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  • All - we've talked a bit about gels - Sweatshop are doing an offer on SIS Go gels at their stores for half price (62pence) for one week 23 Jan to 29th Jan.
  • Cheers oscarr
  • Morning all

    Craig - motivation for me is really just to keep going! I have a condition called Lupus and didn't think I would be able to continue running for as long as I have. I'm sure the exercise helps. Running also gives me some precious time to myself in a very busy life with chidlren and work to fit in!

    I managed 12.5 miles this morning, was a cold start but a lovely morning when the sun came up! 

  • I switched back to Lucozade gel for my 12 mile run today. My reasons are that it's easier to carry the smaller packs, they don't make such a sticky mess when you open them, and there are plenty of water stations in the MK marathon to ensure that the gel is washed down. I'm also testing out lucozade sport, because this is also supplied around the course.

    I'm considering using a SIS gel during the Watford half-marathon because there are not too many water stations, and it will be easier to take than the lucozade gel. I've used the SIS gels a few times now, and haven't had a repeat of the tummy pain that I experienced the first time, so I think that was just an unfortunate coincidence.
  • Ruth McKean - Hi Ruth, a query re gels in races please - if you planned to take 6 gels during a 4 hour marathon when in the race would you take each one?  I ask this cos i've seen different advice on this with some saying take more at the end and some saying take them early (all by mile 15 lets say). 

    Hope you don't mind me asking the question.  

  • Sam: Enjoy Scotland!

    Oscarr: I like to motivation and the reasoning. Thanks for the SIS note too.

    mww: Is there any better motivation than an unknown deadline? Sorry to hear about the condition and hope it doesn't progress (did have to look it up) image It's a bit chilly over here too the past few days. First time i've run in sub-zero...

    On the gel topic, not had any in a while, when get up into the double figures Ive got a whole load of samples to get through.

    Right, racing tomorrow. Only the second ever and not a mass participation event, so bit worried I've going to get shown up... Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it.
  • Hey Bo - the best advice anyone can give you for your second race is to go at your own pace throughout and enjoy it - you will not be last and don't worry where you finish anyway cos it's all about getting race experience and testing your pacing.  Good luck!
  • SamMurphyRuns wrote (see)

     About pace and weight: losing weight will have an effect on your pace provided your fitness remains the same, or improves. If losing weight involves cutting silly amounts of calories from your diet, leaving you tired and vulnerable to illness/injury then it's not exactly going to help! There's a fine balance with weight loss and training and Craig has set a great example by losing weight slowly and steadily.

    I would totally agree with Sam here and also add that if training hard and need to lose a decent amount of weight do not plan to lose any more than half a kilo a week and even 1/4 a kilo a week is okay depends how much you have to lose but echo no more than half per week when training as you need the energy to train and alos open risk of immunity being weaken and injury.  
    BoDuke wrote (see)
    Sat at desk at work, looking at total chaos and thinking: need coffee and one of these Starbucks all day breakfast pots... Lush and really filling, no real time to grab lunch today so should hit the spot.

    Very quickly: LSR at weekend totalled nine miles in 1:33:11. Think I got quicker at the end though, was getting hungry and having lunch cooked for me. Also that route is getting a bit boring and need to find a new one. Overall, felt really good, physically no issue with aches, pains or anything. Drank plenty. Nice to Be upping the distances again, but deffo need a few new routes.

    Going to stop procrastinating and do some work, get home, reply properly and kip.
    It may be worth thinking through your nutritional needs the day before so you are organised and even plan your food (roughy) for the week so you are not caught up with having to eat what you can find as not always will this be best for fueling for training nor recovery from runs, It is amazing how a weekly food plan can save you money and make you eat better!
    oscarr wrote (see)

    Ruth McKean - Hi Ruth, a query re gels in races please - if you planned to take 6 gels during a 4 hour marathon when in the race would you take each one?  I ask this cos i've seen different advice on this with some saying take more at the end and some saying take them early (all by mile 15 lets say). 

    Hope you don't mind me asking the question.  

    Of course I don't mind!

    your six gels work out at about 36g carbs per hour (if say 24g per gel) which sounds about right as a guide for how much you may need (plus water as and when you feel you need) however the timing of the gels will depend on your own body! Often elite runners don't take any gels (if they use them) in the first 10-15 miles and then will take some late on but often not many. I do think as a 4 hour marathon runner it may be best to take first one within 45 minutes but toward the last 2  hours you may find it better to take one every half hour but what works for you will not work for someone else!

  • Ruth - many thanks indeed - looks like for a 4 hr race take one at 45min/90min/2hr/2.5/3.0/3.5 (6 in total) - sounds like a good plan to experiment with in training (on shorter runs of course !!).  Thanks again.
  • Beautiful day here up in Edinburgh. Am just off to walk Sid on Blackford Hill. No running for me today as have done last 4 days in a row including my long run.
    Craig, can't wait to hear how the race goes. Thinking of you and sending you positive vibesimage
  • Thanks Ruth, OH and I have been discussing what to eat next week and going to plan a bit better.

    Thanks Sam, have a good rest day.

    Thanks for the advice oscarr.

    Need to have a quick shower and then go out in a second, but race went really well. How have I got to this age without realising how much fun that is. The terrain was varied and quite muddy in places, but sunny and chiily. I can see why it's called the Frostbite...

    Main story, times:
    Time 39:06.4
    Distance 4.97 
    Avg Pace 7:52
    1    8:07.0    1.00    8:07
    2    8:06.3    1.00    8:06
    3    7:55.4    1.00    7:55
    4    7:43.9    1.00    7:44
    5    7:13.8    0.97    7:27

    Lost about 30 seconds trying to get the Garmin to work... but deffo sub 40:00!!! Woohoo! Craig is a very happy boy at the moment!!!     imageimageimage

  • Yay well done Craig! Great stuff. Hope the day was sunny for you too like it is my way. I managed a slow 8 miler today and very happy...longest run this year. Right...time to plan my meals for the week thanks to the good advice on here. Have a good week Craig!
  • Hi Bo I hope your still off the smokes was your race 5 miles or 5k.  Its day 15 for me today and I stopped using all forms of nicotine replacemens 3 days ago as the patches made my arm itch and the throat spay is just nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  • Hey Craig -  well done you!

    Also just discovered that lucozade are having a 50% off sale. 24 gels for £10.69:

    Can't remember if you liked the lucozade ones or not but you can't go wrong at that price...image

  • Louisa: it was lovely out, really bright and very crisp. Needed to keep my gloves on.
    Well done on the 8 miles. LSRs continue to be my fave runs, got a 10 next week. Back into double figures, so excited!!! Food wise, gonna go for stuff in my Waggamama cookbook, having cooking as a hobby before running can be handy...

    Twinkle: good work! How you feeling with it? I'm on gum at the moment. Might stick with these for a few weeks and then move away from NRT. Do the patches leave a red mark too, they did with me and couldn't help but feel it burn. The race was five miles.

    Sleepy: thanks mate, I'm there for that price! Bought some gummy bears on Friday, but left them at work!!! Bummer. How's you by the way? And the progress with you minimal shoes???

    Started at the back, mistake as the course was quite narrow and had to wait to overtake people... Think constantly overtaking people really spurred me on... Nice to reel folks in and then over take... Found my competitive side!!! Wow, that's new. I was also really disappointed when it ended, had loads left in the tank. Got another one in a few weeks, so will try to improve on this time... Maybe a more even split is a good idea?
  • Good race Craig! Looks like your marathon target time might need revising.

    Typically, I just bought a load of Lucozade gels last week. I would buy a box at that price, but Lucozade are terrible for sending out short-dated gels. I bought 2 boxes for the price of 1, then found they were "use by" dated a couple of months after I received them.

    I did take some gels well past there use-by date, but recently nearly choked on one that had gone rank. Mind you, it was a year past it's use by date image
  • Awesome Craig well done. Very hilly eight miles in one hour and sixteen mins.
    You were quick well done......
    Rice cakes and peanut butter snack time.
  • Hey Craig - fantastic race WELL DONE! Yes, would be good to get more even splits but the fact that you sped up over the miles rather than slowed down is a great result so don't get too intent on speeding off the start line fast (the fact that you started easier means you don't build up lots of lactic acid int he muscles early on, which helps you speed up later on more comfortably - and this would be even more relevant in a longer race.

    As Tenjiso says, your goals might need a bit of revision now. image Enjoy tomorrow's rest day. And did you notice I'd upped next Sunday's LR to 11 miles. Sneaked that one in, didn't I?image

  • BoD - I knew you would do it !! well done mate, that's a great time and is equivalent to a sub 50 10K so you are getting times well inside your marathon target.  the next race at this distance will be another marker for your fitness and speed and Sam may adjust things - exciting or what ??  LSR 14 miler for me today which felt good - just opened my first end of the week Guinness to celebrate another good fitness week - I give myself these little treats !!
  • Well deserved Guinness Oscarr! Have had a great rest day today but will head out for a run around Edinburgh tomorrow. Hope it's as sunny as today, although I do have these 'ice spikes' to test out that I got sent, so if it's a bit chillier might be a good opp. to give em a go.

  • Everyone: thanks so much for that. I had such a good time running that today, feel over the moon with the time... Had a stretch target of 42:00, so it was very unexpected and welcome surprise!

    Tenjiso: I'd have been sending then back and moaning so much!!! Might avoid then, oh gel decisions...

    mcs: Good work mate! Only time I've ever really faced hills was in cornwall last September on holiday... Thought my lungs were going to explode! Got to find some for the reps... Could be a problem... What counts as a hill??? Had a bagel afterwards... Lush...

    Sam: Tempted to ask about potential targets... But I'll leave that to you...not sure I'm able to process this properly image I have to admit to liking the pacing, psychologically speaking... Physically felt good too. Any tightening of performance is well received. Hope your enjoying Edinburgh, never been but understand its really nice. Rosie has a very nice running environment... Fingers crossed for the weather tomorrow. Didn't notice the increase... Terrible at picking out details: dyslexia is a nightmare... But I'm really happy with that, not quite at the level of Rosie and her doubles, but getting there.

    Oscarr: it's soooooo exciting. Wondering about what potential there is... I'm so lucky to have won this experiance, giving me such motivation and an outlet for my enthusiasm... But I digress, well done on the run and you totally deserve that beer. I'm indulging in some red wine... No booze in a week, so feel justified in a couples of little glasses.
  • Hey all!

    All good here thanks Craig - just about to start my intervals again - really looking forward to them after my little 12 week rest! Lovely 8.5 miler today in the frost - very civilised! Will be building up again over the next few months.  Am sticking to the 6mm heel differential for now!  I'm going to use a bit more cushioning for longer runs - am loving the idea of the excel33's so I can get the best of both worlds - I can't dispute the strengthening and form benefits so am not giving up on them. All trial and error!

  • BoD. Great race there well done.
    I did 9 slow hilly miles in the lakes and thoroughly enjoyed it
  • Well done Bo keep up the reporting on the thread as it inspires others, not the running I m way to much of a plodder but the smoking bit.


  • Just my luck...

    I was raring to go with a hard session of intervals tonight. I ran a slow mile to start warming up, then started picking up the pace with some strides. During one sprint I felt a twang near the nether regions bringing me to a rapid halt. Rightly or wrongly, I then walked and jogged a mile at a pace where I didn't feel any pain.

    I don't think I've ever suffered groin strain from running before. I'm guessing I probably caused it by weight training yesterday (including squats and deadlifts).

    It's a low-grade pain at the moment, but I know it's there. Hopefully Sam will come on here and tell me I'll be back to normal in 24 hours, but I somehow doubt it. I've taken some Ibuprofen and have crossed my fingers - which is my generic injury treatment plan.
  • A little three mile recovery x two to work and back. Good recovery wishes for Tenjiso.....I avoid weights now, just use light weights at home to keep my arms strongish but no serious weights as had similar problems when I played rugby.
    Freezing here again but lovely for running.
    Time for stir fry .....
  • Fingers crossed tenjitso
  • Sleepy: I hear the 33 are really good... Might have a look after these evos are done. Good luck with the build up!

    Kev: got to love hills... image good run.

    Twinkle: thank you (bit bashful)! Smoking is now grabbing let often, cravings are coming couple of times a day: mornings and after dinner, otherwise thinking about every few hours, or after I finish something at work... Your doing well, keep going wih it.

    mcs: I had stirfryed noodles tonight... One of my faves.

    Tenjiso: what can I say? I have my figures crossed for you and hope you heal quickly and well...

    Back to hospital tomorrow, last appointment...
  • Right, this morning's run:

    4x 800m with 200 m recovery (plus 1mile wu/cd).

    Split Time Distance Pace

    1    10:27.6    1.00    10:28
    2    3:39.3    0.50    7:21
    3    1:31.1    0.12    12:13
    4    3:40.7    0.50    7:24
    5    1:36.1    0.12    12:53
    6    3:43.6    0.50    7:30
    7    1:37.0    0.12    13:00
    8    3:39.3    0.50    7:21
    9    1:29.5    0.12    12:00
    10    13:08.4    1.16    11:18

    Really enjoyed that, felt relaxed but also quite towards the end (does that make sense???).

    Also, it's only -3c here at the moment, so not like Scotland or the Dales or any of that, but does anyone else start to feel really smug about running in this??? I know it's a bit shameful, but something in my head goes 'your 'ard for going out in this...' And why is it only one hand that goes totally numb??? What is that?

    Food for Sunday:
    New York Bagel Co. - Plain Bagel
    Kraft - Philidelphia Light With Garlic and Herb
    Sainsbury's - Bbq Style Chicken Breast Slices, 1 pack
    2 slices Hovis
    Lamb Shank
    Pea, carrots etc
    Roast veg
    Generic Red Table Wine - Red Wine
    Cava - Brut Cuvee, 1/2 bottle
    Lucozade Sport - Orange Lite Drink
    Banana - Medium - Peeled
    Olvaltine Powder - Drink Mix

    And yesterday:Breakfast   
    Greggs - Breakfast Bacon Roll, 1 Bap    380
    Waitrose - Smoked Gammon Ham, 100 g    145
    Waitrose - Yellow Split Peas, Dried, 160 g cooked    242
    (remains of Saturday's Gammon and Pease Pudding, nice)

    Broccoli - Cooked, boiled, drained, without salt, 1 stalk, large (11"-12" long)    98
    Waitrose Cooks' Ingredients - A Nest of Medium Egg Noodles, 62.5 gm    214
    Beef - Loin, bottom sirloin butt, tri-tip roast, lean only, cooked, roasted, 100 g    180 
    Nature Valley - Crunchy & More - Oats and Hazelnuts, 2 Bars (42g)    195
    Osaka - "Geisha Mix" Rice Snacks, 75 g    194
    Wild West - Original Beef Jerky, 57 g    161
    Snack A Jacks - Rice and Corn Snack - Salt & Vinegar Flavour, 26 g bag    106

    Weight is back down to 71kg, so happy bunny.  But I really did have a salt thing going on yesterday, gonna have to watch that. 

    Plus, not NRT yet today... Also hope I'm not boring anyone too much... image Might need a gum actually...

  • Nope - certainly not boring me!

    Still chuckling about the fact that you felt the need to tell us that you peeled your banana - LOL! Now I'm stuck with images of trying to eat one with the skin on! image

    I too - give myself extra brownie points for going out when it's minging outside but you can't beat the feeling of coming back to a warm house/office! Not sure how cold it is here today - cold enough that Rascal doesn't want to go for her walk!

    Interval session in the gym for me today right after I finish my smoothie! (Today's = pineapple, lemon, apple, ginger and banana)

    Hope all goes well today.....

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