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  • We still have quite a bit of sweet food left here too.  That might explain why I still weigh the same as before Christmas *looks around for a smug smiley*  image

    Reading back about the psychology I am another pace counter but do it at some point in most of my runs without really meaning too.  I just seem to start it for no real reason, stop counting if I start thinking about something but then pick up the numbers again when the train of thought stops.  Weird!

  • Recorded Chariots of Fire the other day and about to watch for the first time ever!!! I know, but haven't seen the wizard of oz, sound of music or great escape all the way through either...

    Lee: How much you burning with your training? Got to be still amounts of calories.

    Bridget: envious of not post Christmas bulge... Heard about the counting thing, but I keep forgetting where I was. Heard it works for loads of others..
  • Hi Craig

    I do think you have to be careful with recovery drinks including milkshakes for calories especially  if you do put on weight easy or you are trying to lose weight, you can quickly drink a lot of calories generally compared to eating food BUT having said that after long runs or very hard prolonged sessions they do get the carbs, protein and some fluid back into you quick. If you had a recovery drink after every run it may not be needed and be expensive! Although those training twice a day etc may  find them very useful.

    See you at the end of the month but will be back on your thread soon to see how you are doing.

  • Don't use sports drinks etc till I get over twelve or more miles and rather carry a gel or two. They are expensive and heavy to carry too. Off to spend my Asics 26.2 voucher tomorrow to buy several pairs of trainers, the only problem with so many of us running in this house!! Happy long runs all......
  • Good luck with that mcs - I tried to use mine but all Asics shoes were on sale in the sweatshop I went to so I couldn't use it!  Was told the sale was on until the end of the month which is when the voucher runs out.  Having said that - I got my shoes cheaper in the sale than they would have been if I'd used the voucher anyway!

  • SB - i had same experience with Sweatshop and the voucher for shoes.  Also a bit annoying that my local store (Reading) does not stock any Asics clothing or accessories so couldn't use the voucher at all.  Never mind.
  • Thanks for the advice Ruth, appriciate you saving me some cash and more importantly, some calories for real food!

    Tried a porridge idea from the RW nutrition book this morning in prep for 10 miler today. Very nice, honeyed banana. Yummy. Only 260 kcals and set me up, OH and small person also enjoyed!!! Mushroom and bacon omelette when I get back and then gonna bake bread.

    Regarding cross training. I don't have a bike (unless work arrange a discount thing) and not in a gym. Been doing some weights, low resistance with lots of reps and pull up/ press up/ bridges and all that. Was thinking about doing some climbing once a week would this support or hinder running I wonder??? Did it in late teens and early Uni days but broke a toe and didn't return after injury...

    Sleepy, oscarr and mcs: bummer guys. Got a flyer in this months RW with a massive sale in Sweatshop.

    Right, to the supermarket in my running gear and then out for run when shopping packed away. Have good day all.
  • I've still not got my copy of RW!image
  • Boduke- climbing is great fun, and I used to do indoor climbing every week, until recently- dunno if it is good crosstraining- might be, and I'm sure the flexibility is helpful. I've never dared climb in the week before a race, for fear of scraping an ankle, or bashing a toe.

    Just back from first run in 4 days ( had the lurgy) so behind with my trainig already- still, I've never heard of nyone trainig for a marathon, and not having some break in training due to colds or injuries, so that's the one for this campaign over and done with.

  • Hello all

    Craig - I got into the habbit of drinking SIS recovery drink after my LSR's (of over 12miles). Ihave put on weight in the last year or so (my age doesn't help) so I think I'll try and do without the shakes and stick to a protein/carb meal (normally breakfast) after an LSR!

    Hope you run goes well today. I manged 11.5 this morning, a bit further than planned but needed to take a detour to find a loo!

  • Emma: I can never tell when it's out so have to look about in supermarket or Smith's. Need to sub up to be honest.

    Tri: glad your better, seems to be going around at the moment. I was I'll the week before bootcamp, so hoping that's me done too.

    MWW: the run was lush. Thought it was meant to be 10, but glad I programmed it into my Garmin... My memory is so bad.... 9 miles on road, except a quick run round a local lake. I've been using these SIS shakes too. Going to leave now I think, but they do taste very nice... Rachel was nice and cooked an omelette for lunch, which has gone down really well. Hope you found a loo... image
  • IS there a website which gives info on where publicly available toilets are? There seemed to be a "scheme" of some sort up in Kenmore ( Perthshire) , where I was staying last week- there were signposts saying that the hotel's loos were part of this scheme. Can't find anything on google.
  • I think it might be something that towns do themselves to encourage people to come to the town.  They don't have that here but I've found that the local pubs are willing to let me nip into the loo if needed.
  • Got some Kayanos for me and the girls got sale shoes so saved 25 pounds but no Asics clothing......shame.
    Roof ripped off bike shed so had to repair that today as two bikes in there of mine.......nightmare................good to hear og good runs taking place.
  • mcs: really, roof off? How that happen???
  • Evening all. Managed to download Firefox for Mac, so might be able to post pictures and stuff on here now! Wow, I'm in the 21 century.

    Got to go back to the hospital tomorrow with small person, so going to attempt a really early run tomorrow morning. Not an overnighter this time so hoping less stressful than last week. 

    3 x mile with 400m jogs. Not sure why, but I really enjoy speedwork. Could be my masochistic (spell check on here??? Oh, there it is) tendencies coming through there.  

    Also looking forward to my second only race ever this weekend with my club. Out in the Fens, so got to be a pancake flat 5 miles surely... 

    Have a good evening all. 

  • BoD - can almost feel the infectious excitement you exude at the moment which is great to see - keep on going !!

    Good luck with the hospital tomorrow.

  • Oscarr you hit the nail on the head there. Good luck tomorrow Bo
  • Thanks oscarr and Kevin.
  • Hi Craig

    Hope you managed to drag yourself out for that early run this morningimage. Those early runs are tough, especially if you're someone who doesn't like 'running on empty' (like me) and needs a quick snack before going... How were the splits?

    Your talk of rock climbing reminds me of the one and only time I went, in May 2008. I loved it - had a day's tuition on a climbing wall and just as was reaching the top of my highest climb of the day, I lifted up my right leg (bent, turned out at the hip) and it went POP! I thought.. ooh that's weird, didn't really hurt all that much. When I got down to the ground though, I couldn't walk and turned out I had pulled both my hip flexor and TFL (a muscle in side of hip). The worst of it was that it was a week before I was going on a week-long triathlon training camp in Greece! When I got there I couldn't run or cycle all week. How happy was I?image And the moral is?! Hmm, well - I define cross training as something that is a substitute for running. In other words, it adds to your training volume but through a different activity - perhaps one that is lower impact, for example. So in that way, rock climbing doesn't really help. But then there's supportive training', which is the stuff you do to support, rather than substitute, your running. Stuff like strength training, flexibility work, core stability stuff. Could rock climbing fit that category? Possibly.. .

  • Hi Sam - pulling a hip flexor sounds nasty and I'm surprised it didn't hurt!

    Re cross training, where do you feel rowing (water rower in the garage) fits - substitute or supportive?  It's cardovascular and exercises the upper leg/bum and core but maybe not all the running muscles so could it be both?  When would you use it in a marathon schedule?  Interested to know how best to use it to help my running.

  • Craig, I can't remember if you said you we booked into the Milton Keynes marathon before winning the Paris place? If you did, you may be interested in the 14m and 10m training runs being held on 19th February which are free to enter for Mk marathon entrants. If it fits in your schedule it may be a way for you to get something for your money spent on the marathon place.
  • Roof of shed repaired thankfully, high winds in the north last week........ended my 29 day streak but got to marathon train now so will be resting the odd day!!

    Good to see you are doing well Craig. Got three pairs of trainers on the go at the moment plus fell trainers some at work and some at home trying to work out which pair I should run the marathon in May in.  Kayanos not be out yet, super blue colour very fast looking!!! How are your trainers going? All the best for the early running. I like breakie before I go if I can but not always possible.

  • Hello all

    Craig - hope it goes well at the hospital today.

    Sam- that hip flexor injury sounds horrible!

    I tend to stick to swimming and zumba for cross training! I ran this morning, 5 miles with some speedwork.Have had to come home from work as two of my three children are home ill!

  • Hi Bo

    Hows the non smoking going?  have you noticed any improvements in your running?


  • Hi all, just got back from hospital... Thanks for your words of support and all that. Will report on splits etc tomorrow when I manage to get to the computer... Did get out for the run though, before breakfast and those belvita breakfast things with a glass of milk...

    Very quickly, thinking about copying Emma and reporting food intake if anyone is interested. I use myfitnesspal app on my phone, so tend to record everything anyway. Weight has dropped 2lb now and getting back to 11st...
  • On week 1 now did first speed work session of warm up and warm down with 2x1.5 miles at 10km pace. Wasn't looking forward to it at all as have been doing mainly slow runs but really enjoyed it
  • Go Craig, Go Craig! Hope the little person is doing ok.

    And yip - I'd be intrigued to see what you eat - mostly just because I'm nosy but also because I do find nutrition really interesting!

  • Hi Guys, back again,

    Sam: Ouch. That sounds... unpleasant to say the least... Might leave that alone at this point then and stick with the home arrangements. Training for Paris is not going to be ruined by trying new stuff, advice taken. Can't stand swiming though, so I'll leave that one alone too image.

    I generally find it OK going out without food, but then get really hungry when I get back and have to be careful not to eat everything in the house. 

    Just looking at the splits for the fast miles and they seen too quick:  8:00, 7:55 and 8:09. Wasn't checking my Garmin very regularly and trying to avoid massive puddles and mud. Still felt good at the end and not bent over coughing my lungs out or anything (which is good, yes?). 

    Tenjiso: Yea, I got that e-mail last week and kept thinking about it. I might have to have a look at the schedule and see what I can do. I'll have to talk Rachel into going shopping in MK or something while I do that and can get some Yo! Sushi afterwards... Thanks for the idea, really appricate that. Are you going too?

    mcs: nightmare mate. But if it's given you a rest day that good... I hate fixing stuff like that, properly frustrates me. I've got two pairs on the go at the moment, my older Brooks Adrenaline and the Asics Evos. The asics ones seem a lot more cusioned than the Brookes, so using them for long runs now and sticking with the Brookes for shorter runs. 

    Twinkle: The smoking thing is going well, sucking on the old NRT on a regular basis and goting the odd grouchy moment. To be honest, my lungs feel a lot clearer now and my breathing is so much easier than before I gave up. Notised yesterday morning, not coughing like a crazy person or having any 'tickles' at the back of my throat!! You? 

     Kevster: Good work mate.

    Sleepy: He's OK, last appointment next week and then we're free of constant appointments. TF. I'll do a screen print then... But weightloss thus far is here:


    Yea, I can post picture. Gonna go crazy now. 

    Right, late for work... Have a good day all.

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