solve the ipod issue

Interesting product which claims to transmit audio through the bones in your head leaving the ears to hear other noises, could be a good solution for runners as they would still be aware of their surroundings and other runners.

Anyone tried them?


  • Hmmm..! I'm not sure.

    I can see the logic- useful if you run in a busy area where you need to be on guard so could work if your only needs are to know when something is coming at you such as a loud car or barking dog. However if you are focusing on the music, would you still be aware of the subtle sound of car tyres on concrete or the footsteps of another runner or claws of a dog on a stony path?

    However, if you run in an area so busy its noisy and you can't hear your music then no use as I doubt these could compete with external noise in general. So no normal pair of earphones: not for city areas where public transport or busy parks with many children and no way would they work in a gym! I also like the fact I can slam in a set of earphones (Shure in-ears if its any help!) and not hear a mobile phone for example! I think this is genius and wouldn't even consider a set of earphones where I could hear anything else other then the music, thats just beat-suicide!

    I'd also wonder if they would really sound very clear. Even the in-ear phones have vast sound destortions between the brands (and even within brands) due to how they sit in the ear canal. I'd struggle to believe you'd get any real clarity with these and for many this could mean many people wouldn't even bother.

    But I'm sure they'd be good for someone!

  • have a look at Essency They have an iPhone app that apparently will allow the sounds you need to hear in. I have an android phone so can't try it out yet.
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