New Dad!

Any tips from anyone how to keep the fitness levels topped up??!!  Just become a dad to a lovely baby girl this month and entranced by her already....(slightly gushy)

A few months ago i was running a marathon and halfs with little prep time but now barely feel I coulkd do a 5 k justice....

Once the baby settles (hah!) I'm hoping to get back to near my performance levels pre-baby, but obviously marathons are off schedule for a while just can't justify the time away...

Any previous experience on how to keep a decent 10k/5k time going from anyone's past (or present!) experiences?? I may see myself getting 3 days a week once I return to work next month..



  • It's tough. The birth of Little Miss W coincided with a diagnosis of a heart condition which made it even harder to keep my fitness level up so I didn't bother. She's nearly a year old now and my heart problem has been fixed so with a bit of organisation I'm managing 3 runs a week. It's hard to believe I found time to train for ultras and Ironman a few years ago.

    When the baby is a bit older you can take her running with you. I managed 5 miles with the buggy today.
  • Have a great wife who doesn't mind you disappearing! The easiest way to justify the time off baby duties/family time is to use your commute as training or tie it into an early session, shower, work.  That is how I have tried to do it.

  • As the previous posters said - get a running buggy, mum will thank you for a bit of time off;-) run to work if it's not too far or simply get up an hour early. What's really important is to make sure both you and mum get a bit of 'me' time.
  • Oh, and congratulations by the way image
  • Congrats from me too and totally agree with SL, loved using our running buggy image
  • I used my turbo trainer next to the babies basket from birth and she still happy to sleep next to it now, ok it's not running but at least you get some cross training in. Little FF has been out in the baby jogger since six months and is up to 8 miles with me now.

  • Thanks for the speedy replies!!  I think the run back from work a few times a week will be one to look at as it's about 5 miles....busy roads so will have to get the a-z out and look at some new routes...

    I think my OH initially said she would kill me if I ran with the little one image, but I'm liking the the sound of the running buggy...

    I think all in all the gym card will be the first thing to go, and try and look for a pay as you go option...

    m.ister w..hope the return to running goes well...

  • Wait just a mere 13 years and she can join you !

    Seriously, an understanding wife is the key. Or one that also likes to run and you can take it in turns.

    My eldest two (13&11) come with me occasionally and my youngest (8) is the next one on the list !

    Good Luck with it.... its cool when you see the other dads who couldnt run a bath image
  • Little Miss W enjoyed today's run so much she fell asleep.
  • Little C would always do that, usually by the end of the road image
  • Just be aware that if you start popping out for long runs, dragging yourself in after several hours and plopping on the sofa saying "I'm pooped darling, Run me a bath and make me some food" she might very well take a sharp knife to your gonads and remove the possibility of a second miss Metcalfe altogether! image

    I know I wouldimage

    Balance is the key. Make sure she understands that this is time for YOU to unwind but at the same time, give HER some time to maybe have a long hot soak, go for a coffee etc.

    She'll love you for it and you get some running in!

    And congrats on becoming a parent. Welcome to the best club in the world. And one you can't ever leave!

  • Learn to run without adequate food, sleep or recovery. This is good training for the next 5 years of your life anyway.

    Oh, and take all the money out of your wallet and replace it with baby pictures.

  • Congrats. There are some very fast guys at various Parkrun with running buggies.
  • Thanks for the very positive (and realistic!) replies...after the last sleepless night Liverbird I might castrate myself as this is tougher than any running I've ever committed myself to!!

    I've already worked out that 'me' time for both of us is going to be essential, I can balance out my workouts in between commuting to work etc..but the OH will need her time once little Emily learns that dad can be useful with the bottle (no not the alchie variety!!)

    I think attending parkruns will be key as having a regular run will keep me going..think anything above a half marathon will be off the cards for a couple of years...but wouldn't trade that in for anything...
  • Congrats Carlo. I think the very first thing to get right in your head is "What must I do to make my wife happy?". Running comes after that I think. Running should be a happy activity, so don't do it under a shroud of guilt.

    If you can't get out at a time of the day when your absence won't be missed, then be prepared to let your fitness levels drop for a while (could be weeks, months or years). A happy wife makes a happy man IMO. An certainly in those first few months, your weife is going to find she has all kinds of needs and dependencies that she never realised before and sometimes you have to be available, maybe even before she can express that need.  Now is the time to be super-attentive.

    My running 'career' only took off after my kids were much more independent (10 and 9 years), but here I am knocking on 44 and having a blast. It's all a lot easier when you have a strong sense of what your real priorities are. Good luck, TD.


  • Congratulations! Agree with a lot of what's already been said. Family has to come first and if you can fit the running in around that then so much the better.

    My (very understanding!) wife and I have got a nearly 4yo girl and a nearly 3 month old boy - I've beaten my half PB since he was born and am training for VLM next year, so it can be done. Having a baby that will take a bottle is a great help - it means I can look after them both for a few hours at a time and give my wife some time to herself. Getting up with the little ones in the morning, and letting my wife stay in bed for a bit is a good move too. I'm doing some of my training in the gym at work during lunch, evening runs are after the littles are in bed, so it's only really a 2-3 hoursat the weekend to fit in a long run that could be an issue.

    Bit off-topic from the original post, but when my wife went back to work afetr maternity leave first time round, we both switched to working 4 day weeks, and had a day at home each during the week looking after the baby. I know not everyone has the option of doing that, but it was the best thing we did, and I wouldn't have given up that time for anything.

    Good luck with it all!

  • Wise words from Tricky Dicky.
  • Congrats


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