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  • Funny my focus is not gaining weight! Am I the only person who piles it on during marathon training?image USB - all my meds seem to make me more hungry! ... or is that just my excuse for being gluttonous?

    Sleepy - I can't get my darned Garmin to work on my laptop - not that I'd have anything to upload at the moment anyway. Sorry not that kind of sandwich - would love some kind of Stilton and salad on toasted granary with mayonnaise yummo! Sorry Ruth - won't have one!image

    On the homework front - have hidden the nuts as I like them too much! Half an avocado tonight with my jacket, salad (cheese I am afraid) and tuna (also some dressing). I was offered a huge wedge of scrummy chocolate cake and I cut off the merest sliver - only a mouthful. How good am I? Couldn't face sardines when I was feeling poorly so will try them next weekend after my long run when quite frankly I will be so starving that I would eat a scabby horse!

    Oscarr - I so hope you are right. Would love to be fitter and stronger - note to self start doing my strength work again. I have been v poor at this over the last 10 days. Sorry Sam!

    1 more hectic day at work and then Tuesday I can run - yay - Run Forest Run (bugger off snow!).

  • PS thanks everyone - 600 posts!
  • There was a RW article quite recently on the web site about why many people don't lose weight, or gain weight during marathon training.

    USB - I'm in the MK marathon too, looks like it's going to be a fun day.
  • There was - I remember reading it!

    I definately fall in to the category of people who trough after a long run because they 'deserve it' - hopefully this year will be different!

  • RUTH  MCKEAN wrote (se

    Oscarr - good to hear some feeback, do you think you will do this for the marathon?

    Ruth - yes i will use it before a marathon but will ween into it over a couple of days and probably cut out the morning milkshake as that got a bit sickly for me and as already mentioned i cut out the mid afternoon snack after such a big lunch - everything else i am used to and the volume should be ok - one of the advantages of this diet is that the Hi Juice and the orange juice help to fully hydrate as well as carb load so didn't need any extra water.
  • Ruth - are you allowed to recommend a brand of multi-vitamin/mineral?  Is there a liquid one which would aid absorption?

    Emma - same question for you as BoD - have you got a weekly mileage summary handy for what you've done so far? (actual and planned) Really wish I'd started info gathering from the start now. Silly me!

    If it makes you feel any better - I usually overeat when I'm cold - I'm strangely reassured by my winter 'inch' but it always gets burned off in the spring ...

  • Its the burning off that's an issue

    Total Milage as follows -

     Week                 1              2                 3              4              5                6

    Planned -             25             26               29          30              31              33

    Actual -             29             26.43         29.3        31.46       30.73          16.75

     Does that help?

  • Briliant taaa - you feeling any better today? image
  • Feeling much brighter - not 100% but getting there.

    Hpoing for a run tomorrow evening!image

  • Yay, glad you're feeling better Emma. Sorry not able to post over weekend but did read while I waited for the non-existent high speed train home from London last night! Got here in the end. I hate snow, too - it's just in the way of everything I want to doimage But Sid is very funny in it, he loves me throwing the ball and then digging to find it in a flurry of snow!

    Good to see your mileage, above. Hopefully even posting that will reassure you that you are SO ON SCHEDULE - just 1 measly week that hasn't gone to plan.  Some of the people I spoke to over the course of the weekend at the VLM Meet the Experts event were seriously behind schedule (eg. longest run so far, 8 miles), or harbouring quite bad injuries and still attempting to train through them. I had to issue some very stern advice! It's amazing how much panic marathon training instils in people and makes their common sense go out the window!

    So you asked about this week and whether you should now be doing a long run (as this was originally scheduled as a recovery week). I think that providing you are feeling 100% by the back end of the week that this would be a good idea.

    Oooh hang on - deja vu!! Did I already post this?! I am going senile.image I'm sure we discussed this... that you'd do 16 miles with last 4 at marathon pace.

  • I am indeed doing the 16 at the weekend. I'm not doing anything tonight to try and be 100% tomorrow. Sleep deprived as Jonathan being sick and hubby not well either. We've all had a horrid cold virus and now the boys have got some type of v & d bug.

    Thanks for the positivity about my missed milage - there is a huge tendancy to play catch up and I have been pretty strong willed avoiding going back too soon. Saturday's run was a little too soon but I was starting to have nightmares about running and wasn't able to sleep properly so needed to have a trot psychologically.

    I tried to train through injury in the first marathon and it was horrendous. Last year I was better but still too impatient and ended up loosing quality. I still feel like I should bo going out doing more and more and faster and faster but know that following your advice will make the difference. I suppose its trusting your experience and wisdom against some ridculously deep seated urge to totally overdo it and mess things up. What this whole target 26.2 is about really!

    Anyway - glad the VLM sessions went well and you got home safe and sound.

    Really thinking trail shoes might be a worth while investment for sloshing around in the snowy countryside!

  • Yes training is such a fine balance - you need to overload in order to get fitter, but overload too much and you end up exhausted/ill/injured. And overload not enough and you don't get fitter! But consider this break 'consolidation' time where you'll have adapted to the previous few weeks' training. And then it'll be time to work hard again and make it up the next  'step' of the fitness ladder. Wishing speedy recoveries all round! image
  • Thanks Sam - will try to do that. Once I'm back in to the swing of the training I will forget about the missed week and try to stop feeling guilty (silly I know but I can't help it).

    Should be absolutely raring to go out tomorrow knowing I'm fighting fit (if a little flabbier!)

  • Sam can I just check - tomorrow I've got a sandwich run (1M jog, 4 @ mara, 1M jog) - is that correct or should it be 4M @1/2 mara pace?
  • Hey Emma

    Can certainly vouch for trail shoes vs road shoes as I went out in mine on Sunday and my friend had her roadies on - good job she has a sense of humour.  Luckily she didn't hurt herself during her 'artistic' moments.

    Listen to Sam, Listen to Sam, Listen to Sam - all is well, are you getting the general hint of this sentence? image

  • Thanks SB - can you recommend any good ones for small wide feet that are support variety? I currently wear the Asics (of course) 2170s in a wide fitting and also have really like Brooks Adrenaline 11 and 12s I think!
  • Not sure you get support versions like you do road shoes image . I run in 2160s normally too though and I run in these:

    Still half price too - they've been great on mixed runs and for xc races - quite happy in them on road stretches - though not usually as much as on Sunday (10 miles) but as it was mostly snow/compacted snow I didn't worry! All good today so it didn't do me any harm!

  • SamMurphyRuns wrote (see)
    Yes training is such a fine balance - you need to overload in order to get fitter, but overload too much and you end up exhausted/ill/injured. And overload not enough and you don't get fitter! But consider this break 'consolidation' time where you'll have adapted to the previous few weeks' training. And then it'll be time to work hard again and make it up the next  'step' of the fitness ladder. Wishing speedy recoveries all round! image

    So true Sam.  I've been guilty of training all year round and through real exhaustion in the past.  The 2 months that I took easy at the end of the last year made such a difference that if I am tired driving home from work and don't perk up with a cup of tea (used to be coffee) then I ditch the run and have a nap. 

    I have Mizuno Ascend trail shoes and have run up to 30 miles in them without blisters image 

  • EmmaC wrote (see)
    Sam can I just check - tomorrow I've got a sandwich run (1M jog, 4 @ mara, 1M jog) - is that correct or should it be 4M @1/2 mara pace?

    Hi Emma, yes it is MP, not HMP!

    USB: Love your 'am I too tired to run' assessment! Funnily enough my April Murphys Lore column is on the subject 'to run, or not to run' and explores the concept of how to decide if you're just being a wimp or if you are listening to your body....

    My fave trail shoes are now the Vivo Barefoot Neo Trail (but don't recommend them if you're not familar with barefoot shoes... take a bit of adaptation.) Also like the Salomon SpeedCross.

  • Looking forward to that column Sam. I'm learning ways of working out if it is a case of simple CBA or a genuine need not to run.
  • Evening all

    Emma - pleased you are feeling better, hope the children keep their lurgy to themselves! The sandwich run sounds good for tomorrow, hope you enjoy!

    USB - your method of deciding whether to run makes complete sense, as I run first thing in the morning, I am always tired!

    Sam - I look forward to your column too!

    I did venture out this morning, forgot my Garmin so estimsted about 4.5 miles fairly easy pace! countdown to my weekend away. Going to Bath with some friends , shopping on Saturday, Spa Sunday morningimage

  • Glad you are feeling better Emma. The good thing about yours and bodukes thread is that there are a lot of people saying if you miss a few sessions DON'T PANIC
  • So glad your feeling better mate. Enjoy your sandwich! I've got intervals tomorrow but might treat myself to different type of sandwich instead....

    Don't panic, everything is good!
  • Thanks Craig - I have been getting a bit worried and down! Also feel the size of a house!

    How are things with you? Looks like I'll be running Fleet with you - although I have been ordered by Sam not to race it!image

  • Bet your not the size of a house! Sometimes you cant help feeling down about stuff, perfectly natural progress of things, especially when they are hard. But we overcome those feelings because the prize is worth more than feeling crappy. There are things we can and cannot control, don't worry about those you can't... No point, plan, adapt and adjust but don't worry.

    Very self-helpie for 4:57.

    Yep been ordered not to race at Fleet too. All about maintaining self control under race conditions. MP towards end of course. Be good to do that dnd stay focused. Things are ok overall. Bit stressed overwork and all that, but running stuff good. Right, going to measure resting HR and do some repeats... Have a good 'in!
  • Good to see BoD's post above... was just about to say exactly that (ie. that he isn't going to be 'racing' at Fleet either! Glad that's sunk in thenimage

    Don't know how bad it is over in W Sussex Em, but it's too bad to run on here. I swam instead but if I was going to run I'd definitely be hitting the treadmill. Safer, more effective at the moment.

    Still feeling better? In terms of illness, I mean, not in terms of body image (which needs a lot of work, young lady!) and running withdrawal symptomsimage!

  • Morning Sam - I'm pretty much there, bit tired as poorly husband and children so sleep not great.

    As far as running is concerned - pretty snowy on the paths but roads are ok. Don't think I should try running on the roads tonight even if I am very high viz!

    I will see what the journey home from work is like and decide whether to brave the outside or stick to the treadmill. Six miles on a treadmill seems like an eternity though doesn't it?

    Body image not brilliant - don't like the shots of my big shiny behind running around the track at the training day! I also seem to have a goofy grin the entire day - people will think I'm bonkers ... but I did actually smile all day long!

    I think if I get out and do my six tonight body image, illness and positivity will be much better!

  • Emma - showed my wife the video of the training day and your track runs and she does not know what the issue is !!!
  • Oscarr - your wife will now be wondering if you were hinting at something - "Is he saying my bum is too big???? Does he always compare me to these athletic girls?".

    Best go buy some flowers while you still have time!
  • Ten - can you buy flowers? i thought they were free on the roadside or in graveyards!!
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