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  • Hi all - a great day at Birmingham yesterday. More time to chat to all the runners as the run session was shorter. Oh you should have seen their faces when we took away the Garmins image Actually, every single runner, excepting Emma, did their marathon pace significantly too quick (10-30 secs per mile). That was interesting.... but what was more surprising was on the way back, when they had their watches back, when they all STILL went too quick. They all got put in the naughty corner for that. (Except Emma again!)

    BoD, just to clarify, your 'official time trial result' was 22.22, not 22.00 but still a massive PB!

    I have a very important race this morning. The Rye Scallops Race in which I and my team have to run a mile with a wheelbarrow full of sand and scallop shells. It finishes at the pub. I'll say no more.

    Sleepy Bear, lovely to see you and meet Rascal!

  • oscarr: will say a little more about that the psych chat this evening. No problemo. Maintaining MP at Fleet is gonna be the test... No going off and racing it...

    Sam: sand, wheelbarrows, shells and the pub? Sounds like a great Sunday to me! Sorry about the pacing. Lession learnt. Thought 22:00 was a too rounded up. No dodgy intent intended. image
  • Is anyone getting directed to somekind of default page after they post or do something? Been going on for a while now.
  • Yep I have had to go in through another page as bookmarks keeps going to a red page....... Glad you had a good day guys. Chucking it with rain here, ran eight miles in it uppish for the first half then down the second half. Managed a 47.40 for the 10k, but tough as ran out of steam for the last mile and had to do it on my own as relatives all busy or away. But schedule says sub fifty so achieved the goal happy now food time and other stuff. Happy weekend all.
  • Hello Criag, sounds like a fun day yesterday, congratulations of the PB, interesting to read about the pacing. With your even speeds in previous runs I wondered do you set your Garmin to alert you when you are out of target pace range? Even on the Roding Valley HM your pace seemed quite even despite the undulations, mine was more all over the place and I usually run round streets and parks with that kind of up and down, and a fair variation in pace, maybe that is why.

    Sam, thanks for the advice on trying to deal with over heating. Unfortunately there are only so many layers I can take off before it would get embarrasing for more than just me image.

    I have also had the red screen on my book marks page since Friday.

  • Hi Craig

    I think the key thing is to practise holding back in the early stages of runs - if you can do that I think you'll find you have the speed to finish strong.

    We came second to Rye Rugby Club in the scallop race. It was hilarious - and more difficult than you might think. I was breathing like a steam train! Had a good pub breakfast and now drying/thawing out.

    Glad you all got to watch the Horizon thing - what struck me was that VO2 max is a physiological measurement not an 'ability'. And I wondered whether their vVO2 (velocity and VO2 max) would increase as result of the 20-second maximal training. Ie. it might improve their reading, but would that translate into improved performance? I think that perhaps the sprints are just another good thing to add into training, wihtout replacing other stuff.

    And yep, the red page keeps happening for me too. In fact, couldn't get on the Events Finder page because of it.image

  • Oops, nearly forgot to post next week's training. This does veer from the sub 4.30 plan a bit as I've taken some of the sub 4.15 speed sessions and included them here to give Craig a bit more quality wihtin the week's volume. Also have made the long run a bit tougher with some MP in there. (Just for the record, Craig's marathon pace has been revised to 9.45. But I have not increased the overall volume of miles at all.

    Week Eleven w/c 5/3/12 (37M)
    Mon Rest
    Tue 1M jog, then 4 x acceleration strides then 200m (1 min) 400m (2 mins) 800m (4 mins) at Mile/5k pace with equal jog recovery. 5 mins easy then go back down the pyramid. 2M jog
    Wed Rest
    Thu 2 M easy, 4M brisk, 2 M easy
    Fri 6M slow
    Sat Rest
    Sun 17M easy with final 6 at MP
  • Hello all

    BoD - great training day, an amazing 5k time.

    I made it to the Llanelli HM, took some cold capsules before the start and didn't feel too bad. Ran out of steam at 9 miles and walked a fair bit after that, finished in about 2hrs 25. I am never going to be speedy, just pleased to finish.

  • Hey all - I'm back! 

    Delighted to report that my spy-mission revealed that Bo was running really well in Birmingham - he looked way too comfortable to be sub 23 - very, very jealous! He claimed to be trashed at the end but was looking pretty fresh to me - what a star! (No worries Bo  - was only expecting a quickie catch up anyway, Rascal says thank you for all the fussing - she loves coming to races for that very reason).

    Was lovely to see everyone again - the same positive atmosphere as Boot Camp!

    Had a disastrous run today - in a nutshell - first marshall wasn't in place so not only did I swim the whole way - I actually ran 11k only half of which was on the course (the first half in reverse). Half the field managed to do 9k the other half did extra - such a shame but hopefully they raised some money for charity which was the main reason for the event.  Still - good training - absolutely no chance to practice pacing properly: uphill, downhill, shin deep mud. Och well and think I blew my chance to be third  lady in our winter club points competition. Not much point them publishing the results as no comparison possible.  Was very happy to be home before it started snowing!

    Looks like I've missed a lot in the last few days - will go back and catch up!

  • Wow 22m 5k is amazing Craid well done, sounds like you had a great day - the non farming challenge is a really good test, I don't know how I'd manage without mine now.

    Susie -well done on your 15.5 - hope you enjoyed your rest day!

    Did 15 very tough miles yesterday - got leg pain (cramps?) from 8 miles and definitely rocked the positive split approach. Had pain down back of both legs, particularly bad in calves. Wouldn't mind some advice from you good people on what might have caused the pain -I had food poisoning last weekend so didn't train all week & didn't eat/ate weirdly for most of the week. Ate & drank as i usually do the day before LSR on Friday but that was first day of proper eating all week. Do y'all think the illness could have contributed to the leg pain? Hasn't happened before so bit worried now - walking felt worse but a cold bath seemed to cure it when I got home & no DOMS yet (bonus). Any comments gratefully received.

    Best wishes for the training week ahead
  • BoDuke:Good review of the day. I was also still awake but I had an excuse as I was at a party! You will be tired today?

    Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me yesterday to review your diet. You have changed so much!!! As I said yesterday you have made significant changesimage and the aim is to maintain now. I will post up your race plan day and carb load day this week. Well done and keep up the most excellent work.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Looks like you had an interesting experience with your Garmins confiscated. I experienced something similar yesterday and it wasn't planned that way.

    My sinuses felt significantly better, though my cough looks like it will take ages to shift, so I'm not putting life on hold until it's better and I toe'd the start line of the Milton Keynes Half Marathon. The weather was totally miserable. It was cold and the heavy rain was relentless throughout the entire race. It even started snowing when I made my way back to my car at the end - drenched through to the bone.

    In spite of the weather, I quite enjoyed most of the race. Although my recent training has gone to pot, I wanted to try to break 2:00, and I was pleased with my general pacing. The following are my Garmin split times (not always accurate on the mile markers, but I didn't bother readjusting):

    1 8:52
    2 9:05
    3 9:06
    4 9:04
    5 9:03
    6 9:09
    7 9:05
    8 9:11
    9 9:12
    10 9:15
    11 9:11
    12 9:15
    13 10:09 D'oh!

    I felt as comfortable as could be expected under the circumstances, but began to really feel the cold in the last couple of miles. The wind also seemed to pick up at the end - why is it never a tail wind? From mile nine I couldn't read my garmin without great difficulty (wet and steamed-up glasses, plus water seeped into the garmin display) so I paced myself based on perception and watching certain runners around me. It worked pretty well, though it did mean that I was inadvertently adding a few seconds per mile. The last mile was a steady incline. It felt a bit of a slog and unfortunately I slowed by a solid minute.

    I was a bit disappointed to finish in 2:01:34, because I knew that a minute of that was in the final mile. On the other hand, it wasn't too surprising given my lack of training due to recent illness and the godawful weather. And it was a PB by 31 seconds image I'm also quite surprised at my consistent pacing, particularly when I couldn't read the garmin.

    My target for a 4:20 - 4:30 marathon seems intact as long as I can train consistently for the remainder of the schedule.
  • Excellent ten well done, great effort as miserable day up here too and sounds like you got cold you still have time to improve anyway. Keep at it.....all the best for this weeks efforts.
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Craig - you made me laugh when you said you fell asleep watching the Horizon program. I tried to watch the ending twice and fell asleep both times, so I still don't know what the outcome was.

    Do I need to substitute next weekends 18 mile long run with 3 x 20 seconds of intense running?
  • Well done Craig over the weekend - nice summary of it all which I read yesterday on flight back from Slovenia where I spent the weekend with the boys (they 3 lads went skiing while I chilled out with just a short 3 mile run Saturday).

    Ten: wow that's a great comeback from your illness!  great work.

    As I was away this weekend I had to tweak last weeks training plan slightly so I did the 6 miler Friday rather than Thursday, then did a slow 3 miles Saturday in Slovenia (very flat and lovely image), then did my 15 mile LSR this morning on way to work (9.75 miles to work then 5 miles round Hyde Park)...very very tired now sat at my laptop in the office...zzzz

    Oh and fave song of my run on the ipod?  Speed Demon by Michael Jackson - awesome image

  • Hey Ten - a PB's a PB - well done you!  I have a lot of work to do on my pacing if last weekend was anything to go by but I won't be bothering unless it's a reasonably level course.

    If anyone's interested - Langdale entries have opened.  No turning back now - I'm in! Game on ... Bring on the 1:3 hill - I'll walk if I have to - at £16 an entry who cares! Happy and scared at the same time! Will be putting all this learning into practice soon image

  • MWW:  Your HM time is around the same time as my HM PB too - nothing wrong with that pace in my book...I'll never be fast but just love getting out there doing it rather than being a slob image.

    And yes I keep getting the red page too!

  • BoD - result from Droitwich half race on Sunday - 1:46:17 with first half in avge pace of 8:00 and second half avge pace 8:10 giving overall 8:05 - cold wet day, and with a noticeable head wind in last few miles - i felt very strong in last few miles and quick recovery so pleased with the run - target is to get below 1:45 in build up to marathon so i reckon i'm bang on cos with 4 weeks to go to Reading i should under that by then.  My schedule puts a lot more faster paced running in now and regular LSRs at weekends.

    Tried the carb loading for 2 days again and this time went a bit too far as i felt bloated for about 6 miles so will tone it down in future - great to know where my stomach limit is.  Did not use any gels (never do in a half) cos its not long enough - 2 small cups of water en-route, although most of it went down my chest.

    Met BLT from Colin's thread which was great.

    Mind you, most for the folk in that part of the country do talk 'funnay' !!! (sorry brummies)  

    Sports massage booked for this thursday (coincidently with the coach of our group at the local running club)

  • Yay oscarr! That's brilliant that you felt so strong - am very envious of your time - how are you feeling today? I have that slight snuffliness which just lets me know that yip I really did go out and get soaked to the skin!  I wonder what runBritain will rank Droitwich as in terms of the weather conditions - are you registered on there? Could you let us know if so...
  • Good effort Oscarr excellent time.......I need a pb for a half this year mine is only 1.49 at Birmingham and I reckon I can beat it now in a training run I am going to be doing with a friend in a couple of weeks.  Do you rate sports massage? Not got the cash really to pay for that but everyone in a build up to a marathon says its almost vital............waits for comments expectantly. image
  • Well done tenjiso and oscarr on your races. Great to get a pb after being ill too!

    I think sports massage is really useful especially in a marathon build up. Even a couple of sessions would be beneficial mcs.

    Hope you've got over wkd efforts ok Craig - got a fun sesh ahead tomorrow!
  • Will get the credit card out Sam!!!
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Thanks MCS, Louisa, SB, Sam.

    I'm touching wood as I write this, but strangely my sinuses have felt much better this last couple of days since getting drenched in the race. Go figure. Hopefully it stays that way as I ramp up the training again! I'm now officially halfway through my sixteen week schedule, which is a scary thought.
  • Sleepy Bear wrote (see)
    Yay oscarr! That's brilliant that you felt so strong - am very envious of your time - how are you feeling today? I have that slight snuffliness which just lets me know that yip I really did go out and get soaked to the skin!  I wonder what runBritain will rank Droitwich as in terms of the weather conditions - are you registered on there? Could you let us know if so...

    Hi Sleepy - legs feel good today and if anything just a little bit more tired than usual on a Tuesday - just about to go out for my recovery run followed by exercise session.  Not registered with runBritain.  Your weekend events sounded a bit crazy so i suspect you'll be getting things back to normal this coming weekend.  Well done on booking your marathon - you certainly do like hills don't you !

    mcs - only had massages in the past on specific issues and a lady does them at our track sessions for £7 for 20 mins which is great value - having had so many recommendations to have a full Sports Massage on these threads i've gone for one this thursday and will let you know how it goes (already practicing biting on the side of a bed !!) - it's costing a 'discounted' £35 for one hour (normal price is £49 if i went to the physio centre) - i also feel that the whole of my right leg above the knee needs a bit of a service, no pulls or anything but you know when its not as loose as the other leg

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭
    Nice time in the HM Oscarr. I can only dream of a time like that.

    I ran 5 miles tonight. 1m Jog, 3m Brisk and 1m Jog. Is that the same as the "sandwich" you guys talk about?

    Off topic: I wish the RW forum would stop blowing apart every time I post :/ I don't get any update notifications any more. It's not just on Google Chrome either, I get it on IE too.
  • Hi all, sorry about lack of replies. Been up to neck in work and family. Got my five miler done on Sunday and the pyramid session last night (cos I needed to catch up on sleep). Just to I'll stick details up now and try to reply properly to everyone later on my phone (can't log in at work, but can see the site).

    First col is split number, second is time, 3rd distance and 4th ave pace.

    Reason so far off planned ace of 7:40ish is that I got chased by a dog in the last bit of the first mile and the adrenaline didn't go away then...

    1    10:10.4    1.00    10:11
    2    1:00.0    0.15    6:37
    3    1:00.0    0.10    10:02
    4    2:00.0    0.31    6:28
    5    2:00.0    0.20    9:47
    6    4:00.0    0.58    6:56
    7    4:00.0    0.38    10:28
    8    5:00.0    0.50    9:55
    9    4:00.0    0.59    6:49
    10    4:00.0    0.39    10:09
    11    2:00.0    0.30    6:41
    12    2:00.0    0.19    10:21
    13    1:00.0    0.16    6:24
    14    1:00.0    0.09    10:51
    15    20:22.8    2.00    10:11

    Right off to work... Great.... 

  • The site bug is also really annoying.
  • BoD - ''Reason so far off planned pace of 7:40ish is that I got chased by a dog in the last bit of the first mile and the adrenaline didn't go away then...''

    This is an excuse of 'the dog ate my homework' proportions!! You basically went too fast throughout and are back in the naughty corner. The point of speedwork, despite the name (!) is not to go as fast as you can. Tut tutimage

    Tenjiso - welcome to the world of sandwich sessions. You have now been sworn in! Soon you'll be tucking in to club sandwiches, too, with two different paces as fillingsimage

  • Ten - for some time now (few weeks at least) i get a big red fault screen every time i post but the post still gets transmitted and really there is no fault  - also haven't had any notifications for a while either
  • Me too. It's annoying though isn't it. Also can't get on the Events Finder and view a race.... same problem
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