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  • Louisa: sounds like you are taking the best option, I tend to lower the fiber before longer runs too. Not had any significant problem, but do get worried about not having a pit to stop in... Also tend to have minimum amounts to eat before LSRs too, maybe a banana or something, but out the door first thing. Thanks on the smoke thing too, had to go

    oscarr: that made me smile so much. Was thinking black polo neck rather than beret, but the rest is about right. Do like bloody great cigars once in a while. Would one lead me back to 20 lamberts a day??? I don't think so image

    Sleepy Bear:the mental rope thing works!! How cool is that? Am having problems getting my elbows up still. Sometimes get a twinge in my shoulder when holding up. I'll see if I can get that addressed at next massage session. Civilised? Yea, think so, not too challenging and a bit of a 'bimble' round the local area... Sandwich run tomorrow to make up though image

    mcs: non, languages were my worst subjects at school. Got a D&E in French and Italian... Only sub Cs I got. Not helpful being dyslexic (why is that so hard to spell??). Glad you enjoyed your swim. I can't run to music, but like the space in my head that I can't find else where... Strange fella that I am.

    Here comes London.... Enjoy your days peps.
  • Bo - great running for you continues and about 4 weeks to go, brilliant.  No running yet for me this week as am still getting over the illness from my Sunday LSR.
  • Enjoy London Craig!  It's lovely and sunny down here at the mo.  Weird day of weather today in fact - was -1 and foggy this morning and just got back from lunch and it's feeling lovely sunny and warm out there a different day!
  • Hi everyone. In a rush today. Good to see sunshine though. 20 miles on bike this morning.

    BoD - pace for long run - should be easy paced - so around 10.15-10.45 should do it. Hope you get to do it on a beautiful day like this!

  • BoDuke wrote (see), I found a cigarette in the car on Monday. Looked at it, thought about it for about 10 seconds and them binned it!!! Yea me!

    image your car sounds as tidy as mine! Not able to get on thread again until Sunday but have a great weekend.

  • Been interesting. Met Lord Phillips, the chair of the supreme court and prof. David Hodge, the fella who started the British Crime Survey (probably the best ongoing social science research project in the world).

    mcs: nice run to work.

    oscarr: good luck on the recovery this week. Get well soon.

    Louisa: been lovely down here. I was so cold and damp this morning, now it's no jacket weather. Love North London!!!

    Thanks Sam. Have a good day.

    Ruth, thanks for looking up the restaurants and yes, my car is a meanace to public health... Have a nice weekend too.
  • Bo - black polo neck it is then, and one cigar shouldn't get you started on the weed again, plenty of red wine though !!
  • 'ello, ello, ello...

    Right, sandwich run done:

    1    9:54.5    1.00    9:55
    2    8:19.9    1.00    8:20
    3    8:35.9    1.00    8:36
    4    8:26.4    1.00    8:26
    5    9:44.2    1.00    9:44

    Ave HR was 154 (80% of max) BTW, should put that up too. Yesterdays run was 136, which is 71% of max

    Tiny bit quick on the miles 2 and 4, but was trying to run without using the Garmin too much and focusing on head and arms up. Was interesting, because it felt easier to maintain these paces when focusing on technique... 

    Right, after getting in at 9 last night, I'm back off to work. Then fellas leaving do tonight, quality. In a bit guys. 

  • Nice running Craig here is my sandwich interval to work this morning..............have a good one.

    Had a nice interval session to work this am myself wind  behind me and slight downhill route.
    9.22 warm up 7.34-7.49-7.37 and 8.35 cool down............ shower time for a banana and coffee.......happy Friday all.image

  • Good work mcs.  It's one of those 'there is no jusitice in the world' things with wind. Have it in your face and it's really hard, at your back and no where near as easy... Happy Friday too.
  • It's great to see how well you are doing Craig, going from strength to strength.

    My knee appears to have recovered. In fact, it seemed to improve each time I ran.

    I think I made a mistake yesterday. I was very busy and didn't really eat or drink very well at all during the day. It just didn't cross my mind - until I was running later in the day. I felt very lethargic, in spite of running at a recovery pace. Since then I've had a dicky tummy and feeling much more tired. I guess I failed to listen to my body.

    I'm not running today, and if necessary I'll postpone tomorrow's 16 mile run until the following day. I have a pint of water on my desk to make sure I drink enough today!
  • Bo and mcs - good runs those with brisk middle miles.

    Ten - I will be running today for first time since my 21 mile LSR on Sunday - i tried to do that run with minimum of in-race fuelling and only took gels at 10 and 15 miles - did the run OK and bang on target pace but suffered badly after with fluey feelings up to today - 2 weeks previous i did 20 miles and trialed my race plan of taking 7 gels to see if my stomach could take it which it did - reason for sharing all this is that i am convinced that my illness after the last run was as a result of not fueling enough during the run; this is something that Ruth recommended we do properly if we are susceptible to getting ill after long runs and in my case is relevant - just some thoughts for you

  • I appreciate that, thanks Oscarr. My pre-run fuelling was definitely woeful. I only ran seven miles and it felt like double the distance, even though my heart rate was the same as I would expect at recovery pace.

    I need to plan my eating and drinking like I plan my running.

    7 gels sounds a lot - how many are you planning to take during the marathon? Also, what carb content are they? I think SIS gels are relatively low (25g, I think), compared to say, Zipvit (50g).
  • Ten - I plan to use 7 during the marathon - they are the SIS Go gels which contain 22g carb so that's 154g over 4hrs which is 38.5g per hour - ruth recommends 25 to 50g per hour so that fits - tried 7 in a training run to make sure my stomach could take that many and it can.  I think the SIS Go ones are not as toxic on the stomach as some others and are certainly easier to take as are not as viscous as others and don't need water to go down.
  • You've got me thinking Oscarr. I was planning to take 4 gels at roughly 6 mile / 1 hour intervals. Just about fits in with the recommendation, but perhaps I should try more in training to see if it makes a difference.

  • Hey everyone ...

    Has anyone tried the zipvit one yet?  At 51g of carbs in one go - could be too much all at once? My tummy isn't usually sensitive  but intrigued to know if anyone else has tried one yet ...

  • Didnt get the Zipvit thingy offer bought a load of SIS gels with free belt and some Cliff Bars too from a sports shop online...........going to take a gel on Sunday as not had any since 2010 Birmingham Half. Hope you feeling okay after long run Oscar?

    Ten I have an old plastic milk carton on my desk with a ltr of water in and consume it all by the mid afternoon time. Really feel it if I dont drink properly. Actually find it harder to drink water at weekend as get busy doing stuff and forget to drink in the garden or out and about. Must take bottle with me more often.

    Looking forward to rugby tomorrow. May have to watch some on iplayer as six hours may be too much even for me.

    one hour and 18 mins to LE WEEKEND.........enjoy all.image

  • Not consuming much definitely can definitely lead to illness.  I used to train hard for triathlons (not that I'm fast or anything - just did a lot of mileage) and at one point had about 4 olds in 3 months.  After my doctor reviewed what I was doing and my eating habits, concluded I'd done my immune system in by not fuelling while training (this was before I knew what I know now and only used water during 3 hours run/bike/swim sessions).  Since then I've been way more just getting used to how to fuel for longer runs as until this year my long sessions were a mix of swim bike run....veeeeery different to just full on running for 3 hours image

  • mcs - feel OK after today's run, thanks - 1 mile warm-up then 5 @ MP then 1 cool-down for a good 7m workout - may do the local park run tomorrow then a short run on Sunday.

    Louisa - your fuelling experience is very useful info and only goes to confirm in my mind that my propensity for getting ill after LSR training runs is down to poor in-run fuelling and something i am certainly going to change from now on (may buy shares in SIS !!) - i seem to have been doing everything else OK like carb loading before LSRs, smoothies straight after runs for refuelling, plenty of water during the day and during runs etc.

  • SB - I tried the zipvit gel. I'm not sure if it was my imagination, but it felt like it gave me a sugar rush very quickly. I think I'm going to get some more to see how I get on. It wasn't as thick and gooey as I had expected, given the high carb content.

    Oscarr - glad you're back in business after the temporary lay-off.

    MCS/Louisa - I am now being more cautious to make sure I consume enough. Better late than never. I'm going to try to ensure I drink 1 pint of water in the morning, and another pint in the afternoon.
  • Hi Sam Murphy and Craig

    I've been following this thread since the beginning and I have now been inspired to buy your book and see if I can emulate craig as a first time marathon plodder, but I've given myself a year to train and probably enter a local marathon.  I like the way that you have given other runners on this thread answers to their questions. 

     Tenjiso  I still gigle at that remark you made ages ago about  Craig eating a Kenyan


  • Twinkle - glad you've joined this thread, we are all learning so much from it and having fun (apart from the eaten Kenyan that is!!)
  • Hi everyone!  Very soggy bear here! Yakky rain but 8 miles done and dusted (today instead of tomorrow).

    Tenjiso - ooooh I will look forward to that then - quite enjoy the odd sugar rush. image Thank you!

    Glad you're feeling better oscarr - haven't quite completed a full carb load practice yet - not quite managed the 2nd pint of hi juice - now understand your experiences!  Am building up to it twice a week and then go back to my normal eating for the other 5 days.  Could be a couple of stone heavier very soon if I did this every week as standardimage

    Right - back into the rain for me - helping out at the club's duathlon this weekend - setting up the field today. OH's escaped to Glasgow for the Home Countries XC!

    Have a good weekend all  - look forward to all the long run stories...

  • Hi Sleepy - still not 100% but at least i am running - did the local Park Run this morning with 4 miles either side so a good work out; slightly faster time than last time but still half a minute off my best from last year and it felt it this morning - weather is pretty awful isn't it

    Be careful not to do the carb loading too often - i remember Ruth saying that it was something to do only before the occasional run/race as it's not really a balanced diet for everyday living - need to strike a balance i guess

    Getting ready to eat then become a sport coach potato - my beloved Sunderland in the FA Cup at 12:45 then 2 rugby matches will not see me surface until about 7pm !!!

    Well done for getting your 'long' run out of the way today - i find if i do it on the Saturday it feels that you've got so much more of the weekend to go somehow

    BoD - how you doing?? practicing your French yet?  you can get by in France with one saying - ca-va (spoken sa-va) - using different tones it can range from being a question (how are you) to an answer (i'm Ok) - if stuck just say it with a gallic shrug of the shoulders and walk off !!!

  • Ha ha, Oscarr. Or should that be 'ho hee hon' said with French accent! image

    Had a stimulating day yesterday - tutoring 23 members of Sweatshop staff how to lead thier Sweatshop Running Club groups. It was quite a challenge to get them to think outside of the 'going for a 5km run' box and open the possibility up of doing different types of session, throwing in some drills, games etc etc. Nice bunch though.

    The physio wants me to try a run this weekend. He said 'no more than half an hour' which feels completely out of the quesiton right now. Five minutes, maybe! But will give it a go when the weather picks up, maybe tomorrow. Then will have a bit more of a sense of where we are with the injury.

    BoD, hope you're having a NICE EASY day today in preparation for tomorrow image Those Zipvit gels sound pretty good - 50g per gel means you don't need to take too many on board - think you've got it about right, Ten.

    Welcome Twinkle! Thanks for buying my book Really hope your marathon journey goes wellimage

  • Hi Guys... i've had a hangover.. My colleague left on Friday and while I was intending on having a couple of cheeky beers, it turned into a full on session... Woops... Was suffering this morning and had to take the bus into town to help on a stall we'd set up... Oh dear.

    Otherwise, been trying to rehydrate myself all day, but going to keep going. 

    Right, glad your getting better Ten and good luck on the health front oscarr. Got a phase book at the ready to remind myself of some stuff. Funny, my sister-in-law speaks fluent French having been married to a Frenchman, living in Paris and she still work for a French company. Need some tips from her too. ca-va??

    Twinkle: Welcome and thanks. I'm still off the fags BTW. Sam's books are really good, nice and user friendly, but also got plenty of detail and tips (she's not paying me to day that). Good luck on your journey, everyone here is REALLY nice and helpful.

    On the zipvit front, used mine last weekend and got another one for tomorrow. Been using lighter high5 during the first half and then using them at the end (got caffeine ones). Seems to have a rush thing going on, but no noticeable crash, steady like. I'm sold on them to be honest. 

    Hope everyone's running and sporting activities go well over the weekend (including viewing and marshaling).

    Right gotta go, OH not happy that I'm making her wait for dinner. Which is rice, noodles, ribs and stir fried chicken and mushroom, nice and carbie with not much fat.

  • Up at three with poorly other half then got up at five forty five as wide awake ran 13.1 in two hours five dead so pleased with that as chucking it down all Run. Daughter came out for last six which was nice she knows where to find me!
    Happy running all tomatoes on toast with marmite for breakfast now.
    Welcome twinkle and naughty Craig thought you were an athlete!!!
  • OK, recovered from hangover and been out for a 20 miler this morning. Longest run ever for me!image

    1    10:27.7    1.00    10:28
    2    10:00.6    1.00    10:01
    3    10:35.1    1.00    10:35
    4    10:04.8    1.00    10:05
    5    10:05.4    1.00    10:05
    6    10:20.1    1.00    10:20
    7    10:03.3    1.00    10:03
    8    10:06.1    1.00    10:06
    9    10:05.0    1.00    10:05
    10    10:04.4    1.00    10:04
    11    10:20.3    1.00    10:20
    12    10:11.2    1.00    10:11
    13    10:11.2    1.00    10:11
    14    10:00.1    1.00    10:00
    15    9:52.1    1.00    9:52
    16    10:06.0    1.00    10:06
    17    10:01.5    1.00    10:02
    18    9:55.7    1.00    9:56
    19    9:30.9    1.00    9:31
    20    9:33.6    1.00    9:34

    Ave HR was 145 BBP.

    Strange old run that to be honest. While I've struggled to keep to pacing on intervals, I think I've been quite disciplined otherwise. Today though... Was having a constant battle in my head to both stay focused and also keep motivated.  First few miles were a struggle to keep the pace down. The somewhere about mile 6 started to feel like I was weightless and only using my feet to push me along... Then Garmin buzzed, snapping me out of it and felt really heavy... Was a really struggle to keep going till about mile 14, kept telling myself I've messed it up and might as well go home and give up... Got to 14 and just thought that this is a standard (pre-training) run to the village and back. I'm feeling it now, but pint of milk, banana, shower and dressed and feeling better already. 

    Cooking OH steak, potato wedges and salad for dinner on behalf of Thom. Quality. 

    Hope everyone is OK and not disappointed that I had a lapse with the booze (still not smoked though). Is the weather grim everywhere else too? That didn't help.

  • Excellent run Craig it's the long tough ones you need to experience as the marathon starts at mile 18 to 20! Well done matey enjoy eaten all day!
  • Hello all

    BoD - well done on the 20 miles...looks like a good run to me...much better pacing than I could manage! I find these long training runs extreamly hard, always feel like giving up at some point. don't wory about the booze..the smoking cessation is great!

    I didn't get out yesterday morning as I spent a sleepless night in hospital with my son on Friday..he is home now, but still not feeling great. So I had to force myself out the door this morning.. did 20 miles in 4 hours, but struggled at times. Really aching now, my back really sufers on long runs!

    Hope everyone else is having fun today!

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