Talkback: Runner's World Pace Team 2012

Wow, think the 2 minute pacer might be a bit quick for me to follow image

 Timex Race Your Pace Half-Marathon, Dorney Lake, Windsor (6 to 2-minute mile pacing) 


  • It's 12 min miles!
  • are all of these races not in England, rather than across the UK?
  • So are there 5 pacers? 1.25 pace and 8,9,10 and 11 min/miles?

    I thought I read somewhere that Silverstone had more - 1.30/1.45/2.00 etc 

  • Will you be able to provider pacers for the first Milton Keynes Marathon on Sunday 29th April?
  • Will you be at the Royals Parks half marathon on October 7th?
  • How about the Edinburgh Marathon on May 27th? Could really do with you guys there!! 

  • at london marathon are you doing a 3.15 pace maker?
  • Which start will the pacers be at for VLM? I'm looking for the sub-3:00 group, will the pacers be with the FGFA start?
  • Would be fab if they were at the mk marathon 
  • How do you link up with the pacers? I'm looking to run 3:15 at VLM? I can't find any info on this - obviously I have my number now. Thanks
  • Yes I am not sure how to join? The links don't do anything? I have my number too.

  • Quote from above about the Brentood half.

    A long climb for the first six miles, and then it's downhill all the way to the seafront finish on this atmospheric course lined by cheering crowds. 

    People expecting the seaside at Brentwood are going to be disappointed!   Also it's uphill at the end image

  • I followed the 3.30 pacer at London this year. I slipped off the pace for the last 5 miles but it was a massive help in getting my time of 3.37

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