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  • Impressive weight loss there Craig. Are you at your favoured weight yet, or is there more to come off?
  • Hi Colin, thanks. I was aiming for 73kg originally. Now at 71.7, but think 70 would be about right really. Started to consider waist measurement and BF% more than total weight. That BUPA thing said I was sightly under 'normal' bracket, but this was OK due to training. I've had to re-buy new clothes twice... Pricey that.

    Read somewhere that a kg is another 10sec/mile for no extra effort... Need a reference on that one though.
  • In that case if I lose a few stone I will be super zippy!
  • Hi Craig, yes I'm booked into the MK training run. Not surprisingly it fits in well with training for the MK marathon image

    I lost 28lb in weight, and five inches off my waist, between August and the end of 2011 to get myself back to a "healthy" BMI. I want to lose another twelve pounds, and another couple of inches off the waist in time for the marathon. I figure I should get a better time if I'm leaner image Even then, I will be looking at reducing my waist still further. It's a long term goal, since it took more than twenty years to build-up the fat in the first place.

    I like the nice steady graph you have. Ideal way to lose weight.
  • 11 stone weight which is light for height but great for cycling up hills and easier for running.....though I do run out of fuel easily when cycling if I dont eat on the go after an hour or more hard riding and two hours running I am done have to eat on the go in the next marathon........lessons to learn.
  • That's a stone lighter than me mcs, and about where I'd like to be on marathon day. Easy to say when I've just eaten a large Balti image
  • Welldone on the no smoking- i must say im finding it really hard but have definitely noticed that I feel healthier all round although Inow eat my way through shifts at work so have stocked up in fruit and carrot sticks so nothing that can do too much damage!!

    I've got my long run tomorrow of 15 miles, then off to my best friends hen do so not much running this weekend but I must do my chief bridesmaid duties on the champagne front!

    Happy running all!!

  • BoDuke wrote (see)
    Thanks for the advice Ruth, appriciate you saving me some cash and more importantly, some calories for real food! Tried a porridge idea from the RW nutrition book this morning in prep for 10 miler today. Very nice, honeyed banana. Yummy. Only 260 kcals and set me up, OH and small person also enjoyed!!! Mushroom and bacon omelette when I get back and then gonna bake bread. Regarding cross training.

    imagebut easy on bacon the eggs where probably enough protein!

    Not heard theory that 1kg=10sce faster but I guess the individual variation would be huge on this and hence only perhaps good for motivation however if healthy and lighter you will often go faster if you also do the right training!

  • It's amazing how motivating it is to write your food down eh?  Even just thinking about doing it made me put the chocs back in the cupboard this afternoon and  have some brazil nuts instead.

    Be careful - don't lose too much too quickly - I think Ruth'd agree that you need to make sure that you're getting enough calories to fuel your extra miles without depleting your body! She'll know better than me but if you start feeling ridiculously tired you may need to eat more!  I dropped to nearly 8 stone from my usual (just below 9) whilst marathon training (5' 4") proving nicely I think that you do need some extra calories...


  • oscarr wrote (see)

    Hi Sam - pulling a hip flexor sounds nasty and I'm surprised it didn't hurt!

    Re cross training, where do you feel rowing (water rower in the garage) fits - substitute or supportive?  It's cardovascular and exercises the upper leg/bum and core but maybe not all the running muscles so could it be both?  When would you use it in a marathon schedule?  Interested to know how best to use it to help my running.

    Oh it hurt alright, just not until I tried to weight bear on it! image
    I'd class the rowing as cross training really. It could substitute or 'add' an easy run or a steady run, depending on how much effort you put in (or even a faster session if injury required it).  In marathon training, it could help you increase your overall volume of training without adding extra miles - I'd be doing it now really, in the base phase.  You could see it as a 'double day' where you use it to substitute a second run on a day you've already run or are going to, if that makes sense...

    Craig, whoo, those splits were fast for the 3 x 1 M fast! And great that you felt good afterwards. I am going to sit tight with existing paces until after your race on Sunday - but depending on the result, I may adjust. How are the long runs feeling, pace and mileage wise?

     About pace and weight: losing weight will have an effect on your pace provided your fitness remains the same, or improves. If losing weight involves cutting silly amounts of calories from your diet, leaving you tired and vulnerable to illness/injury then it's not exactly going to help! There's a fine balance with weight loss and training and Craig has set a great example by losing weight slowly and steadily.

  • Didn't get in till 11pm last night from work and a meeting, with dinner at a service station M&S. Feel like the walking dead at the moment. Alarm went off at 4:30 and went to snooze a couple of times before the resetting for six...

    On the up side I have a meeting in Peterborough this afternoon and should be done by 4.00. Get home, do run, have dinner, reply and then to bed I feel.
  • Sat at desk at work, looking at total chaos and thinking: need coffee and one of these Starbucks all day breakfast pots... Lush and really filling, no real time to grab lunch today so should hit the spot.

    Very quickly: LSR at weekend totalled nine miles in 1:33:11. Think I got quicker at the end though, was getting hungry and having lunch cooked for me. Also that route is getting a bit boring and need to find a new one. Overall, felt really good, physically no issue with aches, pains or anything. Drank plenty. Nice to Be upping the distances again, but deffo need a few new routes.

    Going to stop procrastinating and do some work, get home, reply properly and kip.
  • Sam - many thanks for the feedback on the rowing, much appreciated.  It does make sense and is the answer i was hoping for as is gives me more confidence that I can use to supplement the running,  It feels right in that a 30to40 min steady row leaves me feeling the same as after a 4 mile recovery run and doing intervals on it perks up the glutes and quads and gets a real sweat on!!  Like the idea of using it on a double day - either as an easy session when I do a hard run or a harder one when I do a recovery run.  Will use it more in the base phase as you suggest and probably no more than 2 times a week. 
  • Craig - that's 10.18 per mile I think - which puts it closer to the 'steady' pace than the 'easy' - but as we discussed, the important thing is that it FEELS easy. I defo think will adjust paces after the race, but am also conscious that while 9 miles at 10.18 might feel good, 18 miles might not so don't want to go too mad despite your great progress so farimage
  • What a day... Good lord, I've been busy. In the office early, catch up on some paperwork, then meeting with some people and back to Peterborough to see someone else. Literally have not stopped at all since posting this morning, including three mile steady run. Hoping tomorrow will be better leading to calm(ish) weekend where job application needs to be started... 

    Today: Three miles steady in 30:13, ave pace at 10:04.  Feeling wise, was a bit nuteral to be honest, neither good or bad, but think my day has afffected that a bit. The accelleration stride continue to provide much entertainment though (including to local dog walkers/fishing peeps). image

    Sam: I think that I started to go quicker in the last couple of miles, was really careful to try and remain in the 'easy' boundaries, but started to lose concentration after about mile six or seven and thinking about food, was quite hungry by then. The run did feel 'easy', but I totally know what you mean about 18 miles not being 9...

    tenjiso: Looking at the timetable and considering the training run... Might make a decision at the weekend. Know what you mean about the build up, it's really sneeky like that gaining bit by bit image. I there is one thing that really does my head in it's BMI measurements... Even more grrrrrrrr. Might be an OK guide, but no account of any individual factiors at all, even gender! Good work in the weight loss, it so nice losing the inches. For me (I was BIG) it good not that have to worry about sizes any more or my belly showing... 

    VikW: Good work. It's really hard not snacking on unhealthy stuff. Like the carrot stick idea, cheaper and less anti-social than chewing gum... Hope you enjoyed the run and have a good hen do. 

    Sleepy, Ruth:  Got this great app that even read barcodes!!! Pick up something bad, scan it, go: "what how many!!!" Then put it back and get something healthier.  While I do have a weakness for grilled chicken kebabs and wine, been good both ways I think. My BMR appears to be around 2000 kcals, while trying to lose, eating about 1850 and also eating the majority of my exercise calories too. 

    Food today consisted of:

    Starbucks - All Day Breakfast Pot
    New York Bagel Co
    Kraft - Philidelphia Light With Garlic and Herb
    Waitrose - Love Life Roasted Vegetables & Goats Cheese Flatbread
    Sainsbury's - Wild Mushroom Tortellini
    Sainsbury's - Chicken and Bacon Ravioli 
    Pacino's - Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce
    Cheese - Parmesan, shredded

  • Craig - well done on your 3 mile run and making through a hectic day! Like the food for today, I love Sainsbury's filled pasta!

    I did a 5 miler this morning, easy pace!

  • MWW: thanks. Re: filled pasta, quick, easy, tasty and does the job. Bit of black pepper, olive oil and sprinkle of cheese = very good meal.

    Made breakfast already for return: oat, yogart and apple stuff. Quite a few kcals, but thing should be filling till lunch time.

    Well done on the run, got an easy 5 miler tomorrow.
  • Very quickly, splits from this morning's five miles:

    11:24 11:12 11:23 11:02 and 11:11.

    Spent the run thinking about work... grrrrr.

    Hope everyone is OK?

  • It's only fair that you spent the run thinking about work....

    how much time at work do you think about running? image
  • Tenjiso: that did make me smile image

    Normally spend a lot of time running trying to visualise Paris... Or the finish line...
  • Do you run with a radio or music Craig?

    I like to run in the morning with the radio on but most other times I dont bother prefer to concentrate on pace and form, though on long runs I do resort to the radio or music due to boredom as the times get longer. Five miler for me this morning in 41 mins a lovely morning here in Derbyshire, chilly but clear as crystal at 7.40 when I left for work...............ooops time to do some more work. Have a good weekend sounds like you are doing well keep it up.image

  • Hi Craig!  I read your forum last night after receiving the RW Promotions email talking about the team selected and have to say I got quite carried away reading all the conversations on much so I left work late.  Anyway, I'll be doing the VLM in April which will be my first marathon and finding your story extremely interesting.  Good luck with training and I'll be following your journey on here!

  • Hey Craig, sounds like you've had a tough old week. Perfect pacing on today's 5 miles 'slow'! Enjoy the rest day tomorrow - but more importantly, the race on Sunday!

    I'm going to post next week's schedule below - but we may adjust paces after Sunday, as discussed.

    Changes from the RW Ultimate 4.30 Schedule: Hardly any.  I've given Craig longer rests in the 800m intervals, (3 mins instead of 2) but have also upped the pace. Craig is doing his 5mile/10km race in week 3, so week 4 becomes a long run. I've made it 11 miles.

    Craig, if you're a bit tired from the race on Sunday, you could swap Tuesday and Thursday around.

    Week Four w/c 16/1/12 (26M)
    Mon Rest
    Tue 5M of 1M jog, then 4 x 800m fast (7.30-8 min miling) or just run 4 x 4 mins at 7.30-8min mile pace if easier, with 200m (3 min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog
    Wed Rest
    Thu 1M jog, then 2M (18 mins) brisk, then 1M jog
    Fri 6M slow + 4 x acceleration strides
    Sat Rest
    Sun 11M easy (110 mins) off-road if poss, at least in part.
  • mcs: I didn't either to be honest, but I've never found a set if headphone that haven't caused me some degree of pain. Could be my 'wingnut' ears though... Good pace mate, been cold here too and couldn't feel my thumbs when I got in...

    Hi Louisa: I'm really pleased you've been enjoying reading, makes this replacement to FB obsession worth it! How cool is it thinking that we will never be in this position again and after mid April no longer first time marathoners in training? Best enjoy and remember it then...

    I was thinking that the emotions involved are the same as the first flush of love in a new relationship. Hope, expectation, wonder and all the rest just involving running instead...
  • Getting very emotional there Craig,,,,,,steady now its only running!!!image That should set somebody off.........its defo addictive thats for sure............

    Welcome to first marathon was 2010 and I have learnt so much on here have a scoot round and ask questions it prompts conversation rather than just running stats and numbers, not that there is anything wrong with that though. How many miles you up to? Are you following a schedule?

  • Craig: I know what you mean about the day I get butterflies, next day I'm nervous, next day I can't wait for next run...does feel like a new relationship image.

     mcs: I'm following the RW sub 5:00 training plan, just getting towards end of week 2 and enjoying it.  I did 6 miles easy Sunday, 4 miles steady on Tues and yesterday did a 6 mile session with a few different paces in it (not sure what type of run they call that one...fartlek, tempo? still getting to grips with the different types).  Last race was a hlaf marathon Sept that was far slower than the one the previous year which I did in 2h 22 I think a 5:00 marathon is doable...I'm not exactly fast.

    I do have one training is going well and kept to schedule so far, I'll soon be heading off on a ski holiday for a week...any tips on how to keep on top of marathon trg while there (France)?

  • if you ski all day that will keep you fit enough and dont eat and drink too much in the apres ski!!!  There maybe a gym if you are masochistic but just dont break any limbs, thats the main priority!!image

    Fartlek is speed play where you vary your pace during a run perhaps sprinting to the next bridge or lamppost then jogging then sprinting harder again and just varying your pace. Tempo runs are harder and something you want to do to help you learn to run tired, which happens later in the marathon!!!  Running at a pace just below flat out but hard.   All the best with training. There are tons of books out there you can order from the library or buy on Amazon if you are life long runner to be. A certain Sam Murphy has a good one particularly for the wife has run a couple of half maras using it.  Enjoy the running above all else. Nearly time for me to run sunshine and light, amazing.

  • Sam: thanks for the update.. Hope I'm not messing you about or anything. Im so glad this week is over! Picked up my club top this afternoon, really looking forward to Sunday. Going to try and watch my pacing really carefully and attempt to stay as even as possible. Also going to have a look about for how to get on the local track occasionally.

    mcs: hopefully it will mate image and you enjoyed your run home.

    Louisa: yes, exactly!!! As mcs said, there is LOADS of stuff on here about different types of runs, training and people will be willing to help I lurked for months before posting stuff... Tempo: quick, sustained effort (it's about improving anabolic threshold point). Intervals are all about leg efficacy and speed (but also improves fitness), long runs build endurence, fitness and everything else. Sure no one will mind, but I got Sam's Marathon: From Start to Finish. Explained everything really well had plans that are realistic according to lifestyle and commitments.

    General question about psychology again: what's the motivation? Fellow first timers: why are you putting yourself throught the training and potential pain of 26.2 miles? Not first timers, why again?

    I'll post food tomorrow, Rachel has gone out to the pub with her mate so time for some PS3 action!!!
  • Ha! Enjoy the weekend everyone. I'm off to Scotland to see my in-laws. Might go and spy on Rosie to check she's not sneaking in too many extra runs! Unfortunately we arrive a little too late to do the Edinburgh parkrun - my husband's mum and dad often do it - superfit family!
  • BoDuke wrote (see)

    General question about psychology again: what's the motivation? Fellow first timers: why are you putting yourself throught the training and potential pain of 26.2 miles? Not first timers, why again?

    Hi BoD  - why again?  I'm not a first timer but very briefly, did 4hrs 10 min in my 3rd marathon and just knew I could have done a lot better time - that spurred me on to try and beat 4 hrs and with time this becomes a lifetime target until achieved - thing is that the marathon is not like any of the shorter distances so if you have done the right training, for example for a half, you're pretty sure you will achieve your target but with the marathon so many other factors come into play so the outcome is never assured - but the target remains like an everest and until you've stood at the top you keep going - i've tried another 5 times and not made the 4hrs yet but i still know i can do it with SMART training.

    Why?  cos i want to be able to say to myself that i did the best i could do and until i can do that then i won't stop - after that then i'll do them for other reasons like enoying the experince of a trail marathon in the lakes, challenges of hills etc etc.

    Oh, and I just love all the planning, debating all aspects of the plan, doing all the training and dreaming of the race itself - there is nothing in any other amateur sport that can touch it !!!  Grrrrrr...!!

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