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  • Hi Rosie - I bet I look shocking in the photos - wonder when they come out!

    The VO2 max thingy was a real challenge - I was aware as they did the close ups that I was dribbling and as well as holding my arm out to side for the bp I was trying to dry up the dribble - classy.

    Wore my trainers on Tuesday for my clubs festive run - I went dressed as an angel (of course!)image.

    Plan starts on boxing day and is gentle to begin with - my main struggle will be tring to fit in the long runs on the weekends that we have to go up to Birmingham as I will require extra childcare. Have entered a half marathon, a 20 miler and a fifteen miler - wallets taken a bit of a hit this month!

    Am planning on doing the Watford half - which halfs are the rest of the team planning to do - hope to see some of you there!

    mcs - training schedule is in but we keep having to juggle it about with childcare etc. but here is the first week...

    Week One w/c 26/12/11 approx 25M

    Mon 4M easy (miles) (approx 41 mins) + strength training

    Tue 1M easy, 3M Marathon pace (approx 28 mins at MP)

    Wed Rest

    Thu 4M with middle 2M at 10k pace (approx 38mins in total – 17 minutes fast)

    Fri 3M easy + strength training

    Sat 10M slow (approx 108 mins) (off-road would be good)

    Sun Rest

    I will let you know how I get on - first week looks nice thoughimage

  • Emma, you are going to look great in the photos. Don't worry. They were taking photos of me with my top off... Thats not a nice sight, trust me. The light meter must have stuggled with my pale skin which hasn't seen sunlight since 1991...

    Your first week looks good... So exciting...
  • Ha ha Craig - are you a vampire?

    Week one looks lovely - not so keen on week 10!

    Which races are you doing?

  • No just a recovering fat man... Wibble wobble...

    Put all of the workouts on my Garmin Training Centre last night. Does start to get quite hard... One week at a time I think...

    I've got two booked in, Fleet and Birkhamsted. Building up to fleet and hope to complete happily under 2:00 and the other one is a practice run wih half easy and 2nd half at MP. Also to practice some self-disapline in pacing without relying too much on GPS...

    You got anything closer to the main event as well? If we don't all get the same ones, could look at something post Paris. Assuming I ever want to run again that is...saying that I've already got a place in the GER in October...
  • What a good idea to meet up after - that would be so nice!

    I'm doing a 20 mile race about 5/6 weeks out followed by a 15 mile race - hopefully both at marathon pace!

    I booked up a load of shorter events after the marathon to maintain my motivation after the marathon slump last year. I ended up smashing my 10k pb probably due to having the confidence in my legs.

    What is your taget time? I'm hoping to get under 2 in the TW half but it is a really tough course - Sam wants me to aim to do 1:55 in this - I don't know that I can manage that but I will certainly give it a shot!

  • Wash load on, kids up and dressed and breakfasted, swimming (bloomin freezing), fed kids, unload dishwasher and put another wash load on, washing up, sweep floor under table where childrean ate lunch, make my lunch and have a cuppa.

    This afternoon  - few last minute presents (un expectedly recieved pressies for the boys), wrap rest of pressies, drop presents and cards off around local villages and town, take grandma out for tea and cake at garden centre, nip to post office to pay in cheque, feed boys dinner, make hubbys dinner, 4ft pile of ironing to hide somewhere so I don't feel guilty and then hopefully I can get out for a little run!

    Wish me luck!image

  • I'm tired after reading that. Where is: quick kip on sofa, glass of wine and and maybe a bit of TV???

    I'm aiming for a sub 2:00 in the half. Did a 2:02:38 in October, so should be doable I hope. Been traing since then too as an ongoing thing.

    I'm up for something afterwards. Bit worried about there being an anti-climax feeling going on. Hoping this is not too bad though. Looking to you guys for advice on this gig.
  • There can be a sense of anti-climax after the marathon, a bit like when christmas is over.

    That's why I think booking in some easy rambly summer events where you don't race but just participate and have fun is such a good idea. I ended up doing 14 races this year but didn't race them all.

    I managed a 2:01.02 and a 2:01.22 in halfs this year. I was a little diapppointed not to break 2 but I found them really hard. The 2:01.02 was 11 minutes better than the same run the previous year so I think that I expected to keep making the same in roads. However my ploddy legs can go only so fast!

    Right washing and wrap some presents - whilst breaking up fights between the boys! Going to buy some pretend champagne as well though!image

  • Emma - hi there - think I will probably be following your progress closer than the others cos your target (4:15) is the nearest to mine (4hrs) and we have the same issue of having faster shorter distance times (1:45 to 1:48 for a half).  Did Sam say what specifics she had included to address this in your schedule?

    Sam - will you or Emma be summarising the whole 16 week schedule so we can see how it all pans out?

    Emma - I'm also doing Watford Half so will be good to meet up - I think some of the others are also doing this one as well.  Be careful about doing a 20 mile race so close to the marathon at marathon pace which may need too much recovery after - see what Sam says.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  • Hi Oscarr - I'll do a summary after the Christmas crazyness!

    Great to meet at the Waford 1/2!  Although I am much slower than you - target for Watford will be 1:59.59! Hopefully when you guys have finished you can wait and shout at me for some extra motivation.

    Last 20 mile run is 4 weeks out from the marathon - doing the Spitfire 20 on 18th March then the Cranleigh 15 the week after - as suggested by Sam.

    Missing the long run this weekend and starting with a nice gentle 4 miles on boxing day.

  • Thanks Emma, look forward to the summary.  Have a great break (til Monday that is!)
  • Moring

    Just rushing in before work (the joys of shift work image) to wish you all a merry christmas!

    That first week looks craking- my sschedule for Brighton starts on boxing day, lots of luck with it |Emma!!

  • Hi everyone, I see Emma has already posted the first week of training but will do so again along with a bit of explanation/intro to the programme and some pace guidelines.

    A 4.15 marathon is approximately 9:30 per mile. To break 4.15, you should eventually be capable of a sub-1:55 half-marathon (8.40 per mile) and sub- 52:00 10K (8:20 per mile). Right now, you should be running at least 20 miles a week and be able to run for an hour non-stop.

    Although Emma’s goal is to break 4.30, I’ve decided instead of using the sub 4.30 programme to use a sub 4.15 programme because both her 10k and half marathon times suggest that she could achieve under 4.15. However, due to her busy lifestyle, she won’t be able to achieve the volume suggested by the programme overall. So it’s a matter of quality, rather than quantity. There is a fair bit of half marathon and marathon pace training included as well as shorter faster efforts, and I've suggested some of the long runs take place off-road to work on strength and also to take the focus on Garmin-watching. But I've also put the last really long run 4 weeks out, to allow more recovery time, and even given Emma the odd week off of long runs altogether (God, I'm nice!) I have found that having a total break from the long run can really help you feel refreshed mentally and physically.

    Oscarr: Hopefully the above helps to answer your question about what specifics have been addressed to help get Emma's marathon pace in line with her shorter-distance race results.

    Slow = 10.45-11mins per mileEasy = 10.00 10.30 Steady = 9.30 – 9.45Half Marathon Pace = 9-9.1510km pace 8.20-8.30Mile/5k pace 8 For The Month Ahead... Your Goal Aim for a sub-53:00 10K or sub 42.30 5 mile race (Week 4).
    Your Theme You build your base.  Week One w/c 26/12/11 approx 25MMon 4M easy (miles) + strength trainingTue 1M easy, 3M Marathon pace (approx 28 mins at MP)Wed Rest Thu 4M with middle 2M (or 17 mins) at 10k pace Fri 3M easy + strength trainingSat 10M slow (approx 108 mins) (off-road would be good)Sun Rest

    Good luck and talk soon!

  • Sam - that answers my questions, thanks very much.
  • Having spent Christmas day thowing up (too poorly to even watch my boys open their stockings) I am feeling a bit weak. However I managed the 4 mile at easy pace this morning and now off to do my strength work on the rug. No doubt the boys will see this as an opportinity for 'bundles'!

    Hope everyone had a lovely and not sickly Christmas!

  • Emma - I feel for you as you must have looked forward to kimbo with the family and the first run of your schedule today - great you were well enough to do the run and hope the kids let you have a kip this afternoon, it's what Shrek movies were made for!! (although I slept through most of the 'A Team' movie last night!!!) 
  • The boys are at the panto with their Daddy and I'm about to hit some of the huge pile of ironing! Did miss their little faces yesterday but hopefully we will have some moer fun times this holiday.

    I hope the strength exercises get easier - this morning, when trying to do the bridge I had a 4 year old Spiderman trying to lie on top of me! mmmm ... not sure that it helped!

    Happy Boxing day!

  • Get well soon! Just off for a run it's good being on hols lie in and run too and no work!! Thank goodness I have daughters not ironed for decades............! I do the paperwork and house stuff!
  • Still feeling queasy but managed day 2 as it was mercifully shirt. Used my new Garmin which is absolutely amazing!

    Rest day so hopefully will be better for speed session on Thursday- have opted to rub it on a track so I can accurately calculate my pace.

    Mcs I do all the bills and filing too! image
  • Hope the illness didn't spoil Xmas day too much for you Emma. My youngest lad likes sitting on my back when I do the plank. I don't usually last too long with him on there! Is there a Club that you can join in with to do the speed sessions?
  • Congratulations on getting picked Emma.

    My marathon is a couple of weeks after yours, but I'll be following your thread closely. I'm currently targeting 4:20 - 4:30, so your schedule should be pretty close to my own requirements. I'm considering entering the Watford Half too.

    Thanks for posting your schedule information, and thanks to Sam for the additional info. Very useful!

    Could you also post a bit about the exercises you have been given? I know you are doing "the plank", but would be grateful if you could add some extra info.

    Good luck with the training.

  • Apologies for the typos everyone - still feeling a bit ropey!

    Tenjiso - I hope Sam's program will provide you with all you need to achieve your target!

    There are so many excercises that Sam could suggest - but given the time I have availiable she has chopped it down to four exercises that can be adapted to make them more challenging.

    1. PLANK - front for 15 secs the to the side and back again. The target for me at the moment is to get to 6 rounds of this!
    2. BRIDGE - lying you your back and then raising your hips so that there is a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. To try and make it a bit trickier Sam has suggested walking my legs out and back a few inches. Eventually I should be able to extend one leg at a time - not happening at the moment.
    3. SQUATS - these are different from squats I have been used to doing as I need to squat right down to the ground. My heels have to come off the floor for this - but it is important to keep your body weight central and your chest up. I do ten of these.
    4. SINGLE LEG 'SIT BACKS' (this is my own made up name) - this involves standing on one leg with your arms out in front (for balance) and then mimicing sitting down on a chair - I can get that far back and I am very wobbly so trying to do fove on each leg for a hold of 10-15 seconds. This is the one I find the toughest.

    Hope that helps!

    I'm still feeling queesy and very sorry for myself!image

  • Thanks for that Emma. Hope you get over your illness without too much impact on your running.
  • Think you need to offload some stuff on mr C for the next four months Emma!! All the best for a fit winter.......I have been doing some core work since Birmingham seems to be helping. Just out for a gentle recovery run before inlays for big eating session!
  • Inlaws! Just trying to match Emma!
  • Emma, those core exercises sound good. We did that Bridge one at the Bootcamp and it was a lot more tricky than it looked! I think that it is a good one to master. Did Sam suggest doing a session of those 4 exercises altogether?
  • Hope you are feeling better Emma. I am also a teacher with 2 boys (aged 11 and 7) so will be following this thread to see how you get on!

    I have signed up for my first ever marathon on 1st April, excited and also a bit daunted!

  • Good luck mathschick! Great name! The rest of my family are maths teachers - I'm the odd one out being a chemist!

    Still feeling ropey - I am hoping that I will feel better tomorrow - I have a track session in the evening. Only 4 miles but they need to be good miles!image

  • Hi KN - Sam did suggest doing them together - If i get good at them then perhaps will split them up as wil be doing them for longer. I think she would like me to try and do them three times a week. Once I feel a bit brighter I shall try them again!

    mcs - hubby has been great last couple of days when I have felt poorly! But he's getting fed up with our bickering boys!

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