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  • Hi USB
  • Emma - great run last night - the most important part was the middle 3 at half pace and you did that at a good pace so well done - don't worry about the splits on the 2 mile recovery cos it's just that i.e. "recovery"

     There is a 4 page spread of boot camp in the feb RW but the big one for you is next months when they are going to profile the 5 selected - exciting eh?

  • Thanks for the info Oscarr - I will look horrid in the photos! (Brucie with a blonde wig!).

    Bootcamp will be great to read - what a mad day that was. So many lovely smiley and nervous people!

    The recovery was all over the place but I was really chuffed with the middle section... but no way could have done that for 10 more miles. Watford soon!

  • Hello Emma, well done on the pacey session.

    However.... !!!!! 8.48, 8.49, 8.34 is considerably faster than the recommended pace. Your current half mara pace is about 9.14 per mile and the range is 9 to 9.15 so don't worry about it feeling tough right now. The goal pace (as in, once you've done some consistent weeks of focused training) is 8.40 per mile but you are not meant to be able to do that right from the off.

    I think this raises a good point for everyone, actually. There's no need to run sessions faster than suggested, just because you can - whether it's an easy run or a tempo run or interval session. When you think about it, 'half marathon pace' shouldn't feel TOO hard, otherwise how would you be able to do it for 13.1 miles?

    Only if sessions feel ridiculously easy might you think about upping your pace, but at the same time you'd probably be wanting to adjust your ultimate goal, too.

  • Thanks Sam - got a bit carried away - and there were some fairly substantial sections that were down hill so timings are probably a little skewed. I have a similar session in next weeks schedule so will run route in reverse and see how that affects my pace for same perceived effort.

    I am definitely feeling a difference in the running that I have been doing - even though there isn't lots more in terms of distance the runs are definitely harder and I can feel that I have worked harder (especially trying to get out of bed in the morning).

    Will try to stick better to the target paces - I shot off like a rocket for the first 1/2 mile last night as I couldn't read my Garmin! Running like a fool until I realised I was at 10k pace! Will aim to use more of my perceived pace for 1/2 marathon - this should feel fairly comfortable shouldn't it?

    Experimenting with the idea of running the 10 miler on Saturday along the Downs link which should be lovely and flat ... however I am relying on my running partner to be able to hit 10 min miles as there will be lots of horses and doggies along that route. She is my human shield for any canine or equine encounters!

    Rest and strength tonight - along with Upper 6th Mock marking!

  • Half marathon pace should feel reasonably comfortable - for very fast runners it might tally with threshold(tempo) pace but for anyone running a half in 1.30 or more, it should be slower than tempo pace, which I describe as 'comfortably hard' or 'controlled discomfort.'

    Enjoy the rest tonight!

  • Hello lovely Em,

    Glad to see training is going well and that you are in good health too, how exciting that everything is starting to gear up this side of Christmas! Can't wait to see your profile and have a little giggle in next month's issue of RW image

    Also, very sensible about having a human shield for over-inquisitive doggies along your chosen route!
  • Hi Nicole - good to hear from you!

    How is your training going - my schedule has been a shock to the system... but that is the idea - otherwise I would achieve what I managed to achieve last year!

    So worried about my dodgy pictures in RW - the one on the website was awful. I used to think it was because OI wasn't photogenic. Now I think actually that's just how I look!image

  • Sam- are you saying that we should alter our paces as the training goes on? ie that we should be going slower than the stated pace to begin with, and work towards the final "correct" pace over the weeks?

    I can see the logic of this, but I'd always assumed that you stick to what it tells you to do, and the schedule takes care of increasing the paces steadily over the weeks- I'm sure some of the plans I've used in the past have done this.

  • Feeling abit knackered so just had a three mile speedy run down town to the bank instead of the five I was going to do at lunch..........didnt wake up this morning and I was in bed at 9.45pm and woke up at 8am crazy........too much running!!! 17 miles so far this week.........

    No need to worry about your pic mine in the mag with my daughter is when I was bad with my back and hadn't run for ages so felt rubbish and have you seen my ears!! 

    Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

    The comments were all good Sam of course!!!!

    Has anyone put expenses into Asics for travelling?

    Must stick to the paces on the schedule instead of going too fast as I always do.........

  • SOLB wrote (see)
    Hi all, Please can I come in? I'm just writing a message to activate notifications so I can listen to you chat and work out who everyone is from the safety of the shadows. Congratulations EmmaC, I am hoping to train with you all in the thread though I've had 6 months off proper training so am nervous about whether I'll be able to get back into a routine (and regain fitness) in time for Dorset Village 6th May.

    Hi SOLB - welcome to the thread! (feel like a hostess at a dinner party!)

    I'll add the link to my schedule as it currebtly stands but Sam updates each week and she may have to amend as we go through (I already have parents evenings which will intefere with my raining plans). Sam also clarrifies any of the taining points and tries to keep me on track!

    Stick with us and I am sure you will be fit and spritely for 6th May - I'm hoping I will be!image

  • Liking the quotes mcs - another from the calendar?

    Ha ha re the photos - you've seen the agel pics haven't you?

    Didn't put expenses in to Asics.

  • Excellent a hostess, I shall wait to be plied with drink and nibbles image

    There must be a whole chunk of extra motivation in knowing people are watching but I hope you know we're all supporting rather than judging so you don't need to feel pressured - I imagine we'll all make the odd mistake and enjoy lots of successes along the way. No one expects you to be perfect (except possibly you)

    I need to get on with it with the 6th May looming, it's make or break week. Once a routine is established running is just wonderful but I'm struggling with an extreme case of the CBA's. There are so many excuses lining up to help me justify what is essentially a huge chunk of laziness - funny how the schedule always starts tomorrow!!

    Don't worry about the pics, pics of yourself always look dreadful cos you immediately zoom in the things you don't like about yourself. It's like looking in the mirror and deciding you look dreadful cos you discovered a tiny pimple when you were squinting at your reflection, one inch from the glass, with the lights blazing. The people you meet just don't see you like that. We'll not be looking for flaws in your pictures, we'll just see you looking nervous, chilly and happy!
  • mcs - put boot camp expenses into Asics the week after - they took my bank account details but haven't been paid yet.

    Do you know anything about the Lakeland Trail Marathon on 1st July at Coniston?  Looks good on their web site but not sure about it yet cos there are large parts of fell running and they ask you to carry lots of fluid with you.

  • Coniston is an awesome area, done some fell running in that area, mainly Langdales and Sca Fell areas. I would imagine that you have to do a fair bit of climbing and due to that you would have to carry some water. I use a camelbak when out on long fell runs. Why not come and do the Grindleford Gallop in Derbyshire March 10 a 22 miler all round Chatsworth. There is a video of the route on their site.

    But the Lakes are awesome though the weather can be terrible for wet and rain!! There is a Langdale Marathon too.

  • Rubbish, everyone knows you never look like the models do when you run (that's probably because you're actually running!)and on top of that you have nerves to contend with having a big flashy camera snapping you from all angles.

    I've strained a muscle behind my knee, a tiny little thing, but it's had me limping around so haven been out doing rehab stuff for a month now image giving it another 10 days and should be back on track hopefully!

    Your schedule seems super-structured...but you are an ASICS athlete now! How long are your long runs proving, or are you just doing pace stuff at the mo?
  • mcs wrote (see)

    Coniston is an awesome area, done some fell running in that area, mainly Langdales and Sca Fell areas. I would imagine that you have to do a fair bit of climbing and due to that you would have to carry some water. I use a camelbak when out on long fell runs. Why not come and do the Grindleford Gallop in Derbyshire March 10 a 22 miler all round Chatsworth. There is a video of the route on their site.

    But the Lakes are awesome though the weather can be terrible for wet and rain!! There is a Langdale Marathon too.

    Thanks mcs.  Saw the video for GG and it brought back good memories as we lived in Chesterfield for 5 years but the race is too early in my schedule for a 22 miler - maybe next year?  Langdale sounds good but is in Sept and I plan to do either Kielder or Abingdon around then.  Used to live in Morecambe for 4 years so know the lakes a bit and I like the idea of trying something new after my May road marathon and with Coniston being a fell/trail run and ideally timed at 8 weeks after (1st July) then I may well do it.  Will have to get some fell shoes and a camelbak though!!  What shoes do you use for a long fell run?
  • Many congratulations on your selection! My name is Ruth, the Pro Team Dietitian. I am really looking forward to following your journey to Paris.

     I will only be on the forum a couple of times per week  but I will do my very  best to answer all questions!

     P.s I also think ASICS tights are small! but very good.image

  • Hi Em,

    Had a real break from the forums over crimbo and so great to see your progress on here. Have been thinking about you!!

    Have been keeping my running ticking over but have only just started looking for 2012 marathon places and have found that I would need to enter Edinburgh on a charity place now. Not the end of the world but as I rinsed most fundraising avenues last year for London, I am a bit nervous to commit to raising money again. Am hoping I might find someone that would like to transfer their place. If not, will need to rethink my Spring Marathon plans. I need to find something so that I can be with you all in spirit and body!

    So pleased things seem to be working out well for you and will def be keeping an eye on your thread.

    Take care and Happy New Year to you and all of your 'followers'!

    Nic - sorry to hear about your injury. Here's hoping you are on the mend very soon.

    MCS - another perfect stay in Grindleford pre-xmas with some lovely walking. Next time I might be persuaded to pack my trainers if we are staying longer!

  • Well said SOLB.   Ooooh are there nibbles - come on Em - hand em out image

    (Emma - most girlies hate photos of themselves but I think you look fab! Am very envious of your lovely long hair - mine got chopped last year cos it's just really heavy when it's long. Besides it just seemed to stop just below my collar bones and wouldn't get any longer!!) 

    mcs  I'm at the same point as oscarr with expenses - edress that you need is on the boot camp instructions.

    Hey LJ - good to have you back!  How's the wee doggy? I'm planning on doing Robin Hood mara in the autumn if you fancy it? No fund raising required - I too have given up tapping the same people time and time again! I'm doing a half in march so that I can "pretend" I'm in the prep phase with the 'gang'! 

  • mcs -  the race director has answered all my queries so I have entered the Lakeland Trail Marathon on 1st July - thanks for your feedback on it, very useful.  Anyone else fancy a very scenic, hilly trail race ??
  • Thanks Sleepy Bear image
  • Hello all

    Some great training going on!

    Emma - love the photos!

    Ruth - any tips on how to lose weight whilst marathon training?

    After reading about the ASICS tighst, I ordered some and they arrived today. I ordered a larger size than normal and they fit well and feel great,  they are slightly see through though!

    Enjoyed a 5k treddie run this morning...far too windy to be outside!

  • Hi Emma,

    So is it track tonight then? If you can't get there 12 by 1 minute fast with 1 min walk/jog recovery will be fine. Not as bad a session as it sounds... the 1 minutes go remarkably quickly - both the efforts and the recoveries! image

  • Hi Emma,

    sounds like you have a busy schedule. If you can build in a couple of the exercises we went over into your warm up or down. I find a good time to have a 5min stretch is when I get the kids in the bath.

    Good luck and see you in a few weeks.


  • SB - Reg is great thank you! I have just had 2 weeks off and loved spending time with him and my husband. Lots of lovely long walks - sooo refreshing. Feels cruel to have to go back to work this week and start squeezing in runs between work again image Give it a week or so and I am sure I will get used to it! Hope your dog is well too!

    I saw your running plans on the ASIC's consolation forum and am well impressed by your long term commitment!! I will check out the Robin Hood Marathon. I am still keen on Edin as a few girls from my running group are already signed on but as you said, you can only ask the same people a limited no. of times... Have a few fundraising ideas that were fairly productive, quick and easy (and relied on public goodwill e.g. bag packing, car parking etc) for London and so if I can line a couple of these up then I will probably go ahead and sign up for a charity place. If not, will def be looking round for an alternative!

     Good to be back and to see how you are all doing! Have good LSR's this weekend everyone!

  • LJ - don't know where you are based but how about Milton Keynes marathon on April 29th?

    Emma - are you lucky enough to have a track to use?  The only one near me is in the grounds of a private school

  • Haven't you vaulted the fence yet USB? Breaking in could be part of your warm up image
  • Oscar.....inov8s are my fell shoes very comfy. I love the lakes so will check out the web site.......
    Stretching and planking for me tonight!!!
  • Hi everyone!

    Evening Sam - I did get to the track, windy but dry! I did 14 x 200m with 1 min recovery. Think I ran faster than 5k pace as I couldn't help it - find running 200m so lovely ... especially as everyone else was doing 3 mins with 90 seconds recovery! Did 14 repeats for no other reason than I lost count. Even though I was late to track (hubby's trains up the spout), I still did warm up, some drills and dynamic stretching!

    Hello again Sarah - you must have been listening to me admitting my stretching hasn't been brilliant. Luckily when I go to track we so stretch as a group so I always fel better after Thursday. I am popping to the gym tomorrow to just warm up, do my strength work and really focus on some good stretching!

    Hi Ruth - I'm struggling after christmas with my food to be honest! Too many biscuits still around and I seem to have developed a slight addiciton to mince pies. The asics tights are lovely and tight over my tummy but there is far too much escaping over the top! I think I need to cut wheat out of my diet and try to have a low GI diet so that my energy levels stay more level. This requires me to be a bit more organised with my meal planning. Must stop pincing what my boys leave on their plates!

    USB - we do have a track at a spots centre about 4 miles away - but the council are wanting to shut it down (without consulation) so I ran several legs of an all day relay carrying a placcard to try to raise awareness before Christmas. So sad and short sighted to shut the track when the nearest other track is at a private school so we have no access! Crazy in a world when we are all getting fatter!

    Thanks for the lovely support from ladies re the photos - I so rarely like a photo of myself and I quite nervous about the March edition! Hey ho - shouldn't be so vain!

    Much more positive today - hope I feel the same after my 10 mile run on Saturday. we are aiming to run it at closer to marathon pace (about 10 min miles)  and so will prob run along the downs link which should be flat and gravel/sinter or similar so hopefully not too muddy. Will feed back on Saturday. Have a great friday .. nearly the weekend!image

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