RW list;

    Sunday Feb 12th - Bramley 10 mile organised by my club Reading Roadrunners half way between Basingstoke and Reading - rural lanes route which is good for quickish 10 miler - popular event cos it includes a 20 miler by doing 2 laps

    Sun Feb 12th - Deal Half and Sidcup 10m - just picked out 2 from the Kent list which i think is nearish to you

    Sun Feb 12th - Coastal Half Portsmouth

    Sun Feb 19th - Brighton Half

    RW website has all the details and reviews etc.  If you need help with Bramley entry let me know.

    Hope you don't need any of this and that we see you bright and breezy at Watford !!

  • Emma - Rosie is running Watford as well.  Video of your training day is up - nice tops !!
  • Right - I've been talking to Sam and I now have somewhat of a reschedule...image

    I'm still poorly - bit worse - so there is no chance that I will be able to run a 1/2 marathon - in fact I might not be able to run at all.

    This means that this week will become my recovery week and I will do 16 ish miles next weekend instead. The first 12 at easy pace and last 4 at marathon pace. The week after will be an easy 18 miles, as per schedule. So just this week and next week swapped.

    I was feeling guilty for not wanting to run Mon and Tues (but did do runs) but knew on Weds and today that there was no chance. By resting now and getting properly better hopefully I won't miss out too much in the long run ... still feel a bit cross really though!image

    I still need to do a asics half - so it look like I will do the Fleet half in March. Bit gutted as have paid for Watford and paid for the Cranleigh 15 but excited because Fleet is a flat half (I believe) so hopefully a pb potential (which Watford and TW are not). Don't think there are RW pacers so if anyone fancies dragging my chubby behind (I've seen the video evidence) aroud at 9 min miles, it would be much appreciated.

    Sorry that  won't be meeting up with Rosie, Oscarr, Tenjison et al.image But can see Craig and Sleepy at Fleetimage (so long as I don't get poorly again).

    Trying to find the silver lining in my poorlyness!

  • Oscarr - thank you for looking up those races - really, really kind of you!image
  • ooooh where where - wanna see the video ...

    Nope can't see it on the T26.2 page - am I being blind?

    Will be cracking to see you at Fleet  - will pm my moby nearer the time.

    Get well poppet and keep your eye on the big picture.

  • Here you go sleepy, link to video.

    Really sorry to hear you are poorly Emma, hope you can get better soon. Good decision not to run the Watford half this weekend. I have run when not fully recovered/ill and although felt okay for the first 8 miles, I suffered at the end.

  • Emma - you have made a sound decision - even if you had felt OK the night before the race the illness would still have been inside you and racing would have compounded it leaving you really bad next week - with a complete rest you are ensuring all traces of the illness go and can start running with a clean slate - it's only one week out of your schedule which over time you will certainly make up and you may even be stronger for the rest - chin up...
  • Thanks guys - I'm now feeling even worse. Cold seems to have gone to my chest! It may well be that I don't run at all this week.

    Feeling rather sad and fed up and feel like Paris is slipping away... got to focus long term but do still worry that I'm missing training. Got some max strength lemsip so hope I'm feeling a bit more positive in an hour or two. Going to have amassive bowl of my special porridge. Also worrying about gaining weight! Worry worry that's me!
  • Thanks KR - what a lovely video - am so so proud of you all (and especially like Sam's big bobble hat).

    Bonus points for smiling when you are clearly turning to ici-popples.

    Ditto to oscarr's last post Emma - all is most definitely NOT lost - you'll be fine - just concentrate on getting better image

  • Thanks Sleepy! x

  • So sad I won't get to meet you all aswell!image
  • Try some Floridix to build you up as you sound like you are run down! My wife swears by it and minadex for the youngest!! And dont worry you will be fine in a week......just eat properly and stay calm!!image
  • Thanks mcs!
  • I suspect you won't be the only one missing Watford, judging by the latest forecasts. I'm starting to wonder whether it will get cancelled.
  • Ten - not looking good is it?  overnight snow forecast in Watford on Sat night.  The race website says they will make final decision at 8am on Sunday morning so I may wait till then to leave the house and travel (was planning on leaving at 7.45 so no sweat).
  • Oscarr - it's pretty grim. There seems to be a general consensus now that heavy snow will happen overnight on Saturday, and light snow during race time. Given that it will be falling on icy ground, then there must be a much higher risk of accidents and injuries.

    On the other hand, since when has the weather forecast beyond a single day ever been accurate? image

    I was intending to leave at about 8:00am too. Hope they make a quick decision one way or the other on the morning. At least they are not going to make the mistake that the Luton Marathon organisers made in 2010. They called the race off on the Friday due to snow and ice, then there was a massive unpredicted thaw on Saturday and perfect race conditions on the Sunday with no snow in sight!

    A couple of years previously the same race was cancelled because a car overturned on the ice on part of the course.

    I don't envy the job of the race directors.
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