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  • Morning!

    Emma - cross country is so much friendlier than you'd sometimes think and everyone is really encouraging.  Even if you are last - who cares - you'll have done it and every race makes you a little bit stronger.  There is usually an amazing spread of abilities which I think is totally inspiring - so many folk just there because they enjoy it and don't care about how fast they are. I absolutely love it so I may be biased but I say give it a go. (Plus - there's usually tea and cake at the end but this seems to be a league by league arrangement so you'll have to check locally)

    Craig - I forgive you - even the cheap (Tesco Value/ Sainsbury basic / grow some of your own) stuff is better than none - usually it's just doesn't quite conform to the marketing guru's perception of size/shape but an apple is an apple whether it costs 71p for a bag of 5 (Tesco value) or £2 odd. (P.S am very jealous of the stats you can produce - it's so interesting - can't wait to get my footpod so I can look at mine.

    Hope you both have a fabby fabby day tomorrow - we'll be there with you in spirit - my first ever parkrun tomorrow followed by a 9.5 'undulating' miler on Sunday.  Tell us all when you get home! 

  • Craig, the thing I love about HRM training is that I can directly compare sessions, because my heart doesn't lie. Same session with lower heart rate = fitter. It's highly motivational. I have some benchmark treadmill runs that I use to check on progress.

    I can't remember if I mentioned it before - apologies if I did, but the book that really got me into running was "Heart Monitor Training for the Compleat Idiot" by John L Parker Jr. I discovered that I didn't like running because I always went too hard too often and ultimately gave up. Within a month I went from getting destroyed in a three mile run, to cruising it at conversational (recovery) pace by following his beginner program.

    I'll out-geek you any day image
  • Any plan is bad which is not susceptible to change............thought for the day on my desk calendar as I PACK UP and move offices after four years here..........BT openreach here ready to turn off my will I manage!!

    Four lovely miles this am into work in a nice 8.30 average, my half marthon pace. Lovely to run in daylight as january comes to an end.  Cycling is one of my favourite sports and I want to do LEJOG later in life and cycle in France too. I have a book called the Tour de Mont Blanc which is a walk in the alps since I was 22 and still not done that yet so plenty of long term goals for me as I head into the fifties!! I have had so much stick off my 10 year old about that this week..................will be strapping on my HR this weekend too Tenjiso to keep me slow on the lsr.

    Have a good weekend especially the famous five tomorrow!!image

  • mcs: we're moving today too! Four and a half years I've been there and into open plan... Noooooooooi!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MCS - I don't expect to prove you wrong re: the big plan, but I'm going to give it a go anyway. It looks like Sam has offered to be my coach image

    Craig - are you going to be working in Luton?
  • Tenjico: no, thank God. Far too far away from home. Here for a meeting. They are closing our current office due to budget cuts... But it is nice and shiny, if a bit impractical
  • Sleepy Bear wrote (see)

    If you can dream it you can achieve it oscarr. I don't think you're daft enough to try to set yourself unrealistic goals but there's definitely no harm in keeping an overall goal (Boston) to work towards - besides if you don't try you'll never know will you?

    Entering the Lakeland half - just me - Ben'll be dog sitting that day.  We'll plan to try and give you a shout once we work out where your route goes.  Will send you my mobile number (to your inbox) nearer the time so we can try and meet up beforehand if you like.

    Happy Friday everybody (for tomorrow).  Rest day in my world! 

    p.s Craig - not seeing all that much fruit or veg in your diet - Ruth - get him get him get him image

    Sleepy - sounds like a good plan for the Lakeland run
  • Working Saturday to continue the move! Joy! Happy running all. Snowing abit here tonight.
  • I ran 5km this afternoon at 8:53 pace, and all within my recovery heart rate. Very pleasing! I'm looking forward to my 14 mile run tomorrow.

  • All - hope the day is going well for you and looking forward to the feedback. Did a good run this morning with a 3 mile slow run to the local Park Run (Reading) then 3 mile slow back. Park run route was very claggy (northern term for stickey) so even with XC shoes it was slippery and heavy going - happy with the time of 23:15 which is slightly quicker than bootcamp on the track so i must be fitter now


  • Hey oscarr - yip our parkrun (Black Park) was muddy too - pb for me (only by 6 seconds) and I wasn't killing myself either - happy days. (Not quite as quick as BC for me but then it wasn't on a nice bouncy track!) You're running well if you were even quicker than there - I traditionally don't get my pbs til at least May - hope this is a good sign image

    Wonder if the guys have finished their canal run - am looking forward to a chatty run with my friend tomorrow ...

  • Well done SB - see that your Ben did really well again with a sub 16 min - impressive.

    Wonder if Sam has been able to cycle fast enough up and down the canal path to stop Emma freezing at the sight of a dog and Rosie heading up the M5 towards Edinburgh ?? Tee hee..!!

  • Just finished moving boxes all day arms are dropping off........oh for a run.. going out in the morning for an eight miler to stretch the legs.imageHOw was the run then guys or are you all eating or asleep or on the train home at the moment???
  • Fourteen miles for me today at recovery pace (postponed from last week). All-in-all, I've had a good week. Very happy, considering the set-back last week.

    Hope you're enjoying your training day!
  • good 14 miler there Tenjiso!

    Hope you made it back okay Craig - good to meet up with you again. Thanks for the coffee at New Street - my round next time!

  • 30 miles for me done this week and not started on marathon training yet. Hope you had a good Saturday team?
  • Hi Guys,

    Yesterday was quality. We went out for a 2 hour run down the canal in Birmingham, very scenic and all that. Emma and I stuck together as we ran. It was really nice for me, I'm totally not used to having other people about for my training runs, so 13.5 miles ended up being a lot easier than it would otherwise have been, thanks Emma and sorry for being shy and snotty... Hope we didn't get too naughty with the paces... 

    Sarah's replacement Lucy was great and had a look at my iffy calf... Seems to have stemmed from my lower back, so had some treatment for that... First sports massage, so that was interesting, painful and great. Leg feels sore today, but she warned me about that, not too bruised though image.

    Ruth was encouraging, thanks very much. Snacks got today and off to work with me tomorrow (on new bike to new office). Fresh start and all that. 

    Sam was great (as always). Thanks and hope I didn't let you down. I completely know that I don't like running on tracks... Really don't like it... Need the real world to cope so happy that the local one is inaccessible! Thanks for yesterday, including carry the drinks. 

    Colin: no worries mate. Good job I had it, would have fallen asleep on the train (last time I did that I was going to Southampton and ended up in Devon...). 

    The group are really cool and I'm really lucky to have Lee, Colin, Rosie and Emma to share the experience with.  Seeing them run is inspiring.

    Good work on the runs folks and here's to the next few weeks. 

  • Hey Craig, it was good to catch up - didn't the day fly by? I kept realising that I had half-finished conversations with everyone... I was going to show you those strength exercises and didn't get round to it. And forgot to explain accel strides to Emma!

    It was fun on the canal - worth logging the Brompton up on the train in order to keep an eye on all my 'chicks' throughout the run! You and Emma did a really good job - amazing how you made it back to the turnpoint at EXACTLY the right minute. Good pacing, I'd say. And yes, thank god the marathon won't be run on a 400m oval, eh?

    Not sure that riding slowly for 2 hours was best race prep but I went ahead and did canterbury 10 miler today anyway and did OK. Not a pb by any stretch but a respectable 73.41 and my hip behaved perfectly.

    Hope you enjoyed a well-earned rest day today - and now it's on to week 6. It's a bit of a departure from the sub 4.30 schedule this week for Craig. Partly because there's no long run but also because he has another club race - a 5 miler. I've also swapped the hill session on Tuesday for the fartlek missed from last week, as with the calf twinge, think it's best to avoid doing demanding hill training this week. The mileage drops temporarily but  what we lack in quantity we make up for in qualityimage And it's good to have the odd break from long runs. His legs won't fall off. Honest...image

    Week Six w/c 30/1/12 (24m)
    Mon Rest
    Tue 5M of 1M jog, then 3M (or 30 mins) fartlek, then 1M jog
    Wed Rest
    Thu 1M jog, then 3 miles brisk 1M jog
    Fri 6M steady
    Sat Rest
    Sun 1M jog  plus 4 x acceleration strides then 5 mile race, 2M jog
  • Thanks Sam. It was mental, we only managed a short proper conversation which was frustrating... The run was fab though. That bike totally did the job for you. Really glad you found Rosie too, no 'chicks' lost and no ones legs feel off! V successful day. Going to avoid ovals where ever possible: too bouncy, too round and too samey. Remember why I hated running at school now and couldn't wait for my Italian lessons to start (my worst GCSE result and only thing I can say is: white/red wine & beer)...

    Glad the 10 miler went well. Did the physio help? Maintaining a 7:20ish m/m is in in my dreams... Saying that, I didn't think I could do a 9m/m six months ago...

    The hill swap is handy, I would have had to have been driving out into the local villages to get them done. Really looking forward to the race on Sunday, nearly been tempted to get a set of trail shoes to do it in (or use my 'casual' shoes...), through a local wood this time.

    Got myself a bike today. Going to ride to the train station (2 miles) maybe ride back from work on occasion... 21 mile. Only to save cash though... 10 weeks to go!
  • Bo - enjoy the 10 weeks (each day of it) cos it will fly by - remember to enjoy the journey as well as the destination - feeling philosophical at the moment (must be the red wine !!)
  • Yep - Sam - I'd be more than happy with that time too - only ever run one 10 miler - they never seem to pop up when you need one! It's a really nice distance I think, wish there were more of them. But then I'm always wishing someone would sit down and even out the races on offer across the year - mostly just seem to be a paint gun spatter of distances on offer.

    Craig - glad you enjoyed your wee jaunt. What happened at the track to cause the little outburst above?  Did they make you run lots of laps? I think the 5k we did at BC was just about bearable but I wouldn't have wanted to do much further...

    My 9.5 miler turned into a 10.8 today with a very sneaky long and twisty hill (lots of wishful 'it must flatten out round this bend' type statements made).   Very much at chatty pace (except on above mentioned hill).  Gonna do it again next week and see if we can find the road we should have taken to make it 9.5 as planned LOL

    Oh and what happened to Rosie - how long was she 'lost'  for?  Don't worry about her being cold - bet she's got a 'chick' incubator at work that she could hop in to warm up image

    Happy cycling tomorrow - be safe - be seen! 

  • Oscarr: I'm totally loving it!! Hummmm red wine, being good and only had a glass of white with chicken.

    SB: it was a period of running at MP round the track. Think might have sounded like an outburst 'cos I've found something about running that I don't like and that's as enjoyable as everything else (sounds wrong I know) but I'm very much in the honeymoon period, so lapping up self-knowledge. Didn't lose Rosie, but we went off at different paces and there was a confusing bit. Planning was bang on, we all got back to the meet point at the right time. Quality. Might have been quite 'parky' out... I was so damn cold
  • Craig, the thing I like about tracks is they are very social places and you can see how other people are running and you were running really well, it will be interesting to see how you continue to progress as you look so much stronger in a few short weeks.  It was sooo cold
  • Sam and all her chicks - sounds like a great day on Saturday so well done and seems all 5 are either on or ahead of where they should be at this stage which is great news.  A little surprised by comments that there was not more time for Sam to chat with each one which must have been an important part of the day - feedback, areas to work on, mods to future schedules etc. 

    Did the physio add any other stretches or exercises to the routines?  Did Ruth add any more nutrition nuggets?

  • Great to see you Saturday. You were looking really relaxed on the track those last 20mins. Was amazed when you told me you hadn't run that far very often before. Really looking forward to seeing how things go for you in Paris as your prep looks to be going really well.

    SB - me, lost? That doesn't count as lost. image There were concerns even before we started that I'd end up in Manchester and I was given various helpful tips, but I think I managed to stay in the greater Birmingham area. Sortof. All good anyway. Sam was carrying sports drinks in her rucksac so I think my sports drinks homing instinct must have set in and kept me (vaguely) on course!

  • When is a half marathon pace not a half marathon pace?

    While on my training run today this question occurred to me, and I'm hoping Sam or someone can provide an answer.

    In the Garmin training schedules, the threshold pace for a 4:30 marathon (according to the pace calculator) is given as 9:54, and it states this is around the Half-Marathon pace. This adds up to a half marathon time of 2:09:41. However, the schedule also says "you should eventually be capable of a sub-2:00 half-marathon (9:00 per mile)".

    So, shouldn't I be training threshold at 9:00 pace, rather than 9:54? After all, it's near a minute different.

    I'm a bit confused, although admittedly I'm easily confused.

  • Lee: I hadn't thought of that with tracks to be honest. Might have been one of those Pavlovian reactions... Half expecting my PE teacher to start shouting at me for wearing combat boots, cutoff shorts and band t-shirts.... Was good for me to see you guys running too to get an idea of efficant form and all that. Thanks for the comment about strength by the way, really appriciate it!

    oscarr: was a bit pushed timewise, went really quickly again like Bootcamp. However, did pick up a new stretch for my lower back and glutes. The other one wasn't hitting the right places, lower leg and not back. Sam was able to offer pointers on form, I drop my head and look at the ground, so encouraging me to keep head up and look further forward. Also swinging from elbows and loosening my shoulders up rather than being tense.... Ruth was also encouraging me to eat a proper breakfast and eat snacks through the day, inc cutting down salt and pork related products.

    Rosie: thank you! Think we are all doing well for Paris.... What a journey this is!
  • I'll let Sam answer that one my tea is nearly ready, chicken curry yum always starving on Monday's after longer runs Sunday and busy Monday! Ran back from work at my half marathon pace of 8.09....8.25......8.30.........well my half mara pace is around 8 to 8.30. As my pb is 1.49. So I guess if i ran a lot quicker or slower that wouldn't be half mara pace. Sorry got sucked in there......time to eat.
    Nice running Craig sounds like you had fun and Asics are working you hard with videos and pics etc......keep going.
  • Sounds like a great day last Saturday BoDuke. I was ill at the start of last week but back on track now. Dod a 10km race at the weekend. Chernobyl 10km and got a PB of 46.45 so very happy. Treated myself to a sports massage on Monday.


    Apparently it helps though!

    Good luck with training everyone.

    Now I really must book the London hotel!

  • Tenjiso wrote (see)
    When is a half marathon pace not a half marathon pace? While on my training run today this question occurred to me, and I'm hoping Sam or someone can provide an answer. In the Garmin training schedules, the threshold pace for a 4:30 marathon (according to the pace calculator) is given as 9:54, and it states this is around the Half-Marathon pace. This adds up to a half marathon time of 2:09:41. However, the schedule also says "you should eventually be capable of a sub-2:00 half-marathon (9:00 per mile)". So, shouldn't I be training threshold at 9:00 pace, rather than 9:54? After all, it's near a minute different. I'm a bit confused, although admittedly I'm easily confused.

    Hi Tenjiso

    The pace guidelines are always going to be a bit arbitary. To get a more accurate idea of your own threshold pace, I recommend working out your current best 10k pace per mile and then adding between 5-15 seconds per mile on to that. (The closer your 10k is to an hour, the less you should add on. The faster you are, the more you add on).  For most non-elite runners, half marathon pace will not be as quick as threshold pace. Does that help? I know you are easily confused...image

    Kevster - great PB - well done on that!

    Craig - glad the honeymoon phase continues! Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the fartlek today. It sounds as if the ground will be quite solid (ie. frozen!) on the weekend, so at least you won't be slipping around in road shoes. But might be worth trying some trail shoes if you're going to be doing enough off-road running to justify it. I often wear trail shoes on mixed runs - they can handle a reasonable amount of road and like the feel of them when I'm on grass/gravel/mud etc.
    Very excited to have got the Garmin 610 on Saturday! It's very smart, huh? My old 405 had seen better days. I'm gradually figuring out the touchscreen nowimage

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