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  • Sam - will you be posting your plan for the track session on Saturday for your three chicks?
  • Hi Folks,

    Thanks oscarr, really appreciate that.


    Trying my best out here.

    Right been out for my long run. Here be the splits:

    Meant to be 18 miles off road easy (9:45-10:30)

    Summary    3:05:57.5    18.37    10:07
    1    10:32.3    1.00    10:32
    2    10:16.2    1.00    10:16
    3    10:28.9    1.00    10:29
    4    10:22.7    1.00    10:23
    5    10:22.1    1.00    10:22
    6    10:17.7    1.00    10:18
    7    10:24.8    1.00    10:25
    8    10:04.4    1.00    10:04
    9    9:56.2    1.00    9:56
    10    10:09.5    1.00    10:10
    11    10:06.0    1.00    10:06
    12    10:07.4    1.00    10:08
    13    10:03.3    1.00    10:03
    14    9:58.0    1.00    9:58
    15    9:59.8    1.00    10:00
    16    9:54.2    1.00    9:54
    17    9:42.1    1.00    9:42
    18    9:36.7    1.00    9:37

    Twas a really nice run and could have gone for a few more quite happily. Very scenic too. Best have a shower and ge me off to work for the afternoon.
  • Cool man - good work!  Very envious - I was planning to head out at lunchtime today in the glorious sunshine for 6 miles, but now have an emergency meeting to go to for 2 hours over lunch...yuck.  So have to be in the dark again tonight on way home.  Enjoy the shower - hope you have a recovery meal first though!
  • Hello there

    Craig, is that your longest run ever, by any chance? You've polished it off so casually, I can hardly believe it is though I think it must be. Excellent pacing. image

    Oscarr - I might post Saturday's session... but better check with SteveMarathonCoach that it's not meant to be a surpriseimage

  • Craig - brilliant long run pal - as Sam says, great pacing.

    Sam - don't want to spoil any surprises, i was just interested to see what they will be doing but no probem if we find out after

  • Nice pacing Craig well done you have got the hang of that fantastic.  Boiling hot here in Bakewell today. Rest day eating and feet up at the desk figuratively.

    Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned..

    Not sure if that is something we marathon aspirites can agree with!!!

  • Great going Craig! Great pacing.

    I would lie down after that - sod work image
  • YO! Is any work and all that. Keep thinking its a Friday.... Oh bum. Really looking forward to last training day before Paris...

    Louisa: that's a real shame, no chance of a meeting on the run then??? image had to come here directly so no recovery meal. Now have no fresh food in the house at all. New fridge being delivered tomorrow. Thank goodness. Wish I could run at lunch, no showers here (have asked though) that would be great.

    oscarr: thanks mate. Really, really enjoyed it. I'm wondering what's coming at the weekend too... Scary....

    mcs: thanks mate, it's been really nice down here too. Ran round a lake and mist coming up, muted colours of the dormant trees, quiet except for me breathing and footfall. Brilliant... Deffo don't agree with that quote image

    Ten: thanks fella. Been taking it easy catching up with paperwork... And resisting coming on here to post replies. Clearly failed at that one!

    Sam: yep, furthest I've ever been today by a mile (after getting lost last time). Was feeling it, but different somehow and not shattered... Thank you for the compliment on the pacing. I really do like long runs image

    Back to the paperwork then!
  • 700 posts!!! Good work folks!
  • Looking forward to catching up on Saturday BoD - don't be scared image 

    Did anyone see the Horizon programme about exercise the other night? Think the thing about doing very short, maximal sprints was fascinating (basically, they were saying you can get similar improvements in VO2 max from this as from much longer efforts.) Gave it a try at the gym today! Felt jelly legged after - will see how I feel tomorrow...

  • Thanks for mentioning the Horizon program. It's being rebroadcast on Friday at 11:30pm on BBC HD.
  • Tenjiso I just read back through the thread and your remark did you eat a kenyan made me laugh
  • Twinklestar - looking at Craig's food list, it's about the only thing he didn't eat image
  • TV set to record Horizon, currently watching Melvin Bragg on Class.... Making me angry, don't make me quote EP Thompson at you!!!!

    Sam: looking forward to the weekend. Exciting!

    Twinkle/Ten: image'wait till mid April.... Got an order in!
  • Thanks Guys, will watch Horizon tomorrow night.
  • Crazy intervals this morning in fog.......9.18...7.20..........7.25...........8.20 shower at work and now just firing up the Nespresso machine ............anybody want one. Bit too quick really........that felt tough..... Have fun tomorrow Craig.

    Not what we have, but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.

    Happy weekend nearly there............image

  • mcs - like today's quote
  • Here is Saturday's........

    Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great.


  • Happy weekend everyone. Am off to Birmingham this afternoon to lay the torture trail for Craig's session tomorrow. (ha ha only joking!)
    Looking forward to catching up Craig.

    Enjoy Horizon - will be interested to hear what you all think - especially Oscarr the sceptic!

  • Wow Craig, so impressed with your longest ever run, well done, you're going to kill it in Paris - enjoy your training day.

    Thanks Ruth for the feedback on food the night before the race, I was quite concerned about nutrition the night before VLM as we are staying in a hotel but have a kitchenette so I'll experiment with pasta & tomato sauces to take with me. No running this week due to food poisoning at a hotel last weekend so a bit paranoid about food hygiene now.

    Hoping to do my longest ever run tomorrow (15 miles) but will take it easy after frankly rubbish week...can't wait to get out there though.

    Missed the horizon programme too but will check out iplayer - thanks for the tip Sam

    More power to everyone for a good weekend's running
  • mcs: nice work on the run. Need to order some more Nespresso caps when I get home. Good quotes, BTW.

    LMD: good luck with tomorrows run!

    Sam: see you tomorrow, really looking forward to it... Exciting 'cos it's march and Paris is coming!

    Sat outside a prison at the moment and don't want to go in. Will never get used to these places, ever....

    Good luck on you running this weekend folks!
  • SamMurphyRuns wrote (see)

    Enjoy Horizon - will be interested to hear what you all think - especially Oscarr the sceptic!

    I really will have to watch the program now !!!  Sky box setup to record !!
  • Sam - watched Horizon on i-player - interesting indeed and goes some way to explain why some people can perform better than others from just a little training - makes you want to have your own DNA/Gene blood test done to see where you are on the chart as some people are born unable to respond whereas some lucky 15% of the population are extreme responders to the short burst training technique - other conclusions (like get out of the chair to burn more calories) are not really new findings

    It would be good to see the results of more research - the obvious trial would be to find a group of people with the same Gene result, split them into 2 groups then put one group through a traditional 3 month training schedule and the other group through the short burst plan and see which group ended up the fitter

    I am sure there are many other factors (than VO2max) which contribute to marathon fitness (e.g. core fitness) which make the short burst potentially only part of the marathon story so maybe this is only relevant to general fitness rather than event specific training.

    It was an interesting program and lets hope we hear more about this research as time goes on - i think he said the Nottingham school were just embarking on a £5million research program. 

  • Great long run Craig, I did 15.5 miles today, my longest run ever so automatic PB for that distance image
    Am a bit of a tortoise though, took me a very long time!

    The horizons programme is on the iplayer. Watched it yesterday, really interesting for me as a medic and a runner - a few of my diabetic patients are keen to try it after watching - could save the nhs millions, ...if it works!! Not sure how it would fit with marathon training, although it's a bit like extreme tempo work - he looked knackered after 20s on the bike though!

    Good luck tomorrow Craig and everyone else who is running, rest day for me tomorrow, yay!

  • Sorry Oscarr, took me so long to write that last post as multiple tasking as ususal and kids tea got in the way so I didn't see your post before I posted mine!
    I think it would be interesting to read the original research, they may have done trials like the one you suggest and it may well be published...if I had a few more hours in my day I might even have had a look, but busy busy busy!!
  • Hello all

    BoD - have great weekend, enjoy the torture trail!

    I have Llanelli HM tomorrow, but still have the lurgy so will wait and see how I feel in the morning!

  • Hope you make it mww and you all survive torture trail!
  • Hello Folks,

    For some reason I'm still up at 12.30ish in the morning and been up since 4:00, bit wrong.  

    Well, training day in Brum. Interesting to say the least.  Had some time to reflect and here we go:

    Got there silly early (again) but the photographer and video fella were already there, so no sitting around on my own. Saw Ruth first and we discussed nutrition and diet. Seems to be OK overall, but could do with eating more fish.Problem is I'm not a bit fan of fisk as such and we discussed potential for supplements (to follow). Also discussed recovery and all that, noted the amount of skimmed milk I'm drinking after exercise now (cheaper than other stuff but  also has a comforting effect on me).

    Discussed targets and paces with Sam. We be keeping level headed about this and going somewhere around 9:45 for MP and seeing how we go from there.  V positive situation. I want to finish, and that's always been the aim of this project, so I'm a happy bunny. I want to be able to call myself a marathon runner. Seems weird, but 'Fatman to Marathon Runner in a Year' was the point of this and what I've been aiming for (not sure I've been aware of it though) since last May. 

    Then out for a photo shoot. Not quite a cold as the other times, but still 'parky'. Then to the towpath... Oh dear, the towpath.... The aim was to go out for a mile at MP. Sound easy, but WITHOUT A WATCH OR GARMIN!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I was rubbish and 20 seconds per minute too fast... THe next bit was to return with the watch. I typical BoDuke style, I'd let it go into rest mode and started to run without it having a signal.... Then when it kicked in after .4 of a mile, I had no idea what was going on and ran what I thought was a slower pace... No, again 20 seconds too fast.  v poor showing by me.

    So back to the track (not so bad for me now I've been back on treadmill). 5k time trial, repeating bootcamp. Basically work like this:

  • 400 meters fast then 200 meters at MP and repeat.

    Well the last time I did it, I finished in 24:40ish... My lungs were burning and couldn't do anymore it they had chased me round with a large cod, threatening to knock me out with it. 

    This time came in at 22:28 on the Garmin and SteveMarathonCoach said 22:00.  Seriously, I was (and still am) whacked from that effort. Sam was encouraging me to keep my head up and arms higher.  Very surprised to see SleepyBear and Ben there too, which was also encouraging... Great to see you, sorry was knackered when you came over to chat... Two PB's in two weeks. Seriously shows how green I am.  

    So, back inside for food and a chat with the others. Saw Sarah Conners who noticed I've still got a tight lower back and did her thing with that. Instantly more flexable... How does she do that??? Also gave me 'cat' type stretch to do to get my back mobile. Good stuff.

    Then on to talk with RW towers and the video interview. Strange, I interview people for a living and find it very strange having it the other way. Also talked to Stacey from Asics about new shoes. DS' are outstandingly good shoes. Really, v v v light, supportive but also loads of feedback from the ground. Don't think they woudl be much good for me as a distance shoe, but racing and speedwork:quality. 

    Finally, discussion with Dr Victor the Sports Psychologist.  This was very useful in clarifying motivation, aims and self-talk for dealing with aims, goals, expectationsand positive self-talk. Gonna be very, very useful. 

    Outstanding to see the others again. Really do think I'm lucky to be doing this with Colin, Emma, Lee and Rosie. V different personalities, runners and motivation, but all v nice people and supporive. Thanks guys, see you all in Paris.

    If your racing today, you shouldnt have seen this, but good luck! And hoping everyone's LSR/Sunday goes well. Got five miles slow tomorrow, which is gonna be really nice I think. 

    BTW I started to watch Horizon last night, but fell asleep yet before the end... Bummer. 
  • BoD - outstanding day for you - 22:00 for 5K is very impressive and you've obviously got natural speed in your legs, just don't let them charge off too fast at the start in Paris!!  Would be interested in more of the tips Dr Vic gave you.  Can't chat, got to get in car for my half race - will post time when i get back.
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