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  • Hey Emma

    How are you feeling today? Hope you are tucked up in bed and getting better. I'm posting next week's training as I'm off to London for the VLM Meet the Experts Weekend, at which I'm speaking both days - so don't want to risk leaving it until Sunday night. BUT don't worry. This is a schedule for someone who is well - and is partly for the benefit of others following your programme image
    Please don't worry so much - we are only in week 6 out of 16 and you are already doing 13 and 14 miles pretty comfortably. So as discussed, the rest of this week is focused on recovery from illness and if there is no runnng, so be it. If there is ANY running, then just short - and easy.

    I've done a lot of switching around of this week so that the fast reps don't come so early in the week (following the illness/break from running) and also so that Emma doesn't have the MP run and the long run on consecutive days. I've also reduced the volume of 200m reps and the length of the other 2 runs by a mile each. Let's see how this goes, Em!

    Week Seven w/c 6/2/12 (32 miles)Mon RestTue 1M jog, then 4M at Marathon pace then 1M jog + strength trainingWed RestThu 1M jog, then 12 x 200m at Mile/5k speed (or 55 secs, a little quicker or further per effort compared to week 2), with 200m (or 1-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jogFri 5M easy plus 4 x acceleration stridesSat 16M First 12 easy, last 4M at marathon pace.Sun Rest
  • Oh! One other thing. I'm afraid Fleet will not represent a PB opportunity. It is only 3 weeks out from race day so it will be run steady with some MP in it. Definitely not half marathon pace - excpet maybe last mile! Sorry image
  • Oh no! So I need to get well amd try for a pb on the dratted TW 1/2!image

    Feeling very rotten and sorry for myself - kids are poorly too and I am being a horrible Mum!

    Next week looks good - just can't wait to get back to runing.

  • What about Eastbourne? I could then do the extra 7 mile really, really slowly as a recovery?!image
  • That could work! Would be mentally very tough though. Anyway, isn't your current PB on TW course? I reckon you can beat it this year image
  • Yup current pb by 20 sec is on TW - A really tough course but I think I am a bit stronger (or will be by then).

    Hope the VLM weekend is fabulous - hope you get a break sometime too though! All the travelling at the weekend must be stressful.

    If I can do that at Eastbourne then it would be good mentally for the marathon when I will have to push myself to keep going when I don't want to.

  • Emma - so sorry to hear you are unwell, we are all willing you better. Doing well with your menuimage


    Liking your menu Emma - am glad it's not just me that plans the week ahead's food.  I have to confess to not getting my fish quota though. (I'm just not a big fish fan.) I do eat salmon just not every week.  However, I shall take my own advice: listen and learn.  Will add some to my shopping order later.  I do love avocados though (they make truly gorgeous smoothies - with pineapple and lime juice)  and eat assorted nuts and seeds every day. 

    Is it the omega oils that are the important bit of nutrition from fish Ruth?  Am I right in thinking you get these from seeds too?  Or is there a good supplement you would recommend? (Thank you)

    Thanks for post.

    You are right you can get the good oils from green leafy veg, nuts and seeds and their oils but  this is a round about way as the body has to change these fatty acids to ones called DHA (docosahexanoic  acid - spelling??) and EPA (eicosapentaenic acid) as it is these that the benefits come from and  DHA & EPA is found in oily fish in direct form. If using supplements sick to the amount you woud get in 2-4 portions of oiy fish ( 450-900mg of EPA/DHA). Hope this helps.

  • Emma get well soon. Hard to see but only a week off and loads of time to go. Hopefully legs feel fresh when you are back on them!
    Enjoy not going running in sub zero temperatures with hundreds of layers on.
  • OMG Emma - it's chilly out there - really hope you're tucked up warm.image

    Thanks for the info Ruth - I'd love to say I'll eat more fish but I know I won't so I think I having a back up plan might be a good one.

  • Snowing here up in the north but not heavy yet, freezing for my oh who went out at seven this am with sis in law she sais they couldn't get warm even going for forty mins at a lick........get well soon and the kids too.
  • Hello all

    Emma - sorry you are poorly, best to rest up and recover fully now. Hope next week is better for you.

    Sam - hope the VLM weekend goes well.

    It has been a difficult week with my daughter still really struggling. My schedule has completely gone out of the window as I am trying to travel back and fore to work to get my daughter to and from the occasional lesson at school, she can only manage one lesson a day, and sometimes not that. I did manage a treadmill run yesterday and did 14 miles this morning, was planning 15 but ran out of time and energy. Not giving up though, even if I have to walk half the marathon! Very little snow here, turning to rain now.

    Hope you all have a good weekend and enjoy your races / running tomorrow image

  • Hi everyone - thank you all for your messages of support!

    I'm still feeling rather grotty and have developed a cough - probably not helped by the seven I ran this morning. V V V slow though I promise Sam!

    I was going bonkers not running and avoiding the forum as I get irrationally jealous hearing about other peoples running exploits!

    I will make sure I rest now till Tueday when I start with a resceduled week 7 - sandwich run I think on Tuesday. One of my favourite sessions.

    MWW I think you have done amazingly well to manage a 14 mile run after a week that sounds horrendously busy. Your poor girl. Make sure you allow yourself a drop down week for recover and for your body to fix itself and addjust to the demands.

    In my first marathon campaign I just ran more and more and more - in the end I got so injured that I had 6 weeks out which was hideous. I felt the training went better last year but I ran too hard too close the marathon then succumbed to the usually holiday lurgy that seems to get teachers. Not helped by a freezing trip to Excel for the expo. Then race day 4 days later 25 degree heat - torture.

    This year my total volume each week is very similar but how it is organised is so different. More sessions that are shorter and more focused, with planned rest and strength sessions (these have gone to pot over last fortnight so will get back to them Monday!). The long runs are similar but have drop down weeks included and different paced runs too wich is different.

    Sam telling me to rest when I am ill has really helped too - given me permission to receuperate rather than feeling guilty (still feel a bit guilty but I would have forced myself out further and sooner were it not for her advice). Hopefully I will come back better and stronger.

    Test will be TW 1/2 in a fortnight - damned tough but would dearly love a pB!

    GOOD LUCK to everyone racing and everyone training tomorrow! May the Thaw be with you!

  • Just a quick heads up - I've received a text to say Watford HM is cancelled. No surprise really.

    Lie in tomorrow - then a HM on the treadmill methinks.

  • Morning all

    Emma - I hope you feel okay today, well done on your 7 (even if you were meant to be resting)! I am planning a cut back week this week. Going to  aim for three short runs. I am going away with some girl friends next weekend so a good week to be skipping a long long run!

    Tenjiso - no way could I run a HM on the treadmill! Good luck!

  • Blimey Tenjiso! I'm off to run in the snow, can't stand treadmill for more than half an hour.
  • Yep, a long snow run in the trail shoes this morning.  Hope you are feeling better, Emma.
  • Hope your feeling better Emma.

    By TW 1/2, I take it you mean Tunbridge Well?  If so I ran this last year, yes its a challenging course but they have pacers and I stuck to the 2 hr group like glue and came in at 1:56, a PB by 8 minutes which was done on a much flatter course the year before.  The pacers run to effort so its not a constant pace, faster on the flat and down hill, slower on the huge hill at 7 miles.  At 12 miles they encouraged all who were left to push on and hence my great time.

    Take care in the snow and ice everyone. 

  • Great I didn't realise they had pacers - last year I managed 2:01 - 1:56 is amazing! The hill is horrendous - I walked last year and still got a pb! The fact that they run to effort is perfect too - no way I could run spring hill at 9 min miles!

    I hope I can find them this year - I would be so so chuffed if I managed a sub 2! The last mile is quite kind too as it is pretty flat.

  • Well done all those braving the snow and treadmill!

    Coughing but feeling a bit brighter - thanks for all your messages!

  • MadWelshWoman wrote (see)

    I am planning a cut back week this week. Going to  aim for three short runs. I am going away with some girl friends next weekend so a good week to be skipping a long long run!

    How fabulous! I have a spa day with a couple of my friends in a fortnight! One of my chums won it and has decided to share it with us!image
  • What a great run - 14 miles through the snow and sleet - 9:29 overall pace including 12 @9:44 and 2 @8:00.

    These Asics Lahar Trail shoes are great - considering I ran 14 mile through one big slush puddle the grip was great and the gortex upper meant my feet kept dry throughout - anyone looking for a pair of waterproof trail shoes should give these a look.

  • Hope you get over the cough soon Emma. I handle coughs worse than I handle colds - they seem to linger forever with me.

    I ran my "Virtual Watford" half marathon in my garage, listening to a couple of really interesting episodes of Marathon Talk. One in particular about hot weather running was particularly useful (episode 71), because I've fallen foul of training well all through the cold weather - only to run the marathon on a hot, cloudless day. Hopefully I won't make the same mistakes this year (just a whole set of new ones, probably).

    Well done eveybody who ran in the snow, if it's anything like around here! I really must invest in some trail shoes, because there are some pretty routes I could take if I was confident I wouldn't end up A over T.

    By way of some additional exercise, I have been out hauling my kids around on a sledge. Seriously, it got my heart pumping faster than my run! This is why I run in the first place!
  • Hi all

    Good to have you back Emma - I thought you might be feeling down so I didn't tell you about my new 5k PB yesterday - but today I can - hurrah for me - ran just as fast as I did on the track at BC which was a welcome surprise. I suspect my body didn't realise what I was doing as it was too busy trying to keep warm. It took me all day and numerous goodies to thaw out again (all medicinal obviously LOL).

    I've not been training anywhere near as much as you so just imagine how well you will be doing once you get well. It's not like you'll have lost any of your fitness in just the few days you've had off so please don't rush back  into it and end up being ill for weeks as opposed to days.  

    10 miles this morning for me - wrapped up warm and toasty - about 3 inches of snow here - slow and high kneesy but beautiful and glad I went.  Have sent Ben back early today so he's safely back at 'school' before it freezes again.  At least he's taken the camper so if he gets stuck he can just hop in the back, make a brew and get in his sleeping bag!  On the bright side - I can float around here and catch up - hee hee

    Good effort this morning Tenjiso - PB? Oscarr - did you notice any discernible difference by being fully-carbed? Amazing MWW - hope things stabilise/improve soon for you!

  • SB - congratulations on the PB!!

    I didn't PB my run this morning - but it was significantly better than runs in the last couple of years, and better than in my previous marathon preparations. I put this down to the fact that I have lost a fair amount of lard image I'm sure it's not coincidence that I'm closing in on my PB's, which I set when I was just a few pounds lighter than I am right now.

    I also wanted to ask Oscarr whether his carbo-loading helped.

    MWW - you have a bad week and do a fourteen mile run... so what's a good week? image
  • Thanks Tenj!

    Well good effort anyway - I've never done more than 10 miles on a treadmill so I'm impressed that you did the full thing.  Isn't it a lovely feeling when you get your PBs in your sight - it takes me ages to get my head round actually going faster than I did before as I'm usually over the moon that I've managed it in the first place, never mind doing it again and better. Won't be long in both our worlds I reckon ...

  • SB and Tenjiso - amazing running!

    I am bothe impressed and jealous of SB's speen and Tenjinso's determination on a tready! AMAZING!

    One more rest day and then I can do a sandwich run as I call them on Tuesday! Hoorah!

  • SB/Tenjiso - re the carb loading - all i can say is that i felt very strong in the second 7 miles of the run and didn't feel that tired at the end - went at slowish pace for 9 miles then 2 miles at HP then 3 slowish again but ended up at 9:29 overall which is quicker than my LSRs should be and it was through the snow all the way.  This may be for a number of reasons - had prep'd this last week for a half race with no speed work, have raced well in the last month, my strength exercises have helped and i was fully carb loaded and hydrated - probably a mix of all of these so i think card loading helped but how much i'm not sure - it didn't do any harm that's for sure.  If you are going to try it you must trial it first before an event that you are less concerned about or for a long training run to see how your stomach reacts. 

    Well done to both of you for your races this weekend.

    Emma - i am sure your rest will have done you a lot of good as that's when the fitness seeps into you so expect to feel good when you start running again.

    Now for the best thing about LSR days - Guinness.....!!!!!!!

  • Please can I have avocado and prawn on a petit pain - oh what's that you say - not that kind of sandwich run - oh boo! image

    I'll swap you - my 5k for your Garmin? Oh ok - you win LOL

    Interesting feedback Oscarr - must admit we don't really carb load as such - we always have a big dinner the night before and try to get a bit extra in beforehand - but have saved the info for later in the year. Oh and have you seen the new 10k that's appeared near us: 

    Need to check with Ben but we might try and sneak this one in.

    Cheers oscarr - I'm having a stella!

  • Emma - glad to hear you are on the mend!

    Ultra Sparkly Bridget wrote (see)
    Blimey Tenjiso! I'm off to run in the snow, can't stand treadmill for more than half an hour.

    Hi USB- how are you!!! Totally agree well done Tenjiso.

    Oscarr - good to hear some feeback, do you think you will do this for the marathon?

  • Hi Ruth.  After an ankle injury in September, aborted marathon in October and a couple of quiet months I'm back on the marathon trail with Milton Keynes at the end of April (my new local race).  Trying to keep to the decdent eating but some medication I'm on has knocked my appetite a bit so I'm rather focussed on not losing weight at the moment! 
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