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  • acetabular impingement syndrome........respect to docs and physios trying to diagnose that. Just spent hours reading about that online.........all the best Sam!!

    Slow run of seven for me today.......bit weary need more food!!image

  • Track session tonight at club night - 8x800's yasso style, target 3:33 average over the 8 which is just inside 5K pace (did 6 a fortnight ago in avge 3:33 hence the target for tonight)
  • Wow - oscarr - that sounds like a hard sesh... Allez, allez, allez!

    mcs - good call! Time to eat image 

    My little jaunt with Rascal was very easy (71% ave HR) but I was determined to let her set the pace today and just get used to being on the bungee.  She got upto 7mph at one point though but not for very long, at worst I had to jog on the spot whilst she had a sniff so that I didn't drag her along.  Her tail didn't stop wagging all morning and now she's snoozing in the sun with a big grin! Looks like I've found my easy/recovery run partner!

    Sam - can you go see an osteopath perhaps - don't they sometimes work in conjunction with physios?

  • Enjoy your toughie Oscarr what recovery do you have between each one?

    Rascal would love all the rabbits on the trail I run along hundreds out there this morning enjoying the spring air!!

  • I'm seeing an osteo and physio already! Well, I see an osteo on a semi regular basis anyway and am now seeing  a physio specifically for the hip issue. The phyiso hasn't actually used the term 'acetabular impingement syndrome' but has said my hip isn't sitting right in the socket - which amounts to the same thing, don't you reckon Dr MCS?!

    I had a good chat with Vic Thompson, the sports psychologist, last night. He was the guy Craig et al got to see at the last training day, and I didn't get a chance to have a chat even though we've sort of been in the same 'circles' for years. It was really interesting to talk to him, both on a personal level and as a journalist. As always, I tend to start thinking in terms of article content when I'm facing a problem!  Just hope it can be a story with a happy ever afterimage

    Hope all good with you Craig. Rest day today. I've been out celebrating (cake, lunchtime wine!) my 2nd wedding anniversary with Mister SamMurphyRuns, and Sid, of course. (Well, he did walk down the aisle with me!)

  • Happy anniversary Samimage Hope the Osteo and Physio can help your hip!

    Oscarr - sounds like a tricky session!

  • Happy anniversary Sam! Hoping you both have a wonderful day/evening. Hope you are enjoying/enjoyed cake and wine.

    Dr Victor was interesting at the last session. Funny; but wih my line of work, I can't help thinking that something has gone shockingly wrong if your seeing a psychologist... Example of having perspectives twisted by employment maybe..

    Sounds like everyone has had good running. How were the yassos oscarr?

    Been taking it easy (ish) today, pondering paces, races, Paris and where to go next with my running... Oh, I know: sandwich run tomorrow!
  • Morning all,

    Sandwich run done:

    SplitTimeDistanceAvg PaceBest PaceAvg HRMax HRCalories

    1    9:44.6    1.00        9:45    7:44    129    149    94
    2    8:20.3    1.00        8:20    7:40    146    152    103
    3    8:21.9    1.00        8:22    7:36    148    153    101
    4    8:14.2    1.00        8:14    7:21    153    157    102
    5    7:53.4    1.00        7:53    7:12    156    164    101
    6    9:49.5    1.00        9:50    8:12    139    155    76

    Wetting the contacts properly seemed to work. Thanks Ten.

    Did that largely on feeling of 'comfortably hard' rather then watching my Garmin all of the time. 

    Really nice run. Was wondering what to write about it... Dawn, just breaking... birds singing and the light becoming ever so more intense each second. The light frost was melting at the smallest increase in temperature.... Oh hell to that, it was just really, really nice to moving....

  • Good run craig off out there after my porridge! Happy anniversary Sam. I am sure this spring Asics stuff must have thrown up some good article ideas. Injuries, dogs and running, pacing, physiology etc.......might try and do a spot of writing today as work is dead.......does it pay well?"...........
    Misty morning here today. Happy Thursday all.
  • Yippee - happy anniversary Sam, Mr Sam and Sid Sam image  - stop being naughty and jumping to conclusions naughty guru - if that nasty phrase hasn't been used yet don't wish for it!

    Listened to Victor's vodcast yesterday - aren't humans interesting creatures! He's so right about the need to calm down at the start I think - that's me all over.

    mcs - can you put together a guide to running in your neck of the woods? It's the sort of thing I'd buy if I was new to an area. An OS map and the pathfinder walk guide always get purchased before a move but if someone was to write a series of books with longer routes suitable for runners ...

    Good sandwich Bo - beautiful morning eh! Really happy that you're consideringwhat's next and that you see running in your future! Best reassure your wife that not all races require such mammoth prep before she worries that she'll never see you image

  • Bo - good run this morning and really glad you still are in the honeymoon period with your running, so refreshing

    Yasso session for me last night went well - 2m warmup then 8x800's at avge of 3:30 (target 3:33) across the 8 with 400 recovery between reps then 1m cooldown.  Did 6 a fortnight ago and plan to do 10 in a fortnights time.  I enjoy these sessions which for me are my 'speed' sessions done at just below 5K pace.  I like the buildup principle of doing 6 then 8 then 10 trying to do same avge time each session cos i feel its a positive measure of improvement in my little mind !

  • By crikey oscarr - glad to see you're back on form! image

    Good for you for finding little waymarkers along the route  - I like to do that too!

  • msc: I'd buy SB's idea, been using maps for 'Days Out Cycling' maps and having to put three of them together to get a half decent route for my LSRs. 

    Sleepy: Lovely morning... Shame the clocks are going back, will be running in the dark again.  Which is just not as nice.  Not seen Victor's vodcast yet, but caught Sam and Steve's this morning.  Trying to convice myself, let alone her.  I've got an Ultra relay booked in for July (will end up doing 20-25) and a half in October.  Thinking maybe Rutland or the A20 marathon in November.... Maybe....

    Oscarr: I like the sound of those.  May well exprimement in the future (if I can find a track...) Makes sense that there is clear progression, the jump from 6 to 10 reps isn't small by any means. 

  • Hi Craig, great pacing and all the better for having done on feel. Great work!
    You too oscarr, good set of yassos there - I've never used them before but interviewed him recently and will experiment with them at some point. (while we are on the writing subject mcs, no, it doesn't pay that well image that's why I have to supplement my meagre income with coaching (only joking... Lack of smiley faces on phone can make posts look disconcertingly serious!)
    You and Emma are running same pace for first 10 miles Sunday Craig - so could run together... Then you might want to speed uip a tad to HMP. Btw I SO don't agree about psychologist = something gone badly wrong. I think it's more of a case of 'problem = proactive positive way of trying to address it'
    Have a good day everyone - up to London for meetings today.
  • Sam, enjoy London.  Think I'm getting the hang of pacing by feel, but it seems to be a case of trusting my body and the feedback.  Was interesting to have a look maybe at about each half mile or so and go into my head and take advantage of the increase blood flow to my peanurt brain... image

    I've been looking at Emma's thread too and really up for running witth her at the weekend, 'twas really good at the training day. 

    Just seen this and put onions on my shopping list: Total comfort food....


    Just having lunch!!! Not French onion soup........Actually jacket spud and cheese yum!! Did do six miles steady to brisk this morning in 49 minutes so dont feel too bad going heavy on the cheese. Banana is on my desk the only problem is that a great friend thought I was looking a bit skinny and made me a very large gluten free chocie cake so I have got to eat a piece of that too......oh well.....image

    Good idea SB on the running routes might give that a go. I used to do some part time writing for a website  in the peak district, I did cycle routes off road, but the money was rubbish for the amount of work it took.

    Great running Craig nice pacing there and Oscarr rocking round the yassos, well done!  Beautiful here today......going to be doing my 15 tomorrow after work as weekend hectic........... whats your thoughts Sam on next week. I am doing Coniston 14 on Saturday, my schedule says  Week 8 sub four Ultimate Schedule on is a cut back week to a race on Sunday according to the schedule........

    5 miles with intervals Tuesday,7miles slow Wednesday, Thursday 1m jog,2 miles brisk 16mins 1 mile jog then rest Friday, ..........I will be running on Saturday and I do what to push the 13.1 anyway if not the 14 just to see what time I can do, though its very hilly.   Let me know if you need payment for coaching...imageimage

  • I'm getting jealous of all the running going on. I hope I'll get a slice of the pie this evening!

    So far this week I've been to the Doctor's/Hospital every day, but not for myself. My daughter (4) went to see an ENT specialist about an ongoing problem with her nose on Monday and was booked in for exploratory operation yesterday. Then on Tuesday she had a fever and had to see the GP and get antibiotics. So yesterday was spent at the hospital being monitored to make sure she was fit enough for a general anaesthetic. Eventually she was sedated and the surgery was carried out. Nothing untoward was found or removed, so at least she has recovered quickly and is bossing me around as normal.

    In the meantime my son (5) has contracted some form of conjunctivitis in both eyes, and had to see the GP for eye drops today. It's a nightmare trying to administer the drops.

    So both kids are at home and I'm struggling to keep up with work, never mind running. But, I will do some sort of session later.

    I'm off to pin my son down for his next dose.....
  • Hey Craig, Sam et al...thanks ofr the thoughts on my nutrition/gels etc.  I've now ordered a sample pack of Zipvit (thanks for the link) and just purchased a couple of High 5 gels.  Will try High 5's on Sunday LSR and see how they go.

    Did 6.75 miles last night, first run since Sunday 18 miler thanks to work trip to Edinburgh on Tuesday, and felt really good, quite strong.  Had to do 1M jog, 2000m at 10K pace and 400m recovery (x3) then 1 mile jog...and smashed my usual 10K pace on the 2000m bursts...was amazed when looked back at my Garmin data at home...very happy now.  So feel like something must be happening in me bod image.

    And great job once again on your pacing Craig - very very impressive.  I was having a chat with a colleague Monday who did his first marathon 2 yrs ago and we were saying how obsessive pacing can be in terms of trying to get it right!  Interesting stuff!

  • Just eaten 2nd lunch.... Had soup too mcs, steak and potato with a bread roll  for first lunch and chickend with greek salad for second lunch and for the first time in ages I'm not hungry!!! Nice.... This running lark can really increase the old appitite... I've even given away my 'emergency' bombay mix!

    mcs: maybe your own website or something? Could work, just to get interest and sell ad space.

    Ten: MATE... You is not having a good time. My son had conjuctivitus and what a nightmare, could have taken up westling after putting the stuff in his eyes.  Worse than having to wash the cat after it sat under a car with an oil leak (still got the scars). Hope you get out this evening.

    Louisa: the high5s are really good for shorter runs for me.  vvv light and easy to use.  The belt with the box is worth the £5 anyway and you can attach race numbers to it too! isn't it amazing how strong you can feel in the shorter runs after the long slow ones??? When I was doing previous training, generally didn't change pace much, but the rewards are sooooo much better.  Have noticed that it's jhust getting easier and easier to maintain slightly slower paces after the quicker intervals too.

    Sam: Note on pacing: THANK YOU!

  • Ten - you sound as though you need a bit of cheering up so i will share with you something i heard the other day;

    "There's a new website called - that's a site for sore eyes !!! "

    Just come back from my second Sports Massage - good news is that my knee niggle has gone but will keep up the exercises - she found a real knot in the outer quad of my right leg and then traced the source back to the lower back at the origin of the glute so will now concentrate on easing this point which we think may solve all the other niggles on the right side (including occasional tight hammy) so here's hoping.  Dosen't stop me running or racing but when fixed will give me so much more confidence that i won't get injured cos that's what pulled me up in my last marathon.  Oh, and once again, the massage was painful and it's amazing how tired you can get just lying down !!!

  • Sam - 2 years on, congrats!

    Oscarr - love reading your posts!

    BoDuke - the weeks are flying by now! But i do hope you feel nutritionally prepared! This is your first so you will tweak things in the next one  but getting round without hitting the wall,  being put into the medical tent by under or over drinking and bowels behaving means a form of success!

  • Louisa: it may be worth stopping caffeine (wean down if need) and reducing all heavy fibre foods a couple of days before (fruit and veg, wholegrian bread/pasta/rice etc ) and if that does not solve it trying to cut out milk at breakfast and have another form of it which is not dairy (I do not on a day to day basis think you should cut out milk, fruit and veg etc but this does work for some people) and no sugary drinks before. I don't think it was the gels, just for some the bowels do struggle with prolonged running.  Some find  pills is the only thing that stops this!

  • Cheers Craig - I've found a way to get the drops in, by putting it on his eye while it is closed and letting it seep in while he looks left and right. He's happy with that method.

    Believe it or not, since posting earlier, my son has a tooth that has broken off and now has an appointment at the Dentists tomorrow morning. So that's five straight days with some sort of medical dilemma to sort out. It never rains..... (insert hosepipe ban joke here).

    Oscarr - I checked and have to say you are wrong. is not a new site - it was registered in 1996. The roots of that joke go back to 1843. It did, however, raise a smile image
  • oh dear - oscarr - that's terrible (but very funny) image

    Hope everything settles down soon for you Ten!

    Last run with my current running club tonight image. Gonna miss em!  Easy/steady 6m to say toodleooo!

  • I have a reputation in my family of telling too many bad one liners and 'dad' jokes....image

    Still haven't told my favourite Blondie joke - will need permission from Emma before that one goes public !!!

  • Cool thanks for the advice Ruth - that does make sense so i'll start testing that approach for next few LSR's.

    Oscarr:  oh dear...*groan*...I read that out to my colleagues sat near me was met with silence and head shaking image

  • Louisa - try them with this one;

    " have you heard about the butler with one arm ? (pause) - he can take it but he can't dish it out !! "

    Come on....try and get with it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for entertaining me on my train journey home everyone - but especially oscarr!!
  • OH's response: ohhhhhh goooodddddd
  • WOOT! I ran this evening image

    I started a repeat of the "sandwich" session I did last week, then got to thinking during the run "hmmm, where's the progression?" - so I upped the pace a bit more towards the end instead of doing 2m at 10k pace.

    1m jog 12:00
    2m HMP 9:30 x 2
    1m 10k pace 9:05
    1m 5k pace 8:35
    1m jog 12:00

    My heart rate was up to 170bpm for the fastest mile, which is about 85% HRR.

    Happy with that image

    I'm debating whether to have a crack at 20 miles on Sunday. Gade Valley Harriers have a 20m training run this week, or I could just construct a run of my own.
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