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  • Hello all

    BoD- enjoy your new oven! Hope the group run goes well tomorrow!

    I did get out there early this morning, ran 13 miles in 2.30...slow. Really struggled from about 9 miles,walked a bit but lack of running this week probably made it more difficult!

    Have a good day tomorrow everyone!

  • Sam: thanks for the advice...did the hill session this arvo at the gym and it was great and 4 times was spot in for the 3 miles as you said.

    Craig: Nordic treadmill at 45 degrees sounds nuts! Never seen one of those. Though thinking about my crazy Norwegian friend it does sound like something he'd use image.

    Enjoy the group run tomorrow! I have my 9 mile LSR tomorrow morning with a friend of mine, so no booze tonight while out celebrating my friends b'day tonight...should be interesting.
  • Wind and rain and just going outside I maybe some time!
    Enjoy your running all.
  • Hi Guys,

    Been back from my morning run for a bit, but baked a couple of loaves of bread for the week and made a massive stew with dumplings and all that gig!!! Yummy. Quite old school are dumplings, but great for bulking out meat in stuff. Got a whole veg box in it too, so really quite healthy really (honest Ruth...) I've used light suet and everything... image

    Did my 11 miler and the first 10 were really nice (same old route, if there are any people from Peterborough or local area give me a hand here, please...) Last mile was a nightmare, I got a new camelbak, but it kept rubbing on my neck and getting really uncomfortable/sore, had to keep adjusting it and trying to keep it from making me bleed!!!  And the wind was right in my face coming back.  So strong, it was taking my feet away from under me... Kept kicking my ankles because of it...

    Overall pace was 10:40 minute mile and happy with that, given the circumstances. 

    mcs: I didn't realise you were that close to the Dales... you lucky fella! Remember going to Edale as a kid and getting lost on top of some great hill, then having my first ever alcoholic beverage in one of the local pubs.  Been trying to talk OH into going camping one weekend (she can shop while I run up a hill or something).  

    Louisa: Hope you enjoyed your 9 today as well as your booze free (???) party... I've not seen one either, stood there with mouth very wide open thinking things that are not appropriate for under 16s... Did look at the price tag despite not having any cash or room to put it... 

    MWW: thanks, waiting for delivery now... No idea how long that is going to take... That's not slow and seriously 13 miles is long way in anyones' book, but it's funny how we view these things, beat ourselves up for no real reason. You'll be back where you want before you know it... Have a look at the conversation Emma and I have had about the videos... 

    Oscarr/SB: hope your xc went well today! I'm doing Fleet too Sb, so if you want to meet up either before or after, I'd be up for that.  I'm taking myself, Rachel and Thom aren't coming, so the company would be much appriciated.  

    On the Thom and Rachel theme, looks like the family aren't coming to Paris with me...Rachel is worried about looking after Thom and all that.  Plus we be a bit skint... Mate might come over though, he's got £500 of Thomas Cook vouchers to burn... 

    Video of day in London: London day  image

  • BoD - good run today and remember its all about time on your feet in these long runs at this stage - good that you tried your new gear on the training run and not in a race which is absolutely the right thing to do.

    SB and i had another good XC race this morning - I felt strong throughout and feel that all the hill work and exercises are starting to pay off.  Also met PMJ who joins in on Knight Rider's thread a lot.  Good to meet more forum people in the flesh to bring the whole experience more alive.

    I'm sure as many folk as possible will be trying to meet up before/after the build up half races which will be great fun

    Good luck with week 5 and the job hunting

  • Craig - would be absolutely delighted to meet up! I will send you my mobile number nearer the time and we can liaise. There are four of us all going and we'll be happy to offer as much support as we can. Do you know what pace you're aiming at yet?

    Oscarr forgot to mention that he whipped my butt this morning - he claims he tried out the 'have a bowl of porridge' recommendation and it obviously worked for him.  I saw him in the distance once and never got any closer to him than that! Great running - I wasn't exactly slacking myself. It was a really hard course but brilliantly twisty and turny - my favourite kind.

    Chicken enchiladas with extra cheese shall be my reward tonight ooooh and I think a cheeky shandy on the side is called for LOL

    To go back a wee bit in the conversation - did you have any further thoughts on what you're gonna do after the marathon? I'm intrigued as to how everyone else 'recovers'...

  • I'm slowly getting going again and have progressed to running 10km today at recovery pace. I'm pretty happy that I can at least maintain my fitness while recovering from the groin injury. Fingers still crossed I'll be able to do a normal long run next week and make it to the Watford Half Marathon the week after (a few pretty sharp hills from what I've read).

    Thanks for posting the paces Craig.
  • Tenjiso - that's great - really good recovery and shows what a sensible approach can do. Everyone should take heed image

    Craig, really sorry to hear about the job - but it just means something better awaitsimage Well done on a great long run. I missed my morning group session yesterday as I was teaching on a coaching course and only clocked 5 miles this morning (beautiful day) so you've done more than double what coach Murphy has doneimage! I'll work out everyone's suggested paces for the long run next Saturday but I reckon you and Emma will be pretty close (you'll be close enough to shield her from any errant dogs anyway!) Looking forward to catching up with you all.

  • Very windy seven and a half this am up the Monsal Trail through a couple no three old train tunnels great run in one hour four mins into a head wind for half then sailed back too quick. Good to see you doing well bo keep going. Looking forward to the sixth when I start my schedule.
    Eleven for feast tonight from China and Spain and Sweden wife's family not sure why they have turned up.
    All the best for recovery tenjiso.
  • Hi Craig, good long today for you, shame about the camelback chaffing. I've never used one of those as I usually carry a water bottle with me - seems like you carrying a bit of extra weight with all that water on board? In longer races I tend to refill my bottle at water stations as I find it hard to drink out of cups on the run. See you Saturday - will be good to catch up again.
  • Craig: Suet image See you next Saturday!

    oscarr wrote (see)

    Ruth - could I ask you to comment on my tea and coffee consumption please - on average I have the following numbers of mugs per day;

    Tea - english tea with semi-skimmed milk and no sugar - 5

    Coffee - strong flavoured with semi-skimmed milk and no sugar - 3

    De-caff coffee - after dinner - with semi-skimmed milk and no sugar - 1

    I have a good balanced food diet on most days.  Thanks. 


    If the coffee is instant but strong I reackon you must be having 450mg of caffeine per day . If   strong brewed coffee you are likely to be consuming much more . The advice is no more than 400mg of caffeine per day (200mg for pregnant women). Suggest reduce coffee by one (caffeine variety) and keep the 5 cuppas and this may take you below the 400mg (unless your coffee's are  like the cup I have in the morning - strong!)  and you have very strong tea.  

  • Ruth - thanks for the reply to my tea/coffee query, much appreciated and very useful info
  • Just caught up on all of the postings. Well done on all of the runs everyone. You all seem to have much better diets than me and as for tea consumption that is a big number!
    Got up early Saturday and did long run 9 miles at 10 min miles. Back home and wife and children all still in bed!
    Keep it up
  • 2 cups of Nespresso and three of water so far!!!image
  • Hee hee, just spent an enjoyable 10 mins watching the Bootcamp and VIP pre-training day videos... I've only just found them! I'll add my own vanity moan to yours and Emma's - my frown line between my eyebrows is suggests I am deadly serious and rarely smile  image

    Good to spot you three among the group in the Bootcamp vid - will be having a closer look at your running style on Saturday and offering any pointers I can.

  • Anybody get the Asics email about races.........Coniston 14 and birmingham a couple near me great as I don't usually have the cash to splash on many races.......
    Didnt notice the eyebrows at all! Having three daughters I have spent my life telling them they don't need to worry what they look well as my oh of course.
    Nice four mile run home at 8.50 average.....
  • SB: been really good. Looking forward to it. I've got a plan to build up some speed, so maybe a few 10k races over the summer, then focus on a half in October. Got club xc over the winter and back to another marathon in spring; maybe... Won't be racing at Fleet, gonna try and maintain mp over the second half. Doing Birkhamstead for a race start of the month. Been looking and it seems quite tough, might not have been the best choice then (hills). Stir fry for me with LOADS of veg and noodle... Lovely.

    Tenjiso: really pleased your recovering and not a problem with the paces. Happy to help.

    msc: good choice on the coffee, I need to order some more, been out for a few weeks now. When you starting the plan? Sounds like a great running location near you.

    Oscarr: sounds like your flying mate. Really looking forward to meeting a load more people too. So glad it wasn't a race with this thing, hurt like hell when I showered!!!

    KR: yea, I'm a bit funny like that. Only one place I can get drinks on my regular run so take it with me. Not tried it in races, that would be a pain. Going to have to practice with bottles to be honest, might be better. I can't wait till the weekend, loved the other days.

    Ruth: got guilty and left the suet out... See you Saturday.

    Kevin: sounds like my morning runs, up, dressed out, run, back, shower all before the family are up.

    Sam: I have to disagree, I saw no frown line. Oh sweet vainity... The videos are quite good though. The photos on Regents Street are going to look amazing. I'm also sure there is going be a lot of pointing out issues with my running... All good though, best way to learn.

    Ok, news. Got a tight calf which is playing up. Was OK yesterday, but started to feel it after shower this morning. Been stretching it. Sam advised ice and compression too. Got compression socks on, leaving tomorrow's run alone and keeping fingers crossed it's minor.
  • Its the first day I've missed a scheduled run in a long time... Not loving it, at all...

    Got to focus on the big picture.... Today's ice done. Issue seems to have resolved itself.... Tiny bit of residual tightness, but nothing compared to yesterday...

    mcs: I got that too. Sent them a form for Fleet.
  • BoD - hang in there mate - I get tight calves all the time when I'm at full training tilt. Might just be a training adaptation thingy and them getting stronger - just have to let them adjust at their own pace! Sometimes I have to sneak in an extra day of rest and then carry on as if it didn't happen. I hope that's all it is ...

    Really looking forward to seeing the photo shoot pics - might make you sign imy copy when we see you at Fleet.  I think I'll be aiming 1:45 - 1:50 but we'll see how I feel at half way.  It's my friend's first half and I think she'll be around 2 - 2.10 if you want someone to start with.  

    mcs - Yeah got the email but had already entered Fleet with some friends so I'm carrying my place over to next year.  Oscarr mentioned that you might know of some 20 milers your way later in the summer (Chatsworth)??? I think I'm gonna do the Belper 30k in August just for the sake of company on a long run.  If there are others might have to try something in July if possible.  (Know what you mean about entering races - I usually stick to one a month unless there are local cheapies happening).

  • Whats this about photo shoot pics SB?

    Bo tight hammies are my problem and calves too I do alot of stretching and even more now I have a 5 in my age! Try pulling your toes up towards you while lying on your back in bed in the mornings and at night. My oh gets abit annoyed with me sometimes but it works for me. I stand on the bottom step alot and go up and down on my toes to try and strengthen my calves as I have stick like legs sadly.  My girls all want my legs how sad is that!! When I get the bike out in the better weather my legs get a little stronger which also helps. Have a good rest and hope it improves. I tend to drop the speedier runs when my hammies and calves tighten up. All the best.

    On the subject of races Birmingham Half is a good flat course great PB potential, just a little bit of a rise in mile 11 if I remember correctly........SB will check out longer races later in the year, there is a great one in March but too early really for marathon training though the route is on the site so I may do that with friends and family later in the year if anyone is up for that. Its a 22 mile route round the Edges and Chatsworth House, goes past my office here in Bakewell. Worth watching the video its only about 10 mins. Grindleford Gallop.

  • Hey mcs - the pics are the ones that should appear of 'the 5' in London in next months mag ...

    Not sure we're all talking about the same email from Asics - I've just had the initial one from Alice? Maybe you're special so you get extra freebies image

    Right - butt into gear - here I go ...

  • mcs/SB - i'd be up for doing the grindleford route in the summer sometime as training run for an October marathon - 3 hr drive for me so could do it in a day if we started mid morning - do let me know nearer the time if you plan to do it.

    Think the Asics free races only apply to the 19 shortlisted so i haven't had any emails from RW/Asics imageimage

  • BoD - RICE (rest/ice/compression/elevation) really does work for soft tissue injuries in large muscle areas like the calf where there is good blood flow for healing.  I've used a 3 day process in the past which has worked - Day 1 Rest, ice, compr and lie on settee with leg elevated - Day 2 stretching to work the new muscle growth at the inijury site into the existing muscles - Day 3 light, very easy running.  Having said all this, listen and do what Sam says!
  • mcs/oscarr I'd be up for that! Ben traditionally goes away for the last 3 weeks of July (supposedly working!!! LOL) so I'm always looking for adventures to keep myself busy then - not sure if that'd fit with your plans? It's only an hour and a half away for me so perfect for a day out!

  • Sleepy Bear wrote (see)

    mcs/oscarr I'd be up for that! Ben traditionally goes away for the last 3 weeks of July (supposedly working!!! LOL) so I'm always looking for adventures to keep myself busy then - not sure if that'd fit with your plans? It's only an hour and a half away for me so perfect for a day out!

    end of July would fit with me - i've entered the Coniston marathon on 1st July so 3 or 4 weeks later would fit me - i'm not going for time at Coniston so recovery will be shorter.  day trip for me as well.
  • Hi Craig, How's the calf feeling today? It was sounding promising but defo play it safe today and skip the run. And tomorrow is a rest day. You could always hit your home gym if you're climibing the walls... do some upper body and core stuff?!image

  • Hi Craig,

     just seen about your tight calf. If you've done the local stuff ice rest and gentle stretching then it could also be coming from your lower back. There is a tendency for this to tighten with all the extra miles even if your core is good.

    Try some gentle lower back rotation stetches ie lye on back and take one knee across over the other this just opens up the joints in the lower back that could be a bit stiff and frees the nerve down to the calf. Then lye on back with leg in air and pull foot down x10( not holding stretch position). This will help mobilise the sciatic nerve that can cause the calf to tighten. And def revisit core and hip flexor stretch.

    This is the most likley cause esp and not felt a sudden pain which would indicate a tear.

    Let me know how it's going i won't be there Sat but my colleague Lucy will take alook for you.



  • Will pencil some dates in July and get back to you guys.......... I do that exercise for my back as had a sciatica twinge last year and physio recommended it, worked a treat.

    Just had a lunchtime interval session 8.23  -  7.42  -  7.53  -  8.29 for four miles on the trail outside the office and down to Bakewell and back up the hill that was good fun. Shower and lunch...........lovely.

    Hope the back eases up Bo.

  • The one stretch I always do after every run is to lie on my back and pull my knees up into a foetal position, rock gently and repeat. It really helps me to avoid back pain. It's a minute well spent.

    I'm now adding groin stretching to my not-very-extensive repertoire of stretching image Better late than never.
  • SB: The pics in this months RW are great, such a big group and wee all look awarsome. Regarding Fleet, sounds like your friend and I will be looking at a similar time, so that would be good.I'm hoping the calf thing is adaption, not had any issues today, so hopeful. Still in compression, being rested as much as poss and getting iced whenever I can.

    mcs: I've still got the legs of someone who has carried too much weight, my calfs and upper legs are huge compared to the rest of me. Not that I'm complaining... 

    Sam: just what I was thinking. Might get the weights out and work on my upper body. Do some pull ups etc. Also gonna do bridges and all that.  Still no pain and loosened up a massive amount. Will do the stretches recommended by Sarah too (thanks Sarah). 

    Tenjiso: I regularly pull myself into a fetal position and rock gently, but I've never considered it as a stretch before image... More a way of coping after meeting with titles like: 'Prevention through Partnership: Building a strategic team around the family' *gently curling into a ball and covering self with blanket*

    I'm off to stretch before Rachel gets home and we have a conversation about Paris, childcare and if she is going or not... image

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