Music to run to...

What do you guys run to, is it your normal listening or something off the wall.

Personally anything with a good tempo, currently Iron Maiden especially Run to he Hills and Flight of Icarus.


  • I have two that I like to run to; these are:

    1. Bullet for My Valentine - Your betrayal
    2. Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
  • you need a few more songs mate - you've gone about a mile on the above playlist!

    Try something with a consistent beat.  There is plenty of software out on the interweb that can tell you how many beats per minute your music is then select stuff with the same BPM so that you run consistently.  Depending on what tech you use for your MP3s, you could have different playlists - slow fast long etc.  If you can get the BPM to match your stride count then you can enter a zen like state of just running and running in perfect rhythm.  Although if you take the music off you will realise that actually you are not a running demi-Go... image

    Personally I listen to Euphoria albums a lot, also podcasts of all types, or even the radio.

    Whatever you are listening too, keep it down and listen out for traffic/other runners and cyclists... 

  • Hello PSC, the two songs I have mentioned are just two of the many songs I have upon my iPod. If I were to input all of the songs into this forum, I would be here all day and all night. When I last looked at the song count of my iPod, I had 1200 songs. I believe that would make for a couple of marathons, let alone a mile. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
  • Hoho..  was pulling your leg!  image
  • OK, PSC, merry christmas and a happy new year to you buddy...
  • I listen to my tortured breathing - it is far to dark when I go out now to even think about havong anything on me that dulls my senses!!  Shame really I love listening to Within Temptations Black symphony live album
  • Luckily enough I get to run at lunch, and the music distracts me from my arse whistling as I run.
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