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It has come to our attention that First Timer Jenn has already done a marathon - information that the RW and ASICS team were not aware of throughout the selection process. Jenn will therefore no longer be part of the Target 26.2 team. She will be replaced by Craig (BoDuke) – welcome Craig!



  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Well done Craig!
  • Welcome Craig, hope it all goes well for you. See you tomorrow!
  • See you tomorrow image

  • Congrate Craig, you must be over the moon.  You were the first person I met at boot camp and I remembered your story so voted for you - pleased you got through and will follow your progress - good luck and enjoy the whole journey. 
  • Craig, see you tomorrow, should be a fun day barring snow based calamity
  • Congratulations Craig! Bet you'll do really well!
  • Hi guys and thanks v much for everything and the welcome.

    Hope to get on here and give you all proper intros and everything when I can get access to a computer and it sunk in a bit... Been in shock...

    Glad to be sharing the journey with you all.
  • Good luck to all of you Asics Guys, esp Craig, a sure sign that Honesty is most def the best Policy!

    I remember my 1st Marathon which was also in Paris.....Amazing! you guys are in for a serious treat, enjoy!

  • Well done Craig, good to see that someone from our boot camp group got through. Looking forward to following your progress, does this mean that the MK marathon will not be graced with your presence? 

  • yeeeedle deee - go Craigy boy!  Will enjoy following your progress.  It was a joy to spend time with you at the Boot Camp and I'm sure you'll be fab!

    Happy Shopping image

  • Congrats Craig good to see group three has a presence.......all the best.
  • Hi Folks,

    Again, thanks for the welcome and your congratulations. Really appreciate it.

    Been down in London with the other guys yesterday and this resulted in having to put off the planned christmas shopping till today. So sorry about the delay in replying.

    Going to copy off the other guys with the intro thing, hope that's OK???

    Age: 35
    Resident: Peterborough
    Status: Married
    Children: 1 boy currently 17 months
    Pets: Three cats
    Driving Licence: Clean
    Music: Generally indie rock, alternative type stuff: Smiths, The Cure, Stone Roses... but generally eclectic.
    Food: Roast Beef
    Film: Too many to list, but 2001: A Space Odyssey is up there.
    Marathons: None
    Half: 2:02:38 (chip) in October 2011 Quant: 1
    10k: None
    5k: 24:41 December 2011 (at Bootcamp and only time I've tried this distance.
  • Ok so why am I doing this? Clearly I'm a really new runner and only ever done one distance once...

    In March I was coming in at 16 stone 6 pounds:

    Now that's not a good photo and I'd put on some more since then... Decided to lose it and started calorie counting using myfitnesspal. That worked on it's own until I'd got rid of two stone, but wouldn't come off. Lost over 5 stone since March now and bang on a healthy weight.

    Then decided to bite the bullet and go for a jog... This was in May 2011... Couch to 5k on phone and few weeks later I'm off and totally addicted. Was challenged to run a half next year, but did it this one and decided to sign up for a marathon on the way round and did it a few days after finishing.

    May sound strange, but the challenge for me is the distance, I love my long runs over all of the others in the week. The marathon distance both mystifies and terrifies me at the same time. I WILL go from heavy dude to marathon runner in a year.

    TOR, RunnyRunRun, Sleepy and mcs: You guys on bootcamp were and are all great. Thank you all for a wonderful day. Will be seeing you at Reading still, even if I don't run the race (not sure how it will fit now).

    Oscarr: Remember meeting you too and thinking that I wanted to be able to run like you.. thanks for the vote and hope I don't disappoint image

    Rosie, Colin, Lee, Emma: Really good meeting you again yesterday. Hope you enjoyed the day. I was loved the photo shoot most, it wasn't cold at all. Think we are going to have a great time together over the next few months.

    DT2: Fella, thanks. Totally come round to your way of thinking on this. And Public Enemy, but MC Hammer still sucks image
  • How was Saturday what did you do? Did you get a schedule? Gear? .? Tell us more.....
  • mcs: yea it was good. We met up at the Asics store in London in the morning and got a gait analysis and foot scan. In my case it confirmed I have a massive issue with over-pronating. Got a pair of shoes picked out and got to chose a load of gear. Really good mate the RW and Asics folks were top notch and really supportive.

    They then took out onto Oxford Street for a photoshoot. Thinking that the picks will look really good...

    Then onto the BUPA fitness centre. This was so good. Total physical assessment done, with vo2 max assessment, strength test and all that gig. Seems that my lungs haven't been shot by smoking (quit three weeks ago)... Getting a written report and will let you know the outcomes but seems I'm reasonably fit.

    Also met Sam and looked at my target. Going to be somewhere around 4:30 or there abouts. Discussed my lifestyle and commitments and talked about a plan. She's going to get back to me this week with a fixed plan. Really excited because I've been making it up on my own till now and luck not to have picked up an injury... image
  • Good to meet you properly yesterday Craig. Amazing story about the weight loss and the motivation for running. I think you'll do well at his marathon lark! Have you tested out your new kit yet?
  • You too Colin. Been a case of 'getting to know you' for everyone I think. Really pleased with the team, all got our own goals and motivation for doing this. Want to be where you guys are and run through the 26.2...

    Was itching to run last night and today, but needed to help look after Thom... Got a club night tomorrow, so gear getting field tested.

    What about you?
  • Double post... Sorry. Getting used to using with phone.
  • photolink not working BD....
    what shoes did you get in the end from them.....and out of interest what shoes have you been running in..........
    good luck
  • I'm going to be using the RW Ultimate Marathon Schedule for Sub 4.30 as the basis for Craig's training plan. Although his half marathon time suggests he could run faster than this, I want to be a little cautious due to his limited experience of running (will still be under a year, even come marathon day...)

    I will 'upgrade' the paces for the faster stuff, to ensure he's still getting a challenge, but volume wise it will be pretty much the same.  That'll enable all you other sub 4.30ers to see what Craig's doing and decide whether you, too, want to tweak the paces a little (up or down, depending on your previous race outcomes).

    Right. Better get on with planning his programme. (No go yesterday I'm afraid Craig... had a housewarming party! image)

  • Hi seren,

    Thanks image

    Sorry about the link, needs pasting into URL bar... Trying to get pics direct, but running Safari on Mac. Got to ask the techies how that's done.

    I picked evolution 6. Seem really good at the mo. going to try them on a club run tonight and see how we go. Always nervous about shoe changes.

    Was using Brookes adrenaline 11. Like them v much and not had any injuries or niggles. Seem to be better than than the Mizuno wave 10s I had before, which also gave out after 300 miles... But was couple or three stone heavier at the time.
  • evolution 6.not heard of those off to read image
  • Seren: the reviews seem quite good to be honest, so I'm really hopeful.

    Hi Sam, really good to meet you on Saturday. Think I got a bit shy, which really isn't like me normally. Was still trying to process whats been going on.

    Really looking forward to seeing the plan. Be good to have some proper focus for my training. Been a bit aimless for a couple of months and feeling my way through. Totally makes sense to me to be cautious, don't know how my body will react to the training load. Hope to print myself a copy and have it by the back door again so I know what I'm doing.

    Hope you enjoyed the party, I had to go Christmas shopping with the family... Going to write off my Sunday afternoons for the foreseeable future. Roll on Boxing Day!
  • Looking forward to seeing the schedule I am going to jump on here for a while and see how things work out. Caution is a good word though not one I use much but going to be sensible this year......hopefully. I am using a Hal Higdon one at the moment along with having read your mentors book so know the stuff just need to make it happen without getting injured. Seriously want 4.15 in 2012 and running Edinburgh..........
  • I printed the 4.00 RW schedule out and feel I may push with that one as I have been doing over 30 miles for the last three months.  What kit did you get Craig? only one pair of trainers. They should be worn out by April..............hopefully you got more than one pair...............
  • Craig, after talking on Saturday the plan sounds spot on, you can go quicker, but getting to the end is a true challenge first time, it's even more impressive if you manage it in one piece!  Can't wait for the training plans, still would anyone notice us slipping out for a crafty 20 miler this sunday?
  • mcs wrote (see)
    Looking forward to seeing the schedule I am going to jump on here for a while and see how things work out. Caution is a good word though not one I use much but going to be sensible this year......hopefully. I am using a Hal Higdon one at the moment along with having read your mentors book so know the stuff just need to make it happen without getting injured. Seriously want 4.15 in 2012 and running Edinburgh..........

    MCS My best advice on exercising caution in terms of following the right plan is to err on the side of caution in terms of overall volume, but to adjust the 'quality training' paces to fit in with your own performances. For example, if 'brisk' on the schedule means 9 min per mile, but you've done a half marathon at 8.45, then go for that pace for those efforts.

    It's too much volume that is often the killer in marathon training - but you can still include enough quality stuff to up your pace without overdoing it. Hope that makes sense!

  • mcs: it's good to have you on here, be good for me to have someone clearly following g the same plan and feeding back. Going for the quality makes sense to me. Sam's book got me through my first half and really helped.

    Only got one pair of shoes thus far. We're getting another kit drop at some point and the one pair was recommended. That drop should include race kit and summer gear. From Asics I picked up a couple of pairs of winter tights and moisture management tops. Been for my first run in them tonight and really, really good. Got a wind stopper jacket as well (bought one before bootcamp the same) again v good. Socks and a couple of tee shirts too. Recovery socks, gloves, hat and a decent bag too.

    The cherry on top has been the Garmin 610. Been wearing it as a watch it's that discrete. Tried it on the run and seems v good. Going to look at the data in a bit on my Mac... No more wrapping my phone up in cling film and praying the rain won't get through...

    Lee: got my figures crossed for you fella... I so agree. Going to go for the distance. Can then concentrate on speed over the summer. Already got a place on this years half that I did in October and want to be seriously quicker than last year, been trying to ignore that 2.5 minutes, but it is bugging me... Just a bit...
  • Got to get used to posting with my phone.. Stop resubmitting the same form Craig.
  • BoDuke wrote (see)
    Got to get used to posting with my phone.. Stop resubmitting the same form Craig.

    Have you still got clingfilm on it?

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