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  • Hi Kevin, all the folks on this programme are doing Paris in 15/04/12, so think that's the week before London. Was 16 weeks to go last Sunday. Good to have you on board, means you get the feedback and stuff a week before, which could help your planning. If you've got any questions on anything, just ask and I'm sure someone will chip in.

    Tenjiso: thanks very much. Really grateful to have been voted for and picked. What a way to go for a first marathon. Good to have you with us (sure Emma will echo that). Did I read somewhere you are running Paris too? Or am I getting scatty again? We've not had any direct advice as yet, but thinking some should come at the session we have on 28/01 in Birmingham. Sam knows I use gels on my long runs because I can't stomach full sugar sports drinks, make me feel dodgy, where gels are in quick and washed down with water. Will update once we've had full advice.
  • Oh, training today went well. Stuck to the pace guidelines and was out in the proper countyside (spent to day with my mother and sister in law). Steady hill climb on the way out and easy down hill on way back. I say hill, slight incline might be a better description...

    Acceliration strides were brilliant! Loving the pace, effort and self-control required to do them. Great to have the feeling of my legs properly kicking back and pushing me along in short controlled bursts. Did start to feel like my legs were circling under me.

    Has anyone else done them yet???

    Thanks for that Sam!
  • I'm running the Milton Keynes marathon, which is two weeks after Paris.

    Which Gels do you use? I've used the Lucozade ones, but have gone right off them even though I can stomach them. I want to try something different during my training, but have no idea which to go for.

  • Hi

    Just had a read of this and finding it really interesting. I am doing Sussex on 1st April - will be my first ever marathon. Target - to get round, will probably be about 6 hours.

    Have made a mental note to try acceleration strides!

  • Tenjico: remembered that now. Entered that before I tried to get on this thing and the tee-shirt arrived the Monday after I was accepted... Think MK is going to be a great day, seems to be loads of support for it from the community for it. I've been quite lucky in my local triathlon store has been great with offering samples. Bought a box of 20 high 5 gels with caffeine, which are great (if not a bit jittery). Currently trying accel gel 4:1 (carb to protien) with and without caffeine, have to say that I prefer them overall and trying to establish flavour and then stick... Got samples of gu roctane to try. Will let you know how they work. (You might need to remind me once the planned runs get past 10+ though, was being honest when I said I was scatty)... image

    Hi mathschick, how are you? Thanks for the smoking support! Good to have you with us and hope it gets more interesting as we progress. Think there is something about the word 'marathon' that make all of us who haven't run one think: how and (more honestlyimage why???. Personally, I've been worried about the distance and time and my legs falling off and all the rest of it, but we can and will with motivation and support. Now itching to beat it...

    Let us me know how you get on with the strides!
  • Let me know if you find a gel that can be swallowed without needing water. I think I read that some SIS gels were like that, but now I can't find where I read it.

    I'm hoping to be able to run the marathon carrying only gels.

    I like using Nuun tablets, but it seems that loads of races are using cups instead of bottles, so it's not practical to mix a drink in a cup on the run.

    O.T. - Have you read Allen Carr's "easyway to stop smoking" book? I've never smoked, but I read his book about quitting drinking and stopped drinking alcohol five years ago, so I am a fan of his technique.
  • Hello Craig - Iam loking forward to following your progress on this thread. I am following Emma too! My aim for VLM 2012 is sub 5, but I am trying a mixture of schedules at about 4.30-4.40. Good luck!
  • Meant to say,Ii use SIS Go gels, you don't need water to take them.
  • Thanks MWW - I'll try to get some soon.
  • Thanks MWW. Emma is a really good egg. Makes sense to mix and match to what suits you best. Good luck to you too! Hope you enjoy the build up.

    Ive tired the SIS gels too. Think I picked a load up from Tesco... Also Waitrose do them too on a 3 for 2 offer.

    Just had a massive lunch with the family. Going to kip and then go for my run this evening for once.
  • Hey Craig, good to read your progress so far. 'Fraid I got the dreaded tummy bug going round (Emma's had it too, poor thing) and have been lying in bed even more than I usually do over Christmas image

    Really glad you like the acceleration strides. They are a great way of 'waking up' your legs at the end of an easy run - stop you getting into that plodding mentality. They are also a good thing to do at the end of a jog warm-up before a race.

    Gel-wise, agree it's good to have the option to take without water, but bear in mind you will be needing to take water on board regularly throughout the race. No need to carry water in the race itself, I'd say - there are enough water stops to just carry gels.

    So, here's the next week's training schedule:

    Week Two w/c 2/1/12 (22M)
    Mon Rest
    Tue 5M of 1M jog, then 2 x 1.5M (or approx 13 mins) fast, with 400m (3-min) jog recovery, then 1M jog
    Wed Rest
    Thu 1M jog, then 2M (or approx 18 mins) brisk, then 1M jog
    Fri 4M slow plus 4 x acceleration strides
    Sun 9M (100 mins) easy (ideally on road)

    Let me know if any questions/comments - and how you get on!

  • Thanks again Sam. That settles it for me - I'm going to order some SIS Go Gels to try out in training.
  • Eight miles in sixty nine mins in lashing rain and felt too good. Don't you love a run when it goes well!
  • mcs - there is something wonderful about running in horrible weather that makes you feel so good!! I think the fact that non-runners are so horrified that I would choose to go out in such weather makes it even more special!

  • Agreed love rain to run in, bit worried come may there might be hot sunshine as my marathon is Edinburgh may 27th but it is Scotland so should be okay!
  • MCS - I can't remember which Edingburgh marathon it was (2010 I think, but may have been this year), but it was baking hot and people were collapsing with heat stroke. Don't automatically assume it will be cool weather in Scotland image

    By the way - sorry you didn't get an Asics team place. I was going to be following your progress because you are similar age to me.
  • I like the Gu gels (not by the pudding company) - I've tended to get them on line. I like the coffee and chocolate flavours. I don't tent to use gels in training until I know I'm going to be out for over two hours.

    That said - it is a really good idea to practice to see what suits you so you don't end up all sickly on the day.

    I thought it was gels giving me an upset tummy but now think it is just the friction in my gut - charming! So plan not to have wheat or fruit in days before a long run or a race and I should get shares in immodium!

    Tummy still sore and I keep wanting to drop off. Going to drop hubby at the pub, lock the boys in their room, do a smidge of ironing and try to get to bed really early - hopefully then I shall feel better tomorrow!

    Keep up the good work Craig! I've got my first long run tomorrow - luckily it needs to only be a slow run. Tempo will have to pick up a little next week though!

    Let me know how you get on with your 9 miler. I recommend a drink of milk when you finish as I can't stand the recovery drinks. Are you doing Watford?

  • Just caught 'Spider man' throwing bread rolls at his brother - marvellous!
  • Hey Craig, sounds like a great start to your schedule, keep it going. 

    Re Gels - I started with the Lucozade orange ones but found I got sickness feeling after 2 of them - switched to the SIS GO ones mentioned by others and have found them great; I decanted 3 into a small hand bottle (25cl) and carried that on the run since they are fluid enough to flow and not need water.  You must try things out in training and fix on a system and product that suits you personally - don't try anything new on race day !

  • Sis for me suit me the best too, try them....
  • I've ordered some SIS Go Gels - blackcurrent flavour. Only half-a-dozen to start with. I'll order more (and probably one of the SIS gel belts too) if I get on well with the sample.

    How many of these gels do you guys use in a marathon? The blurb on the SIS site says one gel every 20-30 minutes, but that sounds a bit excessive. I took one lucozade gel per hour (approx 6 miles) in my previous marathon. Are SIS gels weaker?
  • SIS are a little bit bigger but have a similar carbohydrate content which is the thing to look for.  I use 3 gels and about 15 jelly babies on a marathon but i see lots of folk taking a lot more gels.  I would take more but don't want to risk getting sick.  Each individual needs to find out what is comfortable by trying things in training.  The orange ones taste OK.
  • Sorry about the time to reply folks, my Internet wasn't working and for the first time ever I've used my data allowance.... OH works in IT: turn it off and on again (I kid you not...)

    Sam: thanks for week two. Did the strides again yesterday and have to agree, great way to wake up the legs. Looking forward to some fast repeats, let's see if I've set the Garmin up right to do that. They bossy things...

    Sorry to hear about the tummy bug guys. Had one a few weeks ago, so clearly remember how much it sucks.... Got a place in the Birkhamsted half in early March, got a couple of club league races before that. Should be about 5 miles or so. These are going to be my first.

    Tenjino: funny you should get the black current, I've got a sample ready to go tomorrow. The packages are quite big, but can get 2/3 in the back pocket of my leg wear. I've found that on LSR one every 4/5 mile works for me (but that's largely determined by where the bins are). Very sticky theses things. I'm admitting something a bit strange here: I don't mind being sweaty, dirty, out of breath, in pain, tired or a bit lonely... But sticky??? I just and to go home and wash.. How odd is that??? Seriously, it's so bad I have to have a full on face and hand wash after eating ribs.

    Oscarr: thanks mate. Looking forward to next week, going to be good. First LSR of the programme tomorrow. Nice easy 8.

    Happy New Year guys. To quote someone else: 'May these be the worst of times'. Quite like that.
  • I didn't realise you were one of the Asics 6 now I understand what you ment about a public arena



  • Thanks to a seriously fast ebayer, I ordered six SIS gels yesterday afternoon and they arrived this morning. I will try one out during my run later today. I don't really need one as it's only eight miles, but I'll take one at about 5 miles for practice.

    The gels are quite a bit bigger than the lucozade ones, probably due to the extra water content. Comparing the carb content:

    Lucozade - 45g pack has 30g
    SIS Go - 60ml pack has 22g

    Unscientifically, it looks to me like I might need one or two more SIS gels during the course of a marathon than lucozade (based on 4x30g=120g and 5 x 22g = 110g). I'm an expert at pseudo-science image

    Oscarr - I like jelly babies, but can't imagine eating fifteen on the run. For some reason I find them a real chore to eat while running, but no problem while slouching in front of the TV.
  • Hello all

    BoD-well done on the strides..never sure how to do them myself!

    Tenjiso - I take one SIS gel after an hour and then one every 40-45 mins ish. I was tkaing them every 30 as recommended but found this too much!

    Well, managed 10 miles this morning, felt more like 20 and walked a bit during the last three miles. Can't believe I have evey run 26.2!

    Hope you all have a good NYEimage

  • Tenjico: you've got to let me know who that seller was. That's an amazing lead time. I generally take one before going out and then stagger through my run.

    Oscarr: I done like Jelly Baby's, but gummy bears on the other hand..... image totally agree about them being dry individual. I struggle to eat after runs, so recovery shakes are a god send to me, but I understand some people can abide them. Think iit also has something to do with me having used whey protien in the past to bulk up... Horses for courses and all that.

    Hi Twinkle! How are you??? Thanks for coming over. Yea, they picked me, no pressure then...

    MWW: bet it goes better next time! The hard bit in them is keeping up with the counting (IMHO). Have to remember to change pace at eight and not eighty...
  • Craig, I tried to PM you but couldn't. I'm not sure if forum rules allow posting ebay details, so if the following is a breach someone can let me know and I'll edit it back out. Anyway, the item number was 330536919618, so if you search on ebay for that you should find the seller. It was £6 for 6 gels including delivery, which I thought was reasonable. The fast delivery was a bonus.

    As for the gel itself....

    I took one today at five miles into an eight mile easy run. It was easy to swallow and the taste was not overpowering. The packet didn't open cleanly on the run, which resulted in the packet getting a small coating of contents and getting sticky. I agree with Craig that sticky hands are not very pleasant. Maybe I just need more practice, though.

    More importantly, about half a mile after taking the gel I noticed a small but sharp pain in the pit of my stomach. Nothing dramatic, on a scale of ten this was about a three. This lasted for around 1.5 miles. Possibly complete coincidence, but something I'll be wary of next time I try them.

  • Thanks Tenjiso, not sure what the rules are. I should look them up really (considering I'm doing this). Thanks for having a go though, looks like a good price with delivery. PM thing might be a bit temperamental with me...

    I'm going to try one tomorrow on my LSR and see how I go. The pain thing is a concern might only be a three, but still. All about trying things out.

    Right, put the small person to bed in a bit and spend the evening indulging in some fizzy wine. Have a good evening and 2012 folks.
  • Happy new year everyoneimage

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