Trionium Bath Hilly Half

The inaugural event was a hilly, muddy, challenging race with great views, blessed with good weather, but with an unfortunate marshalling error in 2011. That should be sorted out for 2012. Otherwise pretty-much all the same: hills, mud, views, more hills, goodies, showers, capacious and commodious toilets ("It's nice and warm in here, let's not do the race" - overheard in the men's toilets), carrots.

Anyone interested?


  • hell yeah, i had so much fun last year... im in!

    gonna get me some off road daps (west country slang for trainers) for this year though as my normal road daps were pants in the mud.

    its such a great route and well orginised event, i cannot recomend it enough,

    cannot wait!

  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
    RW has flagged this up as 'Full,' but there are still places left.
  • Can't seem to enter online - after agreeing to Ts and Cs get a 'can't connect' error

  • Just signed up. Looks good, but tough!

  • How close to selling out is this Dr Rob?  Was hoping to leave it till after payday to enter, but don't want to miss out as had a truly awesome time last year.  Plus I need to show the course who's boss after the hills destroyed my quads on the second lap!!

  • Plenty of places still available, but it may fill up closer to the day...
  • I did it last year and vowed never to do it again, nearly died in the process - but that was last year............... Sort of looking forward to doing it again this year in a challenging sort of sado-masochistic sort of way.............

  • Thats me signed up again for this year. Love the 'start your hill training NOW' advice on the entry email!  Will be a month post-SNOD so hoping that may see in a better state than I was last year, when I had a shocker but still really enjoyed it.  Good luck one and all, you'll need it image

  • hill,mud,hill,mud,pain...... carrot!... happy...

    was my experence last year, cannot wait to do it all again!

  • Cheers Tom. It's approaching fullness now. Just need a few more marshals!

  • My other half volunteered last year, he has wimped out again on running it this year, so he would be happy to volunteer, do we need to get there earlier for him to help setup?
  • oh to do this or not .....

  • Chris M... Do it, do it!

    Thanks Laudy, see you on the day at 9am...
  • Just heard about this and signed up straight away. Sound awesome! I'll be writing a review for my site 

  • Phew, the race filled up, despite its higher entry limit this year of 325. Race instructions will be sent out to all registered runners by email, and will also be up on the race web site.

    Good luck to all entrants and fingers crossed for fair weather!

  • Although the forecast is for lots of rain before the day, the race day itself is forecast to be dry. It will be muddy, but the race is ON!
  • The muddier the better!!!
  • We've just been to mark the course and have arrived back soaked to the skin. The puddles are the largest I have ever seen on a running course (no point in avoiding them, just go straight through them) and the paths are like rivers - literally. There will be mud enough for all.

    Good luck!
  • Best of luck everyone. It sounds fabulous.
  • And good luck to you too, Happycap, with the fabulous Three Mole Hills. We must be mad!
  • Despite rotten conditions overnight, there are clear starry skies and no rain right now. Race still on.
  • Cold and breezy but not raining. Very rough under foot.
  • Wow, that went so much better than we could have hoped for! Thanks to everyone who turned out, and to our marvelous marshals!
  • Brilliant run, if a little wet and muddy - wouldn't have it any other way though.... Excellent, supportive marshalling today... Glad to be tucked up on the sofa with a glass of wine.
  • Really glad to hear it went well considering the news reports of hideous weather.
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