GUCR 2012

Anyone got some good advice for the GUCR 145 mile ling ultra, the furthest I have managed is 56m Comrades.


  • John this is one of several threads you have started about the same thing.

    Long slow back to back runs are generally accepted as what to do for such events. So 40 or so one day, then 20-25 the following. I dont think you ever need to go beyond 50 miles or so in any one day.

  • John did you check out the MDS forum as I suggested? There's a thread there from last years with plenty of decent advice on it
  • As nick said long slow back to backs... On the day itself dont go out too quick. There were loads of people I caught and passed from around 50 - 120 miles that deff went out too quick. Above all dont panic....

  • Thanks for the advice guys. I do tend to be impatient with my training and in Comrades tried to run the whole way which was a disaster.  Sorry to go on about it, but its from past experience of my running exploits. I have had more failures than successes and long ultramarathons are new to me.
  • Well if you are impatient with your training (and presumably racing too?) you REALLY need to rein it in. If you die on your arse after 80 miles or so, the last 60 will be a looooooooong walk
  • I checked out the MDS forum Lirish Thanks
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