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  • hello RR and gastank, hello by'eck and chili *waves*..........erm, guys this IS scaryimage..arghhhhhhhhhh...............oo RR, i dunno about this...i have dumbells here but im not sure i want to look like fatima whitbreadimage
  • no layers???????? i wear FOUR !!!
  • I'm about three layers running, two when training... Chipping the ice off car at 5:45 in the morning is becoming a pain in the butt!
  • i had on 4 tops on sunday, 2 pairs of gloves, headband , leggings and 2 pairs of socks...i was warm-ishimage

  • I'm definitely no expert, but my understanding is more reps with lighter weights will tone you, not bulk you up.  You look pretty toned already, Loula. image

    Of course I wouldn't just go out running with just one layer - I don't want to become an icicle. image  What I mean is that I can't run as soon as I leave the house, because I'm usually only cold for a short while before I get warmed up when running, but walking to the common means a ten minute or so walk, do the run, then another ten minute walk home.  Things would be so much simpler if I could just run straight out of the door. 

    I read this on this very site:

    You want to be warm without sweating so much you get a chill. "The rule of thumb is to dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer," says Maine Track Club president Mark Grandonico. "You should be slightly cool when you start." Think layers of technical fabrics, to wick sweat, with zippers at the neck and underarm area to vent air as you heat up. You'll learn your own preferences, but readers Darrell Arribas, of Cumberland, Rhode Island, and Eric Maniloff, of Stittsville, Ontario, both helped create these general guidelines.

    That's a problem if I have to walk ten minutes there and ten minutes back.  Actually, it's probably more like fifteen minutes - it takes about eight minutes slow jogging to get there.

  • Guys, remember we're runners, not body-builders!  If you want to lift big weights, get huge muscles and not be able to run, then follow Gastanks advice.  It would seem to me that Gastank is a weightlifter/ex-weightlifter, which is no good for runners, whatsoever.

    If, however, you want to do some winter strengthening, like all runers should be doing at this time of year, lift light weights but do lots of reps (15 - 20).  Some people...

  • Even if I had the body type for it, I wouldn't want to get 'huge'.  Nope, just pack on a little muscle, broaden out a bit and get more definition. image  As you said, real muscle bound men do not generally make good runners. image

    An end result of looking like a footballer would do me.  (Pipe dream). image

  • if you want to 'broaden out', you're gonna have to lift big weights, which means your running times will slow.  If you want visible six pack abs, eat less, eat healthy and do more cardio.  You could do 1000 crunches per day and you wouldn't see your abs.  Everyone has abs, the big problem is that there's that layer of fat that's hiding them.  Get rid of it and, bingo!, you'll see your six pack!
  • I know - that's what's so infuriating.  I can actually feel my six pack.  I just can't see the damn thing! image 
  • Lol, I used to be like that, but now I can see mine! image
  • Ooh, what a great TOTP!
  • RR, yes im toned and im prob just ok. my body fat is very low (my BMI is barely 17)so most muscle i have shows through quite easy. i think for women the  problem areas are usually hips and thighs. then any weight on top over muscle makes you look bigger.image...i was a ballet dancer up until 22 and the training for that allows strength to build but not muscle bulk. the muscles are used and exercised in a way that streamlines for an aesthetically pleasing line. of course this depends on your body type a lot and the way it responds to training (ballet in my case). rather than over using the outer quad muscle on thighs, ballet dancers use the aductor muscles on the inner thigh which produces the turn out from hips to feet. thus those are the stronger muscles and take on a concave appearence when tensed.  we used to do a LOT of sit ups at ballet schoolimage and i still dont mind doing those.image
  • Blimpy is spot on, please note I was only offering advice to questions asked not suggesting weightlifting is the answer for runners.. Far from it, CrossFit endurance I think can have it's benefit though, plently of crossfitters out there running sub 4 and 3.30 marathon times

    As runners our training goal from a weights perspective is likely to be endurance I.e higher reps, lower weight, also good for toning but bottom line is that you can only tone muscle not fat... So to be toned by default you need less fat. Run more at slower pace for longer keeping body in fat burning zone, eat less and don't eat more fuel than you're using and well known fact that muscle burns fat just by it's existence, therefore more muscle = less fat

    All things in moderation and as Blimpy says it all depends on your goals, not everyone wants to look like a weightlifter but equally not everyone wants to look like a runner either image fortunately it is possible to have it all with the right balance and some reading and dedication

  • P.S pick any box you like (all current)

    Weightlifter/Bodybuilder - I can do pull ups and squat more than my own body weight
    Runner - well I can knock out 10miles, running an off road half marathon in march and full marathon in may
    Martial artist - currently a TaeKwonDo blue belt, have 4 belts before black

    Being too bulky isn't good for any of sports, so it ain't my goal

    Aiming for athlete, and I guess I'm never going to look like a runner but sprinters are runners too (they just can't go very far) and I think asthetically they look pretty good! image

    Key decision is your gym goal about running or about asthetics? You can have both but there will always be a bias towards one at the possible expense of the other

    Have a great day guys !!!
  • And for the mums out there - having a baby can split your stomach muscles, especially if you had a c section, making it more difficult for you to appear toned
  • Simple answer, by 'eck - don't have babies!!!!

    I'm agreeing with Gastank - gym work is a win-win, in moderation.  

    Anyway, I'm off to the gym to do 1000 bicep curls with two biro's... image

  • That's the spirit Blimpy, u show those biros who the boss is!
  • Went for a short run today, my first in something like six weeks - only thirteen minutes - but better than nothing, now I'm going to do my TT session. image
  • Blimpy wrote (see)

    Simple answer, by 'eck - don't have babies!!!!

    I'm agreeing with Gastank - gym work is a win-win, in moderation.  

    Anyway, I'm off to the gym to do 1000 bicep curls with two biro's... image

    ok, i can def do the biro curlimage

    abdominal muscles parting in pregnancy can occur but often it deprends on how strong they were beforehandimage..ususally some sit ups as soon as is safe after birth remedies it.

  • gastank, i supose the aesthetic side of things is just a thing ive grown up with having had to look 'right' for ballet and gymnastics. its a pain though and the downfall is it can get obsessive.image

    to a non-athlete or dancer such a person can look super fit and toned..when you are one 24/7 you take on the opinion that its never quite enough and the continual search for ' a bit more' ' and a bit better' is always present....

  • Hi RR,gastank and little LLB- This is a scary thread for me!!!!!!!!! I do want to would  strengthen my upper body as I believe it could help me improve my times.

    At the moment I struggle to find time for the gym on top of the running that I do. What exerceises with minimal equipment would people suggest I od at home? Don't have the space for any large equipment.

  • Well, according to what I've read, stronger arms improves your running.  On the face of it, that doesn't make much sense, but I suppose when it comes to sprinting it might.

    AF - I'd bet money that you've got a stronger upper body than me!!  

  • AF check out the links I posted on our home thread a couple of pages back but was this week, might even have been yesterday - complete BW workouts that I believe will help anyone's running, no gym required and limited time investment!
  • It was having twins that separated my abdominal muscles 8 yrs ago, and although i do sit ups/crunches several time a week and have for years I still have a small gap that won't close.

    Thanks for the advice on chin ups. That is what I shall aim for first.... It's my birthday next month and have asked my hubby to get a bar... that way he'll get the one that he wants to use too image

  • What do you think is more effective: three workouts a week full body, or four a week, targeting legs in one session and upper body in the other?
  • If you're running as well then definitely 3 full body or perhaps some sort of a 3 day split - I'm on four at the moment and it's hard to keep up, the pain from one workout/run never subsides enough before you start the next image
  • Thanks, Gas.  It might not matter either way for a while now.  Last night while doing the cardio warmup for my resistance session, my knee began hurting.  It's a very gentle exercise, hardly puts any pressure on the knee at all - the arms do most of the work - yet it was enough to set it off.  So, no running and no leg weights for me - until I find out why this keeps happening and deal with it. 

    This is so frustrating, I went for the best part of two years without any injury at all while running.  Now I'll probably be kicking my heels for another six weeks. image

  • Must admit gas tank , you are are doing a lot of lifting with very little running...

    I'm more the opposite, Blimpy s suggested option? 3-4 runs a week, Distances from 7-16 miles up depending on what im doing...minimum of 30 miles total, with 2-3 gym classes on top. I find just doing all running is boring and doesn't build overall fitness.

    The crossfit sounds interesting though, something to check out.
    I had some personal training sessions during marathon buildup, my PT used all sorts of approaches, pyramid, PHA to push me... Usually with a 10 mile run after. Nothing like a bit of pain to harden you up. image
  • Festive gym will taper in new year and running will have to increase, have 5 months still before the marathon image plenty of time to ensure that when the running strips away any residual fat, that there's muscle underneath!

    Merry christmas everyone!
  • Sounds good. Which marathon then?
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