Having suffered from chronic, extreme quad pain since January - sometimes being completely unable to walk - with constantly tight muscle contractions, I was told this week that I run anaerobically and hence produce loads of lactate acid. As I can never ever run at any pace and say even a word, and as even a gentle warm up has me gasping - this sort of makes sense - albeit that I can keep going for miles and miles v slowly.

All I can find on the subject - relates to Azoturia - (tying up and Muscle Fatigue ... in Horses for goodness sake) but the description fits exactly ...(too much lactate produces lactic acidosis, a lowering of the pH in the muscles and the body at large which reduces the efficiency of metabolism. Fatigue sets in and excess lactate makes it difficult for the muscles to relax following contraction. Finally a large muscle group or groups 'seize up, staying in a prolonged state of contraction' In full blown tying up, the horse (neigh) can not move.)

This fits 100% with what I have had / still have.

Apart from feeding me less grain on rest days.. does anyone anywhere know what else I can do please.


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