2011 for 2011 - week 50

Two weeks worth of decent running have got me back on track for the 2011 target - now up to 1934.25, just 76.75 miles to go with 15 days left - an average of just over 5 miles a day.

Trying to think of a new target for next year - whilst I want to keep the mileage high I want to get back into racing more often, especially as in training I ran a hard 5 in 34 minutes last weekend.

Hope everyone else's running and racing is going well, and anyone going for the target is getting close now.

Happy Christmas all!


  • Great, well done. Maybe you could set yourself something difficult for 2012
  • Morning All

    Good to hear your back on track after you house move Simon.  Ive got one extra day logged over you so I have exactly 2 weeks left to complete the target.  My total for year is now 1953.50 miles with just 57.50 miles to go!


  • My runstreak came to an end after 49 days. Just hanging around waiting for the new year and start marathon training again.

    Merry Christmas all.

  • WR, nearly got to 50! What marathon are you planning next year I'm thinking about Manchester in april.
  • Circumstances stopped me getting to day 50. Edinburgh at the end of May and possibly Belfast at the beginning of May.
  • May well try for the consecutive days of running myself come the new year.

    Also looking for more of a challenge around races - got a marathon sorted (Brighton) - may look to do something like as many different distances as possible next year between a mile and marathon.

  • I found I can quite happily run 4 or 5 miles a day every day but when I increase the legs were getting tired quickly.

    My challenge next year will be 2012 miles!
  • Still fancy an ultra just don't know if it will be next year. I'm 40 in October so that might be a good way to mark it - a 40 miler!
  • Well done Richy and Simon you are on the home straight now.

    Me, well I've had a touch of flu this week and have only been able to put in 23 miles which brings me to a total of 1990 for the year. I was hoping to reach the target by the end of tomorrow but it looks like I've a couple or three more runs to do next week to get there.

    Then a week off for xmas and start up the VLM marathon training, so the 2011 miles may be added to before the end of the years out.

  • P.S. Just to let you know I crossed the 2011 mile line quietly this morning, no crowds or dancing girls just a Mars bar and some choccy milk.

    Have a good xmas everybody I'm putting my feet up for a few days. 

  • Excellent news Derek!

    I was hoping to finish before Christmas but various activities that involve alcohol put a stop to this. Still got 19 miles to go. I am thinking about going out tomorrow.

    Enjoy your well earned rest.

    Merry Chrimbo all.


  • Well done folks, am amazed by your efforts!
    I'm on 790 so hope to reach 800!!!
  • Hit 1999 km with yesterday's run looking to knock it on the head tomorrow - good way to blow away today's excesses.

    Happy Christmas All
  • Passed the 2011km mark today with a very enjoyable 8 miler - it was great to run off the Christmas turkey ... and make room for some more!

    Well done all who have made their goals and good luck for the last week's running for those still chasing them.

    All the best
  • Well done Mike on the 2011km mark you deserve a well earned rest, just waiting for the next one the cross the line.
  • With 6 days left I'm now just 19.75 miles away fro 2011 miles...and have a cold! Hasn't stopped me from running the last couple of days, and hopefully I'll polish off the miles by Saturday at the latest.
  • Thanks Derek - well done yourself - good move to finish ahead of Christmas Day - done with style!
  • At the risk of sounding hopelessly obsessive I have calculated that I have spent one solid week and 15 hours running so far this year (to avoid you reaching for your calculator - or am I the only one sad enough for that? - that's an average of 11kph).

    Those of you with 2011 miles under your belt must have spent serious time running - or maybe you are just much faster then me!

  • Morning all

    Well done Mike, hope your enjoying your rest. 

    Passed the finish line this morning during a 7.5 mile run total now stands at 2011.43 miles.  I’m going to have a day off tomorrow. I’ll probably run Thursday, Friday and Saturday so may overshoot the target by about 20 miles.  Do we get carry forwards to 2012?

    Anyway we will probably have a week 52 post Friday/Saturday so we can all post our final mileage.



  • Wait a minute Mike...your 2011 target was in km?

    Come on son, do miles next year image

    Have never tallied my year's mileage up before...but thought I would to fill some time...2827miles so far

    AHH...that's why I don't normally bother tallying it image

  • Sorry Stevie - I know km are a bit of a cop out but it is 25% further than my previous largest mileage in one year - so it is an achievement in my eyes! image

    Not sure I could cope with 2012 miles - let alone 2827 miles - well done - is that a fairly standard year for you or have you been running more than usual?

  • Mike no need to be sorry, this thread does not say 2011 miles in 2011, just 2011 in 2011 and in my book your effort is equally commendable as mine and anyone elses and should not be detracted by anyone that appear to disrespect that achievement, whether be miles, km or metres

    Carry on Mike, keep on doing what you enjoy and we should all encourage those that take the effort to run, jog or walk as it is them that enable the sport to grow.

  • Thanks Derek image
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