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  • Oooh Sam - that sounds an interesting game to play - I'll try that - I think my speedometer is probably closely related to my complete-lack-of-spatial-awareness so I'm rubbish at judging distance unless I count paces. I will practice though - thank you for the suggestion.

    BoD - know what you mean about the slow runs sometimes seeming to take forever.  You'll need to start playing mind games with yourself. I find this also helps for those portions of races when you start getting a bit bored. For example - try going through the alphabet of the first name that comes to mind, A is for... B is ... etc. It normally doesn't take long before you lift your head and start looking around. Once I start to actually take notice of the scenery I find another few miles pass in a bit of a daydream. Or do the counting of steps - if you can get to 300 I'd be surprised. Something normally happens to distract you before then.

    Hope the woodpecker is behaving and that you have a nice cosy evening. Sleep well and enjoy tomorrow, just do your best! Good idea to get there early for a good parking spot - we always do that too! image

  • hello all

    It has been another tricky week for me, but did two 5 miles runs in the week and did 18 miles this morning (very slowly).

    BoD - I completely understand what you are saying about the LSR's. We have so much going on at home that I find it frustrating that I cna't to my LSr's any faster. But on the other hand, the time out helps me get my head together! Sorry that Mrs BoD won't make it to Paris.

  • Good luck with therace tomorrow Craig - bet you'll be great.  And sorry to hear about your OH not being able to make Paris.  But you won't be alone so i bet you still have a great day.

    LMD: my trg's going ok so far.  Had a few niggles in my calf foot for a couple weeks but seems to be ok now thanks to lots of calf stretching and ball rolling under my foot (thanks for the advice Sam - seems to be working).  Had to laugh this week when I realised my mid week run was longer than my weekend long runs used to be before I started my trg plan - amazing how quickly you can progress if you look after yourself and keep at it.

    From tomorrow onwards each of my weekend LSRs will be my longest ever run to date - scary! image  And jus starting to feel the difference in my body mae up now - muscle percentage has increased slightly, though has meant I'm a bit heavier now so need to watch what I eat without cutting back too much.  All very interesting though.

    Anyway, a tuna steak and noodles is waiting for me to get creative with it in the kitchen.  Good luck with your runs/races tomorrow guys!

  • Good luck with the race tomorrow BoD, you'll be great

    Looks like my LSR is off tomorrow, started being sick at 3am this morning & have only managed some sips of water since. Feel terrible & really upset about missing training. Certainly no pizza or pasta for me tonight.

    Good luck all for training or racing tomorrow
  • Get well soon LMD

    Great progress, Louisa!

    Posting Craig's training for next week - week 10 of the schedule. Bit of jiggling around on this one, as the training day is on the Saturday. So Thursday's run moves to Tuesday, the long run moves to Thursday and Tuesday's session gets ditched because we'll be doing some fast efforts (5km pace) on the Saturday at training day.

     Week Ten w/c 27/2/12 (34M)
    Mon Rest
    Tue 1M jog, then 3M brisk, then 1M jog plus  4 x accel strides
    Wed Rest
    Thu 18 miles off road easy - practise your long run fuelling.
    Fri rest
    Sat TRAINING DAY (approx 6 miles)
    Sun 5M slow
  • Goodluck boduke!
    I'm really nervous too here in sunny Blackpool, bit blustery but nice and flat!
    My partner is threatening to buy me a kiss me quick hat to run in, classy!!
    Hope your woodpecker doesn't keep you awake!
  • Hi Craig, good luck for your half tomorrow (probably Sunday by the time you read this!), I'm sure you'll have a good one. Look forward to catching up next Saturday in Birmingham.
  • All the best Craig just do your best you will pb!
    Just done intervals early doors and ran 23.55 for five kms either side of a mile jogging at nines. Pleased with that ran as quick as at Birmingham on the track, ran with little brother who is pretty strong runner.
    Have a great day all time for breakie.
  • mcs - great run this morning - i can imagine the scenery and with a crisp clear morning it must have been awesone!
  • In car park, drinking Lucozade and silly hungry.

    Rodin half then...

    1:49:54 tape and 1:49:38 chip.

    Nice run, nice people too. Couple of peps recognised me... That was so nice. Hello!!! Please post!

    Hope everyone's running is good today. Such nice weather out here, so lucky. Couldn't have told me that at 5:00am as I was throwing my tent into the car and my fingers were going numb....

    Right, food!

    Yay Craig - So pleased for you - Fantastic run! You must be really happy?

    Wasn't it just a beautiful day - just over 12 miles for us today - we were wondering about you as we went along.


  • Awesome time Craig, really pleased for you - well done!!!!!

  • Craig - bet your smile stretches from here to Paris after that run - blew your pb to smitherines i think - fantastic run, well done.

  • Hi guys. Got in a couple of hours ago to the OH sniffling, with sore throat, fever and generally ill. Bugger. Hoping I don't get it? Looking after the small one.

    I'm really happy with this mornings run. Was a hilly one too, which is a new one for me. Taking 12 minutes of my PB on a course like that make me very happy!!! Will reply properly after put Thomas to bed.

    Grinning like a total fool. image)

    Didn't get a negative split, but blaming hills for that. Will post the times then too.
  • Brilliant work Craig, well done
  • As promised:

    1    8:43.2    1.00    8:43
    2    8:20.7    1.00    8:21
    3    8:48.7    1.00    8:49
    4    8:14.6    1.00    8:15
    5    8:19.4    1.00    8:19
    6    8:27.3    1.00    8:27
    7    8:24.5    1.00    8:24
    8    8:17.2    1.00    8:17                                           
    9    8:28.8    1.00    8:29
    10    8:23.4    1.00    8:23
    11    8:26.9    1.00    8:27
    12    8:12.2    1.00    8:12
    13    7:59.6    1.00    8:00
    14    :29.3    0.08    6:08

    Summary    1:49:35.8    13.08    8:23          


    Elevation Gain:    168 m
    Elevation Loss:    167 m
    MinElevation:    13 m
    MaxElevation:    50 m

    I don't know what that means, except a couple of these hills seemed to go on a bit too long... You've got to remember, I run on a Fen... BTW has anyone heard from Tenjiso or have I missed something? Hope he's OK.

    SB/KR/Oscarr: Thanks very much guys. Was trying to play down how much it meant, but couldn't really. Major target beaten. Got my eye on something quicker in October now... But step towards Paris done.Remember how I said about feeling like a fraud before? Not the case anymore, at all. 

    LMD: I keep wanting to type OMD... How you feeling fella? 

    Louisa: How did your LSR  got today? I've got the same thing for the next few weeks. Scary and exciting to start breaking into new ground don't you think? Hope your foots properly on the mend.

    MWW: I'm generally alright with LSRs (except when I've got food timings wrong and hungry) it's the slow ones in the week I struggle with. But have to agree that having the head space is nice, in particular on LSRs. BTW how do you and mcs cope with hills???? 

    Suzie: How did Blackpool go? Did you get the kiss me quick hat? They rule! Oh, does Blackpool Rock count as carbs????

    Sam: Thanks for the work and effort with me... image  Saw a fella today going all midfoot, very smooth, relaxed and strong when he overtook me up a hill. I can deffo see the benefits espoused in your piece this month. Also great stuff with the body image discussion. 

    Right rice and noodle are going to be ordered... Maybe a celebratory small glass of vino. 

  • Bo - you DID do a negative split run cos from your mile splits you did a quicker second half than the first half and your first 3 miles contained your slowest 2 miles by a long way which shows you started very cautiously then gradualy quickened the pace and finished strongly with the fastest mile split in the last mile 13 - that's a classic run my friend and you should do this in all your long races - it gets a good time doesn't it and i bet you enjoyed the race as well??

    Elevation Gain from the Garmin is the total of all the uphill bits in the route - Elevation Loss is the opposite and if you start and finish at the same point they are always the same.

    Enjoy the wine, you deserve it  !!!! 

  • Mate- that is AMAZING! in awe- I really an the slowey of the group! Very proud if you! X
  • Woo woo! Fantastic! Well done! Perfect weather today too!
  • Hi BoDuke - are you going to have a go at the Peterbprough half in October?Supposed to be quite flat. Might give it a go myself.
  • BoD - well done...a fantastic time, you must be well pleased! in answer to your question about hills.....walking mostly!
  • Hey Craig
    Mastered the forum on my phone at last! So just checking into repeat my congratulations from earlier text. Think we will need to have a good chat about race goal for Paris at training day next sat! Well done, enjoy the vino!
  • Craig, you are a super star!!!!!! What a result for you, really pleased, you sounded like you needed a bit of a boost. And I agree with Oscar - a negative split too - result!

    I got on really well in Blackpool, I was desperate to get under 2 hours 10 and I did...just, 2 hours 9 mins and 33 seconds.

    I learnt a lot from this run, I think it may have been a negative split but need to check. I started running with the runners world 10 min pacer but it kind of threw me a bit because his first mile was 9 min 40 and I was trying to be disciplined but found it dreadful when he was getting further ahead. At about mile 8 I went on ahead, maybe too early as by mile 11 after feeling really great and positive I felt like I wanted to die!!!! The last 2 miles were the most hellish miles ever, both just under 10 min but i honestly have never felt so bad, I could have cried!!! I think I need to look carefully a fuelling, I used 2 gels and a lucozade sport but used the gels at mile 4 and 7.5 so think I could have done with some more.

    Better than that I have taken the day off work tomorrow and my two lovely kids are with their grandma so I get a lie in - hooray!!

    What are you using for fuel everyone? How often should one take a gel?

    Susie ( sadly still do not own a kiss me quick hat but great medal with Blackpool tower on it - lush!)
  • Congrats Craig, thats a great time for a half. I got  my pb of 1.49 at Birmingham in 2010 which is a flat course so great effort well done. . CONGRATS. Superstar now I see you are up on RW front page today......image Stay away from your OH!

    Suzie well done you need to try some gels I and Oscar on here use SIS in races maybe another one would have helped but it should hurt in races I reckon....... Were you fuelled before you set off?

  • Yay well done Craig!!!!  That's amazing progress - very chuffed for you.

    And yes my LSR went really well yesterday - I also came in grinning like a cheshire cat much to my OH's amusement while he was sat on sofa with beer watching footie with a mate.  I had 14 miles to run and the plan said do a negative split which I've never done before - and I'm SUCH a promoter of it now as I actually managed it.  I couldn't believe how much better I felt in the last couple of miles compared to at the end of the 13 miler the previous fact I did the last 2 miles faster than I was meant to out of sheer enjoyment.

    However I did once again have to have a pitstop at mile 10 (glad I chose Victoria Park laps for my route again).  I've started using SIS go gels on my long runs to get used to fuelling - used just one last week and took 2 this week - thought I'd break 'em in slowly knowingn what my tummy's like.  And also had breakie 3 1/2 hours prior to the run.  So was a bit annoyed I had to have an emergency stop.  But after that I felt great and was flying - so weird!  So thinking maybe I just have to get used to building in an extra few minutes for a pitstop?  Or anyone any ideas why I might always get this around mile 9/10?  I had also wondered if the huge mug of tea with my breakie doesn't help (wit milk and have a sugar)?

    Oh - and ankles/foot were fine and legs just a bit sore today - we're making progress!! image

  • Fantastic times there Craig.
    Great news. I think that your Paris target time is looking to head sub 4 for defo now mate!
  • Grt run Louisa well done on the fuelling strategy. Maybe try skipping tea and coffee on the morning of the run. I rarely need a stop on race day as I avoid caffeine and dont think I have ever stopped in training but we are all different, if you need to go then you need to go!!image

    Have you stopped smiling yet Craig?

  • Hi all!

    Just to get you thinking Craig I was only 4 minutes faster at half marathon distance when I ran 3:49:06 at Loch Ness which has a bit of a drag in it so my money is deffo on you going sub 4 at fast-and-flat Paris. The only thing that will stop you based on this weekend is your head.  So start getting it round the concept now so by the time Sam gets to you at the weekend - you will be able to listen to her instead of being totally blown away that she might actually be meaning YOU! I remember it took you a week or two to consider yourself a real runner - I reckon 5 days is enough to convince yourself that this really is happening!

    Not heard from Tenjiso either -  coooeeee - where are you - we miss you ...

    GO CRAIG, GO GRAIG - Anyone got any pom poms? image

    mcs - wow that is admirable - I might try that for races later in the morning - am useless first thing though! LOL

  • Spot on Sleepy (with reservations, sorry!) - come on Craig, you're under orders now to get used to the fact that a great first marathon is more than on the cards in the next 5 days before you meet Sam - if you use a more realistic calculator than the published ones of marathon time predicted is double half time plus one minute a mile (i.e. double plus 26 mins) you get to 4:05 so with a flat Paris and more fitness still to come then maybe 4hr is feasible.  The reservation is that this being your first one you don't want to risk blowing up in the last miles so Sam may have you doing a conservative pace up to 20 miles then see how you feel - negative split and all....
  • LOL -  good cop; bad cop! Who's who - that's the question hee hee

    Anyone know where my nearest bookies is?   Gotta aim for the stars if you want to reach the mountain top fellas! image

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