Now I remember what running is about

Went out first thing this morning and was greeted by a beautiful sunrise above the Lea Valley, the air was crisp, the music was excellent (my choice so had to be) and the pace was just right. It really was a good morning to be out there.


  • It was a lovely morning - shame it has clouded over now. 

    Glad you enjoyed your run   image

  • That was the reason I went out early,I normally run at lunch but it is meant to pee down later so took advantage of the lovely morning.
  • Very wise image
  • I knew age was beneficial for a reason.
  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    Last week I had a day off from work and I went out for a morning run around 8.30am. It felt great not to be part of the long queue of commuters trying to get to work at that time! The sun was shining so brightly I wish I had worn a pair of running glasses! The air was so crisp and fresh, it made me feel more "alive".
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