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  • Morning all, just got back form my lovely mile repeat session and geting ready to got to work.

    Have to admit that I didn't want to get up this morning, woudl ahve preferred to have stayed in bed all cozy like... Had a thought about saying I was ill or something, but got up in the end and went out.


    1    10:08.9    1.01    10:03
    2    8:22.3    1.00    8:22
    3    3:00.0    0.28    10:49
    4    7:50.4    1.00    7:50
    5    3:00.0    0.29    10:17
    6    7:51.9    1.00    7:52
    7    3:00.0    0.28    10:46
    8    7:44.8    1.00    7:45
    9    3:00.0    0.30    9:56
    10    9:07.9    0.92    9:56
    11    :01.9    0.00    12:06

    mile two is a bit slow, but this was largley due to losing GPS signal on the old Garmin. 

    SB: Re, lincs apart from Lincoln, thought about that somewhere around mile 6...

    Have a good day guys!

  • Morning all!

    It's official - gardening is Satan's hobby! Hoping my intervals will unkink me!

    Extra brownie points for your mental strength today Bo - that sort of thinking will stand you in good stead around 20 miles! 

    Apparently the north west bit of Lincs is a bit hillier.  I don't mind really - we'll find some pretty places to play regardless!

    Best way to get beet juice Bo is to buy a juicer and make your own. (Look for one with a whole fruit shute so you don't have to mess about chopping things up - you just stick em straight in). 

  • Hi Bo - think you're feeling the load of the high mileage weeks but just think that in a week and a half's time you will start your taper down to Paris so more time for rest then - just keep up the great work for a little longer

    SB - i lived in Chesterfield, Derbyshire for 5 years in the 70's and we played rugby and hockey against Lincoln each year - the county is flat as a pancake with one hill on which Lincoln sits - great city to visit - Lincoln Imps and all !!

  • Rugby, hockey and basketball my sports Oscar, I played in Hull where I went to school, for too many years before realising that my body needed to do other things!! I now watch Bakewell Mannerians here in Bakewell every other Saturday if time and all the rugby on tv I can get.  My daughters all played and play hockey and love sport including running so a lucky Dad!

    Feeling weary now after a six mile speedy interval session for me anyway into work.......maybe need another coffee..........just ordered some SIS gels in readiness for Coniston in three weeks and Edi too.  LSR up to 13 this weekend hope the weather is as nice, looking good for a few more days this week.

    My OH was out for five in 49 mins this morning at 6.30 am she nicked my Garmin for the first time, never used it before, things must be getting serious!!! She has only done one half before three years ago and did 2.20 when feeling dreadful due to ladies issues. How the heck do you ladies deal with that stuff if its race oh looked like death and only got round due to being so determined to finish. She did with my eldest who came in 2.10ish her second half. My no 2 daughter did 2.10 in Sheffield last year and was very annoyed with herself  but no doubt in Edi will beat 2 hours.

    Great run Craig........enjoy the day.image

  • Hi everyone
    Some great training going on out there - nice splits on the 4 1-milers Craig - each one a little faster than the last, even on tired legs.

    If you're not in the market for a juicer, you can get both beetroot juice and the beet shots at Waitrose and also in health food shops.

    oscarr wrote (see)
    Sam - for someone going for a sub 4 hr how many 20 milers in training do you think is a minimum and ideal? 

    Oscarr. you might be surprised by my answer. Minimum - zero. Ideal - probably three, providing they can be spread out enough and not done on consecutive weeks. But it does depend on one's speed. Any run that is longer than 2 hours is going to challenge your glycogen storage and cause it to improve so runs that are 2-2.5 hours are very valuable and allow you to add in some marathon pace without leaving you so fatigued that it reduces the quaity of the following week's training.

    I did a 20, a 21 and a 22 in my last marathon build-up with  2 weeks between them (ran 3.22).

  • Sam - thanks and wow !!!  This flies in the face of the RW Ultimate schedules which for the 4hr one have LSRs on consecutive weeks of 19/21/20/18.  You are advocating 20/16/21/16/22.  So which is right one for me?

    My choice is Sam's.  This is because of all the reasons i have given in the past about not over doing it in training and training smarter and my past experiences of marathon fatigue and illness.  Having just done 19.5 and 20.6 LSRs split by a half race my revised forward plan for long runs is 16/16/half/22 then 4 week taper of 16/14/10/race.  Miles 16 and below will include MP miles at end.  Very comfortable indeed with this.

    Another issue for me is in-race fueling which i have not paid enough attention to in the past.  Looking at how i feel at end of past long runs and the gels i've used i conclude that i do need to take more gels in the long training runs.  This means it will be 'train slightly lower, race slightly higher' for me. 

    Sam, many thanks indeed for the advice and helping me challenge my schedule.  Thanks SB and mcs for your input also.

    Just out of interest Sam, when you did 3:22 what was your HM time in any build-up race you may have done?

  • We take ibuprofen and carry on as normal mcs - the associated marathon damage limitation is just an added bonus! image

    Off shopping to gather my carb loading supplies so I can do an oscarr and practice. Luckily for me (cos I'm only ikkle) my 'per kg' intake only requires me to drink 500ml milkshake and 1litre of hi juice extra to normal. I scoff the rest routinely anyway.  I'll be sloshing this time tomorrow!

  • SB - i can guarantee you will be sloshing ! (such a good word)
  • From what I remember about being sloshed - it wouldn't help running.
  • Bo, just a comment about the video: you look like you have a very economical running style, which will probably do you well at 26.2.

    Tenjiso, I'm a little late with this, but if your garmin is still under warranty, send it back. They aren't supposed to fog.

  • mcs wrote (see)

    Rugby, hockey and basketball my sports Oscar, I played in Hull where I went to school, for too many years before realising that my body needed to do other things!! I now watch Bakewell Mannerians here in Bakewell every other Saturday if time and all the rugby on tv I can get.  My daughters all played and play hockey and love sport including running so a lucky Dad!

    mcs - XC and rugby were my sports at school in upper teesdale - then rugby carried on until i was 33 yrs old with the running used as summer training - spent 5 yrs playing for Chesterfield (when they were good!!) and even turned out for the county a couple of times - main rivals at that time were Derby and a team that played on Cromford Meadows near Matlock.  Still get passionate about the rugby plus Sunderland AFC and i love the cricket as well - don't know what i would do without Sky Sports !!
  • oscarr:  ha ha haaa....I'm a Lincolnshire lass, born and bred in Grantham, and there are some surprisingly noticeable hills round that way and I hadn't really thought about it until a couple of years ago when I went back to visit my folks at the mid point in HM trg and went for a 6 miler round that way and was kn*ckered by the end of it...totally had forgotten the hills round Grantham (my folks live in one of the villages on the outskirts).  Beautifully flat around the outside of the town though image.

    Craig: just watched the vid and wow you look so focused at the end while rehydrating...such a pro! image 

  • Rennur - thanks for that, but my 305 will be well out of warranty as it's more than four years old. I know other people have had the same problems when running in heavy rain for extended periods. The rice trick worked though, so no harm done.
  • Rennur, yes Craig does have economical style. I'm encouraging him to hold his arms a bit more bent though, and to look up more. He tends to have arms very low and 'open' and head down. Think he got a bit sick of me shouting head up Craig on the 5k time trialimage

    Oscarr, think that's a good sound revised plan. When I did 3.22 my half marathon was just under 1.34.

  • Oscarr: great that you are working out what nutrition works for you.

    Louisa: if you do long runs and have not been to the toilet to empty bowels before you go it is likely that at some point in the run the bowel will want to empty, such is the natural of running which shakes it all about!

  • Thanks Sam - gettting a 3:22 mar from a 1:34 half is very impressive pacing with only 30 secs per mile difference

    Ruth - too much information !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louisa - ooooh oooh - any hilly bits you'd recommend?  I'm moving up there in 10 days so any pointers would be fab!

    Inspiring tale of the day - went out this morning for a cheeky 9 miler, nice and relaxed but a notch above LSR pace.  Tootled around merrily not really thinking about pace and got home to find ... that I was 11 minutes faster over the same route than in January and most importantly - AT THE SAME HR!!!!!

    The last few weeks of higher mileage have obviously being doing some good (fingers and toes and everything else crossed).  So hang in there peeps - if you're at the tiredy stage, it won't be long til you too start to reap the benefits image

  • good running sleepy, you must be pleased
  • very relieved - was starting to think I was regressing a bit!

    Now just have to hope I've done enough for Fleet - too late to worry now though! 

    Check you inbox Bo, oscarr - Fleety stuff!

  • Hey SB:  sure, the hills round where I grew up aren't anything monster, I notice them though as I'm generally not a lover of hills image.  But Grantham town is actually in a valley surrounded by hills and so running in and out was a good workout - the village Great Gonerby is where I lived until 18yrs old and it's right at the top of the hill - running up and down that hill into town was noticeable.  But then the countryside to the East of the town is all nice rolling hills - the village Londonthorpe is also at the top of a hilly bit fromthe town and then out from there it gently sweeps up and down through the fields.  Beautiful too.

    Hope the move goes well - it's a lovely place to move to!

  • Houmus on toast yum.......great running SB just reading back.........might need ibupofren for my back bit stiff this morning after sprinting home very quickly last night...........naughty me.

    Oscarr.......cant afford SKy sports and beside I wouldn't do anything if I had that, very envious......

    Love life and life will love you back, Love people and they will love you back.

  • Hi Ladies and Gents. Really quick catch up, been mental over here again.

    Rennur: thanks very much, really appriciate the comment.

    Louisa: hope the RTs have settled down... image I so badly had to sit down after that time trial. Was totally wiped out. Loved it!

    Sam: I keep hearing you in my head when running: 'head up, arms up', but it's working. BTW, what pace on Sunday? My first 20 miler.... Woohoo!!!!

    oscarr: wow, you are a proper sportsman. Have to admit that I would struggle to lose cable now, love it sooooo much.

    SB: got it, will reply shortly. Great story BTW, tempting me to try this out now...

    mcs: good luck with the back mate. On the quote: so nice, so true.

    BTW, I found a cigarette in the car on Monday. Looked at it, thought about it for about 10 seconds and them binned it!!! Yea me!
  • image It appears that I can now sign onto the site from my work computer rather than having to use my phone to reply!!! I know that sounds a bit silly, but man does it make it easier to reply to stuff rather than having to type on a virtual keyboard and not be able to use faces...

    imageimageimageimageimage Crazy with the faces. 

    Just been to the train station and bought tickets to London, as of tomorrow it's gonna be a month till the marathon.  I'm so excited now.  First marathon in a city I've always wanted to visit but never go round seeing. 

    Also really looking forward to next weekend and going to Fleet.  Be really good to catch up with peps again.  *claps hands in an excited and slighly child like manner*

    My current earworm is Ash's 'Burn Baby Burn', can't get it out of my head.  Bit too up tempo for tomorrow's slow run, so need something else....

  • Craig: ha gotta love the smilies!  Yeah I was ok for my fast 3 miles yesterday but it's the long ruins that are the problem.  So planning my eating plan now for the days up to Sunday's 18 miler.  Should be interesting as we're visiting the in-laws this weekend so in addition to planning meals have to plan a run route while I'm there...while the in-laws all get squiffy on wine...thanks guys!  Don't think the usual 3 mile loop I run there will be interesting enough image...out comes mapmyrun!

    I did learn from lots of research on the net and a RW forum though that my meal Saturday night was way too high fibre and I reckon that's what caused no more wholemeal pasta night before long runs for me with raw cabbage...oopsey.

    Oh and well done on throwing away the ciggie! 

  • Hey Bo - got this picture in my head of you sitting at a table outside a Paris cafe in the sunshine after the marathon wearing a black berret, eating a large piece of gateaux and cream with a large glass of red wine and a whaking great cuban cigar image
  • Hahahaha oscarr - yip I can see that too! Fits his personality perfectly! 

    Louisa - top tips - thank you very muchly and especially loving the place names - can't wait to go exploring now!

    mcs - och nooo - get better quickly! 

    Bo - keep clapping baybeeeee - and have an extra jaffa cake for resisting the evil-demon-that-you-found-in-your-car (it that shall not be named - etteragic - in JKish speak). Heads and arms wise - If it helps imagine that someone has attached a rope to your tummy button and is pulling you along - that always helps me when I start to try to curl up into a foetal position - it seems to automatically make you open up your shoulders and for your head try to remember that just like when you're skiing - your body will follow your head so if you want to go straight ahead - best be looking that way boyo! 

  • Little swim today feeling looser. Great to see you resisting the weed Craig well done. Parle vous francais? Allez allez. Start practicing maintenant........
    There are some good running albums or should I say downloads available on amazon and iTunes.
  • Hi Folks,

    I'll just post these and then reply on the train

    1    10:33.8    1.00    10:34
    2    10:35.4    1.00    10:35
    3    10:43.1    1.00    10:43
    4    10:38.6    1.00    10:39
    5    10:35.4    1.00    10:35
    6    10:20.6    1.00    10:21
    7    10:24.3    1.00    10:24

    7 slow @ 11 - 10:30

  • Morningimage

    Job done!  That must feel like a very civilised run for you now?

  • 6.4 miles for me to work in 57.32mins a nice steady 9mm........have a good day Craig et al.
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